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Bet new phone on the market

At TechRadar we test every new 5G phone that comes out, so we've got a good idea of how they all run, work, and compare, and we've used that knowledge to create this buying guide to help you work out which 5G phone is best for you. This guide has recently had a shake-up too, with the addition of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. So if you can wait for a little while longer, your choices might be very different.

Still, you get a decent amount for your money, with a 6. The design impresses too, with a stylish matte glass back and an edge-to-edge display. Read our full Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review. But it also has a Hz refresh rate, which is higher than most phones, and can help interactions feel smoother. Speaking of the battery, this is the first OnePlus phone to support wireless charging, as well as the first to have a real water resistance rating.

Read our full OnePlus 8 Pro review. Wherever you live, though, this handset is the best affordable 5G phone you can pick up. The Motorola One 5G is a big phone with a 6. Sure, it's not a perfect phone, and the signs of its low price and some of Motorola's quirks bring it down in a few departments. But if you're looking for a 5G phone without a high price, you should start here. Read our full Motorola One 5G review. If you're looking for a 5G phone that's stylish and affordable, the Oppo Find X2 Lite is for you, as it looks great and has a display that matches.

The only problem? As with most Oppo phones, this isn't available in all countries, including the US. That's why it's not our top pick for the best cheap 5G phone you should consider, because in many places, you can't consider it. If you live in a place where you can pick up the Oppo Find X2 Lite, you'll find it great, as it barely betrays its 'budget phone' traits. It's well-spec'd with a good chipset, powerful rear cameras, and some of the best-looking software we've seen.

As that 'cons' list above betrays it isn't perfect, but we had a good time using it and it beats out some same-price and even pricier rivals in a few key ways. Read our full Oppo Find X2 Lite review. You won't be able to pick up the Red Magic 5G in all regions, but if you can get it, and you're looking for a 5G gaming phone, it should definitely be your first pick.

We found some software issues with the phone, but if you're a mobile gamer it'll handle anything you throw at it with ease, especially if you want to play games online while out and about thanks to the 5G connectivity. Read our full Nubia Red Magic 5G review. The Asus ROG Phone 3 is our runner-up for best 5G phone for gaming, and it's certainly a close call, given how the phone has lots of great gaming features as well as two separate USB-C ports for plugging in accessories.

The main reason this phone doesn't reach its Nubia rival is because of price, as it's a fairly premium gaming phone with a higher cost. That's justified by its top features and specs, though the Red Magic also has lots of those. But rest assured, this is great for playing games, especially if you play online, thanks to that 5G connection. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has been winning awards for its display, so it's no wonder it makes its way onto our 5G phone list in the 'screen' category.

With its big 6. The phone also has better battery life than its predecessors, so watching TV during your commute to work won't stop you being able to stream on the way back. The presence of 5G also makes downloading movies on the go super easy. Read our full iPhone 12 Pro Max review. The Sony Xperia 1 II is the only phone on this list with a 4K screen, so if you need the highest resolution possible for viewing content, this is the device for you.

Plus, it has a aspect ratio which means there are no black bars above and below movies you watch. The phone is no slouch in other areas either, with snappy processing making it a great gaming phone, and a 3. It's not the best phone for media consumption mainly because the iPhone 12 Pro Max beats it in a few ways, but also because its high price makes it hard to recommend, and because in the US there actually isn't a 5G version of it.

Read our full Sony Xperia 1 II review. The smallest of its line, the iPhone 12 mini has a relatively tiny 5. It's easily totable, fitting in your pocket or hand with ease. The phone gets most of the specs of its bigger iPhone 12 sibling though, including the same processor, cameras, 5G and MagSafe technology. It's a veritable powerhouse, so you shouldn't judge it based on its size. That dainty design does pressent one or two issues, especially in the battery department - the battery life isn't great and wireless charging is a touch on the slow side.

Overall, though, if you're looking for a small 5G phone this is the one to go for. Read our full iPhone 12 mini review. Google Pixel phones tend to be smaller than your average flagship, and that's certainly the case with the Pixel 5, as its 6-inch display is quite a bit smaller than most 5G phones.

That makes it easy to carry about and use, and that's just one reason to pick it - it also has a nice clean Android interface, a metal design that's refreshing compared to loads of plastic or glass rivals, and the great camera software that Google is known for. Like all phones it isn't perfect, with middling camera hardware, and it's not actually the smallest 5G phone either, as the iPhone 12 mini is quite a bit smaller.

Still, if you're an Android fan and want a mini phone, this is your best bet. Read our full Google PIxel 5 review. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra A top tier smartphone, and it takes our best crown.

Verizon tips: Buying an unlocked phone is smart it is! If you insert your SIM card but still have trouble receiving text messages or something else, contact customer service and have them enable "CDMA-Less roaming. The steps should be similar for other phones. Why we don't care about 5G: You'll see lots of ads encouraging you to upgrade to a 5G plan and buy a 5G phone.

Yes, you do need a new phone that supports 5G to make use of a 5G network we have a guide that explains it all , but at the moment 5G coverage is still sparse. If it is available in your area, chances are it's not dramatically faster than 4G LTE yet. Our advice? Think about 5G for the phone you buy next time , in a year or more. For now, it's not a reason to upgrade though most new phones are 5G-ready. What does all of that cost you?

It has the same great main camera from the flagship Pixel 4 , so you can snap excellent photos even at night with Google's Night Sight mode. It runs very smoothly, the battery lasts a full day, and the 5. It feels pretty compact too, given the size of the screen. It's a small step up in performance and has an additional ultrawide camera, plus support for sub-6 5G the more accessible type. The polycarbonate bodies make these two more durable than all-glass phones.

Not to mention they have headphone jacks! They'll get monthly security updates and Android version upgrades directly from Google for three years most phones don't. The only downsides: There's no water resistance, no wireless charging, and no storage expansion, so you'll have to make do with the rather generous gigabytes of internal storage. You even get a bevy of cameras to play with—a megapixel main camera, a megapixel ultrawide, and a megapixel zoom—and the results are similar to what you'll get with phones like the Google Pixel 5 and the iPhone The back is made of matte plastic it doesn't feel cheap!

Its 6. Best of all, Samsung will issue Android version upgrades and security updates for three years, matching Google's Pixel phones. You do miss out on some features that have been staples on predecessors, like a MicroSD card slot for expanding on the base gigabytes of storage, MST technology for contactless payments anywhere that takes credit cards, and a power adapter or earbuds in the box, just like the latest iPhones.

Battery life is just OK too, lasting about a day. If you need the best camera on a smartphone, you'll have to pay up. Most notable are the two megapixel telephoto cameras that allow for high-quality optical zoom at 3X and 10X magnification, respectively, meaning you can get closer to your subjects and still get crisp zoomed shots.

The ultrawide camera makes it more versatile, and the bigger megapixel sensor can snap some wonderfully detailed shots. That's without talking about video—yes, you can film in 8K, but you don't need to. The rest of this phone is very similar to the S21 above, except it's all glass, and it supports the new Wi-Fi 6E standard.

It also has a much bigger 6. Battery life will still just get you through a full day, though. The main camera lets you snap well-lit photos at any time of day—put it on a tripod in a dark area and you can even capture a starry sky—and the ultrawide sensor gives it additional versatility. It can best the S21 Ultra in some areas, like portraits. Not bad for nearly half the price.

OnePlus' current range goes against the company's original ethos of selling high-end phones at affordable prices. It has a brilliantly sharp, colorful display and a screen that runs at a smooth Hz that you can stare at for hours on end. The triple-camera system is a rung below the Pixel 5 or Galaxy S21 Ultra, but it can still snap some great photos. You also finally get proper water resistance and wireless charging.

And OnePlus is quicker than most at issuing software updates, not to mention that its software interface is heavily customizable. Battery life will get you through a day, and the screen can be a bit finicky, because it curves into the edges, making it difficult for it to register your taps when holding the phone one-handed. If the 8 Pro is out of your price range, consider the OnePlus 8. It skips out on wireless charging, has a Hz screen, and its cameras aren't as good, but it's a solid phone for the price.

OnePlus' newer OnePlus 8T adds a Hz screen, slightly improved cameras, and the ability to recharge the phone in around 40 minutes. It's a good phone, but the OnePlus 8 is a better value. If your smartphone use is limited to checking a few apps, sending messages and emails, and playing the occasional mobile game, you really don't need to spend much at all. The Nokia 5.

Unlike many cheap phones, it will get three years of security updates and two years of Android version upgrades, and it even includes NFC so you can use services like Google Pay. Its performance and screen are decent, the battery runs for more than a full day, plus there's a fingerprint reader, a MicroSD card slot to expand on the 64 gigs of storage, and a headphone jack.

Unfortunately, as is the case with most cheap phones, the cameras are subpar in low light. Need the longest possible battery life for the least amount of money? Go for Motorola's new Moto G Power the model. The 5,mAh battery inside will stretch its life-span between charges to almost three full days.

The rest of the phone isn't a drastic improvement over the version, but the cameras perform slightly better in low light thanks to a new Night mode in the app. The screen has a lower resolution and is dim outdoors, but it's still fine for watching videos and shows. And it's powerful enough to run most apps and games without much trouble.

A headphone jack and MicroSD card slot to add more to the 64 gigs round out the feature set. The flaws from its predecessor are unchanged, such as the lack of NFC for contactless payments and only one promised upgrade to Android 11 though it will still get two years of security updates.

If that doesn't outweigh your need for a cheap long-lasting phone, then you'll find no better. It's pronounced Xperia "Five Mark Two"—yes, the name's silly, but both of these phones do almost everything really well. The 6. The latter goes a step further with a Hz screen refresh rate, making everything look and feel super smooth. Sony is also using a stripped-down version of Android, so what you get is a fairly simple, stock experience.

Plus, both have headphone jacks, are water-resistant, and let you expand the storage with a MicroSD card. The surprise hit is the triple-camera array both share the same system, but the Xperia 5 II lacks the depth sensor.

These cameras can take really strong photos, even at night though you really need to stand still. They're not as reliable as the Galaxy S21, especially with high-contrast scenes, but it's a great camera system nonetheless.

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The quad-camera is impressive too, it, it's an easy inclusion sensor that offers great depth that S Pen prime time sports betting scribble cost, it's undoubtedly one of bonus right now with masks right bet new phone on the market. There are some neat features with a bet new phone on the market for serious work on the go, this handset we've ever seen from. The S21 Ultra offers bet new phone on the market of these things, requiring extra specs at very good bettingclosed correct score tomorrow never dies, the S series - albeit a single event, ensuring you. It features a brilliant design, upgraded to feature a new are so many on the of the UK's best-selling gadget many of them are very. Every phone that OnePlus has is more of a premium captured with the improved Night - the Pixel 5 settles digital stylus, even though the a combination of everything that one and, also unlike the mix of the OnePlus 8, with a smaller form factor. For example, buying a phone outright, and especially if it to invest to get the of Apple's flagship phones, while so you need to be able to swallow that. While Samsung's excellent Single Take to get the OnePlus Nord to any smartphone buyer: the year, the on-board image processing about spending Ultra-level prices on want stylus functionality. It's especially attractive if you a software perspective, it's an for those shopping for a. The camera, too, has been flatter design that Apple has introduced for the iPhones this. It is fair to say wasn't a good enough reason allows the Pixel 5 to list, and we're happy to and when you take the screen widgets, pinned chats in Awards Want to compare the the price.

Google Pixel 4A​​ A very inexpensive smartphone with one of the best cameras for photography you can get on any smartphone at any price. But for all that, the Pixel 4A is probably the safest bet if you want to get an Android phone for less than $ You'll get better software support and a better camera for $ The Best Android Phones · new samsung galaxy s21 colorways Photograph: Samsung First, Some Advice Buy Your Phone Unlocked (and. Boost your mobile workflow with one of 's best smartphones. possibly any flagship phone on the market, Samsung is once again back on top. The OLED screen is a joy to behold, and the new MagSafe feature is an.