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I've read in a few trip reviews about people winning hundreds of dollars on the penny slots. When most people max bet on penny slots about winning big on pennies they max bet on penny slots go on a roll and have betting games large wins coupled with some small to mid sized wins. I go with a set amount of money to have fun, and if I win that makes it even more fun I would love to see these mystical slots where max bet is only five coins because it's been ages since I've seen those - max bet seems to be more 10 to 20 coins per line lately. A good payoff for a single coin per line bettor on a penny slot is a hundred dollars or so.

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Online chess betting games for baseball

The most common chess bets are ones where you wager on who will win a specific competition, which is known in betting circles as an outright winner bet. For an outright bet to pay out, the player you have bet on must win the tournament. With a game of chess, there are 3 outcomes to a match: win, lose or draw.

This means that you, the happy bettor, can bet on either player to win or the game to end in a draw. So long as your prediction comes true, then you will have made a profit. Chess is played all around the world every day, and while not every event is open for betting, many do have odds — meaning we can place a bet on their outcomes, including some of the major chess events.

The World Chess Championship takes place every 2 years, usually in September and October, and is the premier title in chess and easily the most anticipated. The Grand Chess Tour is a nomadic annual circuit of events that number between five and eight a season from August through September.

The aim is to accumulate points in an effort to determine a winner. In the Olympiad, there are teams of 4 for both men and women. The famously tactical game of chess is tricky to play but, in some ways, not so tricky to bet on. There is such a thing as the ELO rating system , which is an excellent tool for making comparisons of different players alternative skill sets and where some can be favoured over others.

Also, be sure to know your history by checking historical results between players with the same ratings and reviewing traps set, plays made and attacking styles. Additionally, it is worth remembering that ties are highly probable as many of the players play at similar levels. In this way, the very same betting tips that apply to every other type of sport also apply to chess. Image: pixabay. This is known as checkmate.

The pieces, which are differentiated by 2 separate yet equal sets of black and white, are set up on the back two rows of the left and right edges of the board. Each piece has its own specific way of moving about the board and all of the pieces must initially be set up in the correct place before each game can start. The Rooks, which look like a castle, occupy both corner squares next to the Knight, which looks like a horse.

The Bishop is next followed by the King and Queen who sit on their own coloured spaces. In the row before this, the Pawns are placed and can move forward one space at a time, except for their first move where they can move 2 spaces. Oh — and white always moves first. Although there are some that subscribe to the idea that the game of chess was played by the ancient Egyptians, we know that the official story is that chess dates back to the Gupta Empire of India CE. Even the figures we use to play chess take on military elements of that time, such as the elephants, cavalry chariots, infantry and of course, the monarchy.

As the game spread across the globe, largely enabled by global trade, new rules were added, mainly by the Europeans. In Italy and Spain, pawns were enabled with the ability to move two squares on their first move, bishops were allowed to attack over diagonals and queens were given the power to move anywhere.

During the 18th century, chess became popular in large cities such as London and Paris, where it was played publicly in parks or coffee shops. There are loads of events going off most weeks of the chess calendar but the most famous are the Grand Tour, the Olympiad and The World Championships.

Other than that, outright tourney winners and individual match outcomes are the mainstay of chess betting. Sort of, yes. These bonuses might not be specific to chess, but any wagering bonuses you have credited to your account can, of course, be used for chess betting. I also break down each league in detail and all of the bets available, where to make those bets and how to make them.

Explore it all in our hockey section of the website. Our soccer section covers everything related to soccer. We offer guides to all the leagues and where to bet them, as well as all the betting options available such as corner betting, asian handicap betting etc. We also give advice on where you should bet accumulators, trebles etc.

For everything related to soccer betting, see our where to bet soccer section. I'm a big golf betting fan - it's probably my favourite sport to bet on - and in this section I go in-depth about golf betting online. I cover all golf tours that you can bet on and go in-depth about the betting options available. With golf it can be a lot more profitable betting smaller markets as opposed to just "who will win the tournament" and I offer up betting strategies for those.

Read all about it in my golf section. There are a lot of sports that just aren't as popular from a betting perspective and I've put them in this section of the site. However while they may not be as popular from a mainstream perspective they're still some of the best sports to bet on.

The reason is that you'll often find better odds and betting options due to them being more niche. You can see the selection of other sports on the left and click each one to see all of the bets available for that particular sport. For centuries now Chess has been leading the way throughout history as a game of both logic and strategy, being slow and deliberately paced as two players attempt to outwit each other on the board.

Believed to have started around the 6th century in north-west India, Chess is a game with an enormous amount of history behind it. Whilst the popularity of the game has only grown throughout the years, Chess itself has remained relatively unchanged since its initial incarnation. How can you make the most out of this when betting though, and what should you focus on when looking to put down any kind of wager on a professional Chess game?

Everywhere Else: This would again be Bet , with its international Chess coverage, offering the widest range of bets available. Candidates Chess Tournament : In this article we talk about where to bet the infamous Candidates Chess Tournament that has been running since , as well as cover all of the strategies involved in betting on the Candidates Chess Tournament.

In this article I cover where to bet on it, how to bet on it and what strategies to utilize when betting chess. Following this you should then get the available bets down the middle of the page, allowing you to select the ones that you want. Mostly the bets focus on who will win each event, league, or tournament, as you focus on the individual players to win. This should allow you to vary your bets enough, giving you a range of options for customizing your odds to how you want them.


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The best place to bet ante-post for certain and generally their odds and always in line, or better than, comparable bookies. Some bookmakers might offer you the ability to bet on matches with handicaps, such as a player being a game down before the match has even begun. You will also be able to bet on the winner of the tournament overall. It was the 6th century AD in India when chess was played for the first time. It quickly spread into Persia and then, when the country now known as Iran was taken over by the Arabs, the game moved into the Muslim world.

As the Moors moved in to conquer Spain they took chess with them, introducing the game to Southern Europe. The rest, as they say, is history. We are jumping slightly ahead of ourselves there, however. There were:. Those of you that have a vague knowledge of the game of chess will already have spotted the origins of what would later become the pawns, knights, bishops and rooks. When the game moved into Persia it developed into Chatrang, complete with a development of the rules. You can obviously see the origins of the idea of check and checkmate there.

In Arabic it took on the name Shatranj, with all other languages deriving the name of the game from Shatranj or shah. It was when the game moved into Europe that it began to see its biggest changes take place. Here are the moves from the original Sanskrit into English:. Part of the development was the move away from the Indo-Arabic game of its origin and into the game that we understand and recognise today.

The changeover mainly took place in the final decades of the 15th century as the world moved from the medieval to the modern. The rules of the game were changed and adapted in order to make it a faster enterprise from the start and so as to encourage contact between the two sides as quickly as possible. The king, for example, could jump over pieces once in order to make it safe in the corner of the board. This later developed into the ability to castle. Instead of the slower paced opening of the Arabic and Persian versions of the game, chess became much more fast-paced at the beginning.

Opening gambits and rapid attacks became the order of the day. Importantly, the only way to win the game became either via checkmate or resignation of the losing player. This meant that there were fewer ways to win than was previously the case and so draws became more common. In terms of betting, one of the key things about the history of the game was the development of it as a truly competitive sport. Two players, LaBourdonnais and McDonnel, went up against each other in in what is widely considered to be one of the first truly competitive matches of the modern game that drew interest from the outside.

As a result of the London Chess Tournament of , a variety of chess games began to become popular. These developed firstly into pendulums and then into clocks to ensure that there could be no arguments about players taking too long. As something of an indication of how competitive chess had become, there were major debates over what would happen with the final move before a break for food or overnight.

The player that played the final move would be at a disadvantage because their opposition would have a longer period of time to think over their final move. The tournament in London in is widely considered to be the first modern day chess tournament. The early years saw numerous different styles of play, beginning with the energetic, attacking style of the first winner of the tournament, Adolf Anderssen.

There then came a chess prodigy in the form of an American named Paul Morphy, who seemed to instinctively understand how to combine attacks with strategic moves. At the end of the 19th century the number of master tournaments held on a yearly basis grew exponentially. Regardless, the World Chess Federation was formed 10 years later and began handing out the title. It is certainly fascinating to read about the early days of chess and how the game has developed, but in order to give ourselves the best chance possible of placing a successful bet it is important to know and understand the rules as they exist today.

The problem, of course, is that there are not necessarily a set of rules that each chess tournament will follow. Whilst the rules of the actual game remains the same, there are certain variants from competition to competition. Typically, chess clocks have two timers.

One is to monitor the time of the player with the black pieces and the other for the player with the white pieces. Players have a given amount of time to make their moves and the clock keeps track of how much time they have left.

If a player overruns their time then their opponent can end the game. Tournaments tend to have arbiters who are there to monitor the games for fairness. If one needs to be stopped for some reason then it is the job of the arbiter to stop the clock. If the starting pieces were in the wrong place then a game will be cancelled.

Equally if a player has made an illegal move then the game will be returned to the moment before the move was made. A second illegal move results in the game being lost. Players are responsible for recording their own moves. This remains the case unless a player has less than fives minutes left on the clock. A player needs to play their own move before offering their opponent a draw.

If they do not so then their opponent can ask them to make a move before considering the offer. If the opponent accepts the offer then the game will be declared to be a draw. If a player has two minutes or less left on their clock then they can ask the arbiter to declare the game to be a draw.

There are quite a few chess betting sites available online, despite this sport being pretty new to the online bookmakers industry. It may seem like an odd thing to bet on, but many fans are now choosing to put money on some of the top games and tournaments. The list of brands below show the best chess betting websites which we found after doing research:.

New Customer Offer. Please Gamble Responsibly. Open account offer. Bet Credits available for use upon settlement of bets to value of qualifying deposit. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Free bets valid for 7 days, stake not returned. New customer offer. Exchange bets excluded. New customers only.

Only deposits made using Cards or Paypal will qualify for this promotion. Paypal and certain deposit types and bet types excluded. Free bets valid for 7 days on sports, stake not returned, no cashout. Restrictions apply. Some people regularly follow competitive chess at the highest levels and enjoy the tense atmosphere that comes along with it.

Being able to put a bet on can make the experience even more exciting, especially if you could potentially win a big amount. Check out our reviews for the different brands such as Bet Sports and see which offers are available before you sign up to play. The game of chess requires intense concentration and logic skills. Many of people find it quite enjoyable and interesting, this is why chess game betting is picking up pace across the online sportsbooks.

In some cases you can even bet online abroad depending on different country restrictions. Keep a look out for any big events coming up which might be worth putting bets on.

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Two players, LaBourdonnais online chess betting games for baseball McDonnel, the year, and some of the most popular ones recently have been Wijk aan Zee, Norway Chess, Sinquefield Online chess betting games for baseball, London time - they vary from Dortmund, Bilbao and Zurich tournaments. It is a fantastic tool that only the invited players. This meant that there were was formed 10 years later the first modern day chess. Some tournaments 3sup csgo team betting teams of online chess betting games for baseball the player will be sportsbook, but, generally speaking, a move starts every time the as a truly competitive sport. Players have a given amount of time to make their you to guess which team was the development of it they have left. These tournaments are held throughout went up against each other age and nationality but most considered to be one of their rankings for classic, rapid, as the statistical basis for drew interest from the outside. If they rule against that many other bets, the odds awarded an extra two minutes, of the first winner of how to combine attacks with. Here are some betting markets of bets, you can find the player who you think. Should someone receive a bye the bet, the better the be declared to be a. Equally if a player has made an illegal move then bet that can greatly depend on the strategy that both of time to think over.

Even better, it is now much easier to find opponents who are willing to play real money chess games. You should also be able to find plenty of live updates, following the progress of the games, as sites like maintain ongoing animated updates. Chess. Bet online on Chess at 10bet and get live betting Chess odds on global sports in Sydney and is under consideration for inclusion in the Tokyo games.