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Betting 2000 quote pdfdx

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Investments in underlying funds that invest in foreign equity and debt securities could subject the Fund to greater risks including, currency fluctuation, economic conditions, and different governmental and accounting standards. This and other information about the Fund is contained in the prospectus and should be read carefully before investing.

The prospectus can be obtained on our website, SierraMutualFunds. The weak economic recovery has left the experts pessimistic about when market returns will again consistently reach long-term historical averages. Schroeder, a Wall Street analyst who became an award-winning financial journalist, described Buffett as the most intensely focused person she has met, and able to use his intensity to discern trends ahead of the crowd.

He views it as holding a call option on every asset class, with no expiration date and any strike price. It gives him ultimate choice in his investments, and the cost of holding that call option right now is very low.

Warren Buffett likes cash. For example, he invested heavily in media companies in the s and financial services companies in the s. Another Buffett principle is that, despite his willingness to go against the consensus in his investments, he is very aware of risk. According to Schroeder, he has long been a proponent of looking at risk as the loss of capital, rather than as the volatility of an investment.

He believes that the percent probability of something going right is not the same as percent certainty. Using the insights she has gleaned from her years of conversations with Buffett, Schroeder wrapped up with her perspective on the U. In addition to going short on physical goods, Schroeder suggested going short on services because technology is commoditizing many jobs that previously were thought to need steady amounts of human input.

But the outspoken leader of the low-cost, indexinvesting revolution does not believe that individual investors can minimize their risk through careful selection of individual stocks or even market sectors. By acting on his beliefs, he has built his career and a giant company, as well as helped to support the growth of Fee-Only advisors. John Bogle on Fiduciary Duty John Bogle, founder of Vanguard, believes that investment fees are inextricably linked to the fiduciary duty to clients held by providers of financial services.

Bogle observed that using a lowcost Vanguard index fund, plus paying the typical 1 percent AUM fee of an advisor, basically matches the nationalaverage mutual fund fee of 1. Assume a 3-percent bond yield. An investor with a stock-bond portfolio would receive a 5. They need to reduce their spending, use junk bonds for higher yields, raise their ratio of stocks, or borrow against their house and invest the money.

These are not good choices. Given the low yields, investors and advisors are tempted to look for the investment manager who can outperform the market. He observed that half of the mutual funds operating today will fail in the next decade. Of those that survive, 7 Napfa Advisor DECEmber 15 east Conference review they will, on average, switch managers every five years. Keeping fees low is a better solution, he said.

These investors do not rely solely on professional managers and might be the types of clients who come to Fee- Only advisors for validation of their ideas, he said. They can be arranged around themes as diverse as cleanup and recovery from Hurricane Sandy, the housing rental industry, or women CEOs. It developed some of them, but it also considers motifs proposed by outsiders. Low began his talk by reviewing the circumstances of a little-remembered Friday in when Bankhaus I.

If not for a frantic weekend of transoceanic negotiations by the Federal Reserve and some of the biggest banks in the world, the financial markets might not have been able to open on Monday, said Low. Today, safeguards are in place to avoid a recurrence of that specific problem, but unexpected new problems will emerge, he predicted.

In other cases, clients have had to wait six or seven years for their settlements, sometimes at 20 cents or 30 cents on the dollar. Unfortunately, those loans and investments can go bad. When Lehman Brothers collapsed in , many money market funds found themselves holding John Henry Low now-worthless Lehman Brothers commercial paper. It caused a huge cataclysm. First, due diligence. Second, Low favors using a custodian for whom the custody of client assets is its main business. Third, consider the corporate culture of the custodian, keeping an eye on how the vendor resolves the inevitable mistakes that occur.

SIPC coverage has limits and can take many years to provide payouts to clients who are harmed. Several factors contribute to the higher rate of poverty among elderly women, such as their tendencies to have lower lifetime earnings, to take time out of the workforce to care for family members, and to outlive their spouses. Outside factors like economic downturns and changes in employer retirement plans also play a role in the financial insecurity of older American women.

While none of this would be surprising to financial advisors, solving the problem is an immense challenge. Even advisors working with wealthier retired women or younger women need to speak with their clients about these issues. In light of these circumstances, the U. For financial advisors, the GAO study shows how challenging the circumstances are for many women in retirement and provides additional evidence that early planning and aggressive saving are essential to meeting retirement-income needs.

Today, of those individuals aged 65 and older, one-sixth of American women and one-tenth of men are 85 or older, and this share is projected to grow to almost one-quarter of women and one-fifth of men by For these people, the threat of poverty in old age is most severe as they deplete their savings and have to rely solely on Social Security for income. Although the income composition for women 65 and older did not vary greatly over the period examined by the GAO to , women continued to have less retirement income on average and live in higher rates of poverty than men in that age group.

For example, in , 16 percent of women 65 and older depended solely on Social Security for income, compared to 12 percent of men. Retirement income also is dependent on savings in defined contribution plans, as most employers have phased out definedbenefit pension-style plans. Women born in the baby boom generation are much more likely to be in the workforce than women in preceding generations, so their access to and participation in employer-sponsored retirement plans has increased.

However, women contributed to their plans at lower levels than men. While the proportion of working women with an employer that offered a defined-contribution plan increased or men and women include spousal income. The category for income from defined Notes: Estimates for men and women include spousal income. The category for income from defined ns reflects total household distributions from IRAs, as well as k pension plans contribution 18 contribution pension Napfa plans.

Advisor pensions reflects Nonregular lump DECember total household sum withdrawals distributions from IRAs, as well as k pension plans from IRA and and similar defined contribution pension plans. Nonregular lump sum withdrawals from IRA and ot included.

White and black their income fell by women were the most likely to work for 13 percent. Individuals in the white, black, and Asian racial and ethnic categories are non- Hispanic. Interestingly, with only a few exceptions i. Searching for Solutions According to the GAO, a range of existing policy options could address some of the income-security challenges women face in retirement.

The Impact of Life Changes For women approaching retirement or who are already retired, income can be severely affected if they become divorced, widowed, or unemployed. Moreover, divorce and widowhood had more pronounced effects for women than for men. However, Notes: In the category for married Notes: individuals, In the category estimates for for married men and individuals, women estimates include spousal for men income. GAO Percentage also considered estimates the expansion Experts also identified a set of policy rounding.

These could enhance percent married, of widowed, the estimate divorced, itself for separated married, and widowed, never divorced, married individuals separated and never marrie assets and income, although the effects were respectively. Perce their assets and income decline by about 7 estimates workforce of the income to care shares for family from defined members.

However, or strengthen spousal protections for percent. In fact, about 20 percent of them depended on Social Security Women did not experience a significant pension experts are concerned percent. The ING U. Page The study, 20 Retirement Revealed, Page 20 illustrated the point that women are less financially secure as they reach retirement.

To view the report, visit ing. Nor should it be forgotten that retirement security in America continues to be a national dilemma that transcends gender differences. To the extent that the drop in GDP is a reflection of tighter fiscal spending, rather than a wholesale collapse of consumer and industrial demand, the equity market should continue to make decent if volatile progress in the months ahead.

There is a growing disconnect between the crisis of government and the reform of fiscal policy on the one hand with that of actual corporate activity on the other. Between and , Mr. Shaoul ran Park Square Associates, a Manhattan-based real estate investment and management company.

He was awarded a Ph. To subscribe to the Mainstay Marketfield Gold Edition, a daily digest of commentaries like the one above, email info sincereco. This free subscription is available for 90 days and continues for investment advisors who invest in the Mainstay Marketfield Fund. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Index performance is not illustrative of fund performance. For Fund performance, please call Investors are asked to consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the investment carefully before investing.

The prospectus or summary prospectus contain this and other information about the investment company. Please read the prospectus or summary prospectus carefully before investing. The Mainstay Marketfield Fund invests in smaller companies, which involve additional risks such as limited liquidity and greater volatility. The Mainstay Marketfield Fund invests in foreign securities which involve greater volatility and political, economic and currency risks and differences in accounting methods.

These risks are greater for investments in emerging markets. This risk is usually greater for longer-term debt securities. Investment by the Mainstay Marketfield Fund in lower-rated and non-rated securities presents a greater risk of loss to principal and interest than higherrated securities. Investments in asset-backed and mortgagebacked securities involve additional risks such as credit risk, prepayment risk, possible illiquidity and default, and increased susceptibility to adverse economic developments.

The Mainstay Marketfield Fund regularly makes short sales of securities, which involves the risk that losses may exceed the original amount invested, however a mutual fund investor's risk is limited to the amount invested in a fund. The Mainstay Marketfield Fund may also use options and future contracts, which have the risks of unlimited losses of the underlying holdings due to unanticipated market movements and failure to correctly predict the direction of securities prices, interest rates and currency exchange rates.

The investment in options is not suitable for all investors. Matchmaker, business builder, fire survivor—few advisors can say that their careers have had as many interesting moments as Susan John, either. Founder and principal of Financial Focus, Inc. John came from the hospitality industry. She held tourism-related jobs as a teenager and college student in her native New Hampshire, and she later became the manager of the conference center and lodging and dining facility for the Aspen Institute in Aspen, CO.

She loved the work, but in , she decided to return to New Hampshire to help her mother and her sisters. Formation of Ballentine and Co. John joined with Ballentine to form Ballentine and Co. The firm charged hourly fees and found clients by presenting free consumer seminars and building a referral network of CPAs and attorneys.

The firm prospered, and it hired other promising career-changers who believed in the same mission. When I see that attitude, then I look at whether the person has skills that we need, or whether the person can acquire them. She goes beyond the legal requirements for confidentiality and security, even as those are being tightened by regulators. Our firm operates in a very small community, and people here have high expectations about their privacy.

For fixed income investors, the potential to increase yields exists — and without excessive exposure to credit risk or market illiquidity. To learn more about T. Call to request a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information that you should read and consider carefully before investing.

Investors should note that if interest rates rise significantly from current levels, bond fund total returns will decline. They checked it out and joined the organization in Sometimes, the connections could take unexpected turns. To cite just one example, John introduced Maloney to her friend Bonnie Hunt just a few years ago. She also helped to create regional committees that would coordinate meetings and workshops.

Soon, she began to create programming for those events, particularly in teaching others how to become Fee-Only advisors. In , John was elected to the National Board, where she served for four consecutive years. During that time, regulation of financial advisors was being discussed at the SEC, and the business model of small RIAs was threatened just like today. Underwood Distinguished Service Award in But that award was more like a downpayment on her future efforts than it was a lifetime pass that exempted her from more hard work.

She led an organization that was much larger and more established than the first time she was on the board, but one that faced immense challenges, too. For one thing, regulation of advisors soon became a major issue, and John helped to form Financial Planning Coalition to promote the interests of all independent RIAs.

Consumer confusion about different types of financial advisors is another issue that never dies, says John. There was a perception that advice was free. And yet, the message of objective, fiduciary planning still resonates strongly, and on a greater scale than ever before. NAPFA set the bar high for education and kept raising it.

The requirement that a prospective NAPFA member must submit a comprehensive financial plan for review reflects the importance of providing comprehensive services. Any person new to financial planning today does not understand how few commission-free products were available 20 years ago. She went out on her own in , determined to develop a model that would put implementation on an equal footing with giving advice.

We also show them all the other fees they pay, like transaction fees and management fees inside mutual funds. Tests revealed that I like to solve problems and that I have a facility for extrapolating conclusions from information. Another member of the team, Vice President Kristen Madden, is responsible for running the back office and handling client communications.

The advisors work in teams to provide clients with financial planning, estate and tax planning, insurance advice, and more. See box on page 22 for more. Providing superior customer service is a priority, and enhancing that hightouch service is a never-ending task. All of us in the firm need to be able to keep track of it, and everybody needs to see what they are responsible for doing and what everyone else is doing.

The ideas are early in development, but John says they will become a priority in the next few years, and not just for herself. There are times when we decide things can move at a slow pace so that clients are comfortable with our advice. The Clues There are several signs that a client may be slipping mentally. Finance Professor Ray Forgue, Ph. Contact the Foundation today to find out how you can help.

Also, advisors should be aware if the client is missing appointments. If the client misses an appointment, follow up with a phone call. Troy E. Thompson recommends that planners ask for an introduction to family members at the start of the planning relationship, so that if these types of issues arise, the planner and relatives will have some familiarity with each other.

Then, when an advisor reaches out to family members to express a concern, pay attention to what they say in response. We enable you to help individual investors take control of their tax advantaged retirement funds. Alternative asset opportunities are often ideally suited to retirement goals and investment style. New Direction knows that each advisor and client has established a relationship that works for them. The client may be angry and may feel betrayed.

Then, it seems common for them to go through some pretty major anger. At some point, paranoia often makes an appearance. They believe that people— possibly including you—are trying to get to their money and to deprive them of their freedom. That being said, the planner has to protect herself as well as the client.

Proactive is Better than Reactive Being proactive is better than being reactive. One important step is having a durable power of attorney POA. If there is a triggering mechanism in the POA, make sure you know what it is. Planner Kenneth F.

Some agree. But Robinson emphasizes the limitations of what an advisor can see and do. Your client contract can address this issue. Many advisors have a confidentiality clause, but you can also have a clause authorizing you to contact family or a trusted friend if you have concerns. Then you can have a list of emergency contacts for each client that is updated periodically. Avoidance After reading about these issues, you might think that the solution is to work only with younger clients.

Not so. Issues such as alcoholism and addiction will sometimes have symptoms that can wreak havoc on financial and other aspects of a life. Even some of the drugs we see advertised on TV warn of side effects that can include irrational behaviors not to mention hair loss and bad skin!

For those reasons, having emergency contacts for all clients can be a good protection for them, and doing so could prevent angst for you. Some less-than-optimal client behaviors are situational and temporary. For example, clients going through a divorce or the death of a spouse or other family member often will have trouble focusing and remembering things.

They may make decisions that are not as wise as those they would make under normal circumstances. Our counsel in these situations can be a financial lifesaver, too. In our practice, my business partner and I work with many widows, as well as with divorcing individuals. At the recent NAPFA East Conference in Baltimore, wrap-up speaker Daniel Shapiro advised that, many times, the concerns of others can be addressed through showing appreciation for them.

As simple as it sounds, showing we understand our clients, finding merit in their viewpoints, and communicating our concerns directly can make a huge difference. We are in a helping profession, which, by definition, means that some of our clients need quite a bit of help. Being prepared for the unfortunate contingency of cognitive impairment allows us to make a huge positive impact.

She can be contacted at Linda Brightleitz. These limitations continue until May 1, , and may be continued indefinitely by the Adviser on a year-to-year basis. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted, and the most recent month-end performance is available on the Parnassus website www.

The Russell Midcap Index is a widely recognized indexes of common stock prices. An index reflects no deductions for fees, expenses or taxes. Returns shown for the Funds do not reflect the declaration of taxes a shareholder would pay on the fund distributions or the redemption of fund shares.

Mid-cap companies can be particularly sensitive to changing economic conditions and have fewer financial resources than large-cap companies. Before investing, an investor should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the fund and should carefully read the prospectus or summary prospectus, which contains this information. Yet not complying with the rules could cost your client a great deal of money by making the receipt of a life insurance benefit a taxable event.

It outlines when EOLI benefits would be taxed, and when they would be eligible for tax-free distribution just like other life insurance benefits. The rule also defines what a business owner must do to earn the taxexempt status. Basically, if a business owner purchased a policy after Aug. If the disclosure rules explained below are not met, the death benefit will not be exempt from taxation.

How did we get here? The companies were the beneficiaries of the policies. They borrowed money to purchase the policies and deducted interest on the loans. It was easy money. Lawsuits were filed and won by certain front-line employees who argued that they lacked insurable interest, especially if the policies were maintained after they left their employer.

In the aftermath, laws were put in place to regulate EOLI transactions. The regulations now include definitions of insurable interest and other minimum requirements that are necessary for employers to insure an employee while maintaining a tax-free benefit status. Even when the insurance purchase does qualify under IRC Section j , a business owner might find that owning insurance individually will be easier.

The employee must receive notice that the employer will be purchasing life insurance and will be the primary beneficiary of the policy. The notice must also identify the maximum amount of coverage to be placed on the employee.

The employee must agree in writing to be insured and to allow the employer to retain coverage beyond his employment era. The employer must file IRS Form annually. One more important point: EOLI death benefits are taxable to the extent the death benefit exceeds premiums paid. However, the death benefit becomes tax-free if the employer complies with the EOLI notice, consent, and reporting requirements of Section j , AND if the employee fits one of the safe harbor rules created by this legislation.

Performance data current to the most recent month end may be obtained by calling The fund imposes a 1. Performance data quoted does not refl ect the redemption fee. Investment performance for the fund reflects fee waivers in effect. The Statutory and Summary Prospectuses contain this and other important information about the investment company, and may be obtained by calling , or visiting www.

Read carefully before investing. Small-capitalization companies tend to have limited liquidity and greater price volatility than large-capitalization companies. The fund invests in micro-cap and early stage companies which tend to be more volatile and somewhat more speculative than investments in more established companies.

The Dow Jones Wilshire U. Micro-Cap Index is formed by taking the 2, smallest companies, as measured by market capitalization, of the Dow Jones Wilshire Index. The Russell Index is composed of the 2, smallest companies in the Russell Index, and is widely regarded in the industry as the premier measure of small-cap stocks. One cannot invest directly in an index. However, these areas could use more clarity, even though the IRS issued its interpretation guidelines in The attorney not the advisor should draft the consent form, and the accountant is required to file the IRS Form One way that an advisor can facilitate the process is to develop an EOLI kit, and my firm has developed such a checklist.

I send my EOLI kit by e-mail to all relevant parties involved with a reply-request to confirm their receipt and acknowledgement of the information. For a copy of the kit, send an e-mail to Robert Barnes at rob intinsconsulting. While getting involved in EOLI notification does create some complications for advisors, the upside is worth the effort. Robert M. He specializes in the use of life insurance for business and estate planning.

He can be reached at With this in mind, I started thinking about how the savings rate in the United States is abysmal these days, somewhere less than 5 percent according to the latest data. In early November , I launched a movement among my fellow financial bloggers to encourage all Americans to add at least 1 percent more to their retirement savings for the coming year. Knowing that most large corporations enter into their annual benefits enrollment cycle during November, I figured this was the perfect month to stage the movement.

And help they did! This talented group has written some great articles with many wonderful ideas and encouragement. I plan to keep a close eye on the national savings rate over the coming year; for the record, it was 3. The other thing that has happened through all of this has been great interaction with other financially oriented writers who I may not have come in contact with otherwise. His blog is www. What I got was a culture of absolutely. At TD Ameritrade Institutional, advisors are at the center of what we do, and service is at the core of our culture.

Just like you. TD Ameritrade Institutional. Call us at or explore the way we support RIAs at tdainstitutional. All rights reserved. Used with permission. He was commended for his service to the industry, especially his key role in bringing together the leadership of FPA and the CFP Board to work together on consumer-related issues in the wake of the financial crisis that began in fall We recommend that you purchase them for cash flow.

Create a bond paycheck for yourself to support you in whatever you choose to do. RegentAtlantic publicized the event through its website, helping to raise publicity for the event, which attracted nearly 1, participants.

In talking with the Wall Street Journal on Nov. The cash account is safer because the margin account can possibly be used as collateral by the firm if it gets into financial trouble. He said that people who currently have LTC policies should probably keep them, despite the steep rate increases they are facing now and will be likely to incur in the future.

However, readers should understand that NAPFA can undertake no duty to perform due diligence about the claims and promises made by advertisers. Furthermore, admission of a company as an advertiser in the Advisor does not constitute an endorsement of its services or products by NAPFA. Readers should perform their own due diligence on any products or services that they use or recommend to their clients.

Larson and Murray recommended the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund for its low cost and broad exposure, both valuable for presumably long-term investors. Time really is of the essence, and clientsmust realize that there are no days off whena crisis occurs. Advisors have to become thecatalyst for change, and it extends beyondfinances. You may encourage a job search,or you may find yourself on the receivingend of numerous phone calls to offerguidance and support as a counselor.

My pro bono experiences have alsotaught me that depression plays a significantrole when a life-changing event such as a jobloss occurs. While I recognizethat mental health is not my area of expertise,recommending a counselor is a necessary partof my repertoire if there will be any hope ofcarrying out our contingency plan.

Finally, from a personal financeperspective, my pro bono work has taughtme the fragility of most situations. Ourplans work great when all the pieces fallinto place, but how often do all of thepieces fall into place? While my view ofall things financial has caused me to viewdrinking glasses as half full and chipped,with lipstick stains , I prefer to be far morecautious in my outlook than I used to be.

Be it maturity i. The next time a negative event strikesa client, or you find yourself sitting acrossyour desk from a person who desperatelyneeds your skills, be prepared to act quicklyand decisively. This is who we are, and thisis what we should do. Stanley F. He can be reached at stan sfehrlich. Napfa Advisor January Invest wisely. The performance data quoted here represents past performance for Class R shares symbol SIRRX , and are net of the total annualoperating expenses of the Class R shares see below.

For performance numbers current to the most recent month end, pleasecall toll-free or visit our website, SierraMutualFunds. Current performance may be lower or higher than theperformance data quoted above. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The total annual operating expenses including expenses of the underlying funds estimated at 0.

The top ten holdings of the Sierra Core Fund as of the date above is among the extensive information included in a four-page Fact Sheet, which isupdated at least quarterly and can be viewed and printed from our website, SierraMutualFunds. The Fund indirectly bears the investment management fees and expenses of the underlying funds in addition to the investment management feesand expenses of the Fund — all of which however are fully reflected in the above performance information.

In some instances it may be less expensivefor an investor to invest in the underlying funds directly. There is also a risk that investment advisers of those underlying funds may make investmentdecisions that are detrimental to the performance of the Fund. Investments in underlying funds that own small- and mid-capitalization companiesmay be more vulnerable than larger, more established organizations to adverse business or economic developments.

Investments in underlying fundsthat invest in foreign equity and debt securities could subject the Fund to greater risks including, currency fluctuation, economic conditions, anddifferent governmental and accounting standards. Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the Sierra Core Retirement Fund.

Thisand other information about the Fund is contained in the prospectus and should be read carefully before investing. The prospectuscan be obtained on our website, SierraMutualFunds. Change, weknow, is constant, and it turns out muchhas changed—although the average, busyadvisor might not notice it. Many of theplayers have changed.

The bills havechanged. The atmosphere has changed. The push to make financial planning arecognized profession, however, has not. The November elections sawsome shakeups in Congress. On a side note, in my state of Illinois,two House Representatives who weremembers of the House Financial ServicesCommittee lost their bids for reelection;this was somewhat suprising. On the face of it, nothing reallychanged in the balance of power, but theunderlying committees and leadershipare where things get interesting.

Thereare two leadership changes in the HouseFinancial Services Committee. The newchair will be Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA. Hensarlingis viewed as more conservative than hispredecessor, Rep. Spencer Bachus, andWaters is viewed as more liberal than herpredecessor Rep. Barney Frank. The Senate is where we expect legislativeaction to begin in On the other side, groups in thebroker-dealer industry spent time andmoney to dampen the possibility ofa uniform fiduciary standard no lessstringent the Advisors Act of fromseeing any meaningful advancement.

They would like a fiduciary standardthat would rely on disclosing conflicts ofinterest, instead of raising the standardfrom its current suitable requirement. The th Congress will discussthe same issues, but there may be littleor no discernible progress right away in because of leadership in the Houseand Senate.

Hensarling is no fan of theDodd-Frank Act, but he has not indicatedan interest in advancing another iterationof the SRO bill. His priorities seemto be housing reform and privatizationof Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Still of lesserinterest to Hensarling would be the UserFee bill introduced by Waters last year. Senate Banking Chair Tim Johnson hasthe opportunity to get behind supportinga reintroduced user fee bill that wouldoriginate in the Senate.

He has a new allyon the Senate Banking Committee with theaddition of newly elected Sen. There is some hope that abipartisan bill will at least make it over to14Napfa Advisor January Public Policy Updatethe House. It also means that any SRO billintroduced by Bachus will have a toughertime if it makes it over to the Senate.

So nothing may seem to be happeningfor a little bit. This breathing space does,however, give the Coalition and otherinterested organizations the opportunityto educate the new members in both theHouse and Senate Committees about thetwo issues near and dear to our hearts:the fiduciary standard and improvedexamination of investment advisors.

Never underestimate the power ofeducation. Currentperformance of the fund may be lower or higher than the performance quoted. Performance datacurrent to the most recent month end may be obtained by calling The fund imposesa 1. Performance data quoted does not refl ectthe redemption fee. If refl ected, total returns would be reduced. Investment performance for thefund reflects fee waivers in effect.

In the absence of such waivers, total return would be reduced. The Statutory and Summary Prospectuses contain this and other importantinformation about the investment company, and may be obtained by calling ,or visiting www. Read carefully before investing. Small-capitalization companies tend to have limited liquidity and greater price volatility thanlarge-capitalization companies.

The fund invests in micro-cap and early stage companieswhich tend to be more volatile and somewhat more speculative than investments in moreestablished companies. The Dow Jones Wilshire U. Micro-Cap Index is formed by taking the 2, smallestcompanies, as measured by market capitalization, of the Dow Jones Wilshire Index.

The Russell Index is composed of the 2, smallest companies in the Russell Index,and is widely regarded in the industry as the premier measure of small-cap stocks. One cannot invest directly in an index. That leaves two Democratsand two Republican voting commissionerson the Commission. Can you saydeadlock? Bushadministration and is Democrat. Some say in her role as chair Waltershould recuse herself from the SRO issue,just as her predecessor, Schapiro, did.

Although Walter supports a fiduciarystandard, it remains unclear how strong astandard of care she would be willing tosupport extending to the broker-dealers. Instead of raising broker-dealers up to theInvestment Advisers Act of standard,Walter could advocate for changingthe current RIA standard and replacingit with harmonized standard that suitsbroker-dealers, too. From our perspective, a harmonizedfiduciary standard could result in a dilutedstandard for both RIAs and broker-dealersthat would let broker-dealers call themselvesfiduciaries and equate themselveswith what was a higher standard.

Very temporary. Almost everyone expects a nextgenerationversion of the legislation tosurface that could seem, on its surface,more friendly to RIAs. This bill willprobably originate in the Senate BankingCommittee, and once again, it wouldgenerate talk about the need to examineinvestment advisors more frequently. Consider this: FINRA has postedoperating losses every year since itsinception, while continuing to dole outhefty raises and bonuses to executives.

Adding to that, the numberof member firms is down by 13 percentover the last five years, and many ofthose departed operations are rising likephoenixes out of the dust as RIAs. Lowtrading volume and depressing returnson investments caused the SRO to raisetransactional fees by 25 percent lastyear, over the objections of industrygroups. In addition to lodginga public bid to take over RIA firms,behind the curtains all signs point toFINRA positioning itself to look like thenear-perfect solution before Congresscan act.

This year, internal revisions toits suitability standard that smelled likefiduciary-lite upset its members. It hassince backpedaled in response to iratemembers. Your celebration. Successful investing requiresResearch, Analysis and Discipline. Pioneer helped create the mutual fund industry in with theestablishment of the Pioneer Fund, the third-oldest fund in the U.

Central to our long-term success has been our commitment to carefulstewardship of investor assets. Our focus on proprietary research, risk management, and long-terminvesting has helped us build a fund family with a range of compellingequity and fixed-income strategies. Contact your advisor or Pioneer Investments for a prospectus or summary prospectus containingthis information. Read it carefully. Securities offered through Pioneer Funds Distributor, Inc.

Sestina and Companyin Columbus, OH. Not only has he builtthree successful financial planning firms,but he was one of the driving forces behindthe creation of NAPFA and the definition ofits principles. Hedecided to change careers. Five years after opening the doors tohis practice, Sestina says a light bulb wenton above his head.

At thesame time, he started evangelizing aboutFee-Only planning in general. Since , Sestina has taught financial planning at The OhioState University and has worked with Purdue, Brigham Young, andWright State universities to develop their formal degree-grantingprograms in financial planning.

All rights reserved. The rest, as they say, is history. John E. Most people who come into the financial planning field now are coming fromanother profession, and they try to do what they did there instead of learning how to becomprehensive planners. Learn how to pull it all together andthen start your practice from scratch. Sestina and Company, use primarily no-loadmutual funds but also add in alternativeinvestments when warranted.

Sestinapersonally invests at the same monetary levelas his clients in any alternative investmentshe approves. For a realestate deal involving group homes for disabledindividuals, introduced in , his firm spentabout two years of development. Other alternative investments are purebusiness plays. He says that one of his biggestchallenges was, quite simply, businesspartners. His first partner started out on agood note but then wound up stealing fromthe company and its clients and later went tofederal prison for his indiscretions.

Taking that evangelism a step further,Sestina offers all prospective plannersa day internship at his firm. Aftercompleting the program, those studentsgo off on their own, stay plugged intothe firm for continued support from theirrespective locations they pay for thesupport , or house themselves permanentlyat John E. We enable you to helpindividual investors take control of their taxadvantaged retirement funds. Alternative assetopportunities are often ideally suited toretirement goals and investment style.

New Direction knows that each advisor and client has established arelationship that works for them. Conferences are so much more than aplace to accumulate CEs. I am delighted toshare with you these ideas from our fellow NAPFA planners about making the most outof a conference experience. My commentsare listed at the end of each section in italics. This not onlyreduces my cost, but I have found that overthe years it has really helped me to get toknow other non-snoring female!

NAPFA members well. If direct contact with someoneI would like to get to know better does notwork, I just use the Discussion Forum andpost my interest in having a roommate. The Baltimore conference [November] was 45 minutes from my home inMaryland.

This was actually harder. Or do I really clear the decksfor the entire time and spend it all inBaltimore? Depending on flight schedules andconference times, I may go a day earlier orstay an extra night so that I have a morerelaxed schedule.

Now, if the departing schedule isgoing to be too tight, I simply make planswith a friend to stay and enjoy ourselves. One month in advance of the conference,I send an email to my clients, letting themknow I will be away at a conference and willnot be checking email. This allows me to befully present at the conference and not feelcompelled to check in with the office. Whenmy clients hire me, I articulate this, so theyknow coming on board that there will betimes when I will be unavailable.

What I do not do is take copious notes duringthe sessions because I have found that I amnot listening to what is being said, and neverget to read notes later on anyway. I amgoing because I want to learn everythingI can. It helps me remember which CEs I have tomanually enter and plan which sessions toattend, as well as to track which upcomingcredits I anticipate getting. Then Itarget sessions, exhibitors, and colleaguesto work on these problems.

If I can writeup a solution to one of these by the time Iam headed home, it has been a successfulconference. I actually plan to sit with some people atmeals. Throughout the year, I keep track ofquestions and topics I want to discuss withother planners. For conferences, I tend to print it out andtake it with me. Sometimes a topic will belinked to a specific person, and if so, I checkthe conference attendee list and seek out thatperson at that conference.

I also keep trackof questions and discussion topics that I havefor exhibitors. I always pack myrunning shoes, and I am always up for awalk-and-talk session! Trust that demands professionalism, honesty and expertiseresulting in the most positive experience possible.

My process is designed to exceed this demandwith every client referral. Walk-and-talks are a staple for me, too. Aside from the walk and talk benefits, it isessential for me to get outside the hotel. Foodis another important component, especiallysince there are usually a few meals outsidethe conference.

I scope out restaurant optionsin advance, having a short list of favorites,ideally within walking distance. The time between presentationand reviewing notes on the plane gives metime to delete a lot of the action items thatreally are not that important, especially sinceI have found that more than five items neverget acted on anyway.

If I do not do it then, it likely willnot get done, and I will have wasted myconference experience. Actionplans make it possible to know that theimportant stuff is going to get done. Action plans make it possible to knowthat the important stuff is going to get done. Please email your column ideas toJennifer at jennifer lazarusfp. These limitations continue until May 1, , and may be continued indefinitely by theAdviser on a year-to-year basis. Performance data quoted represent past performance and are no guarantee of future returns.

Current performancemay be lower or higher than the performance data quoted, and the most recent month-end performance is availableon the Parnassus website www. The Russell Midcap Index is awidely recognized indexes of common stock prices. An individual cannot invest directly in an index. An index reflectsno deductions for fees, expenses or taxes.

Returns shown for the Funds do not reflect the declaration of taxes ashareholder would pay on the fund distributions or the redemption of fund shares. Mid-cap companies can be particularly sensitive to changing economic conditions and have fewer financialresources than large-cap companies. Before investing, an investor should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges andexpenses of the fund and should carefully read the prospectus or summary prospectus, which containsthis information.

A prospectus or summary prospectus can be obtained on the website, www. Our firm uses a two-pronged solution thatincludes careful management of clientexpectations for portfolio performance andextensive communication. At thesame time, we want clients to give us theflexibility and fiduciary responsibility tomanage their accounts in ways that addvalue. For a client who is overly concernedabout short-term results, we stick withthe facts.

Before a meeting with this typeof client, I review how the particulardiscipline or strategy we have utilized forhim or her has performed as compared tovarious market indices. We have developedfive different investment strategies, and attimes, any one of them will underperformor outperform. With the client, I discussthe disciplined process that we use andmight say that everyone, including WarrenBuffett, has ups and downs. Our aim is tokeep our client from becoming emotionalabout his or her investment assets andfinancial plan.

A cousin to this type of client is theone who micromanages the investmentprocess and questions every purchase orsale within the portfolio. One strategy we use is to review ourinvestment process when setting up anaccount but also doing annual reviews.

What about the client who brings hisown spreadsheet printout to every meetingand analyzes every stock trade? On the other hand, if a client wants todeviate from our discipline and process,he or she is free to do that—but anysecurities trade or purchase they makeon their own becomes an unsupervisedasset.

Ifit goes down in value, the client knows itwas his mistake—not ours. My approachis to listen politely and then remind theclient about the privacy statement we haveexecuted, which obligates us not to discloseclient information outside the sphere ofour firm.

Maybewe should revisit your investment strategyin the office one day. Communication CountsThe bottom line is that communicationis key to keeping clients from becomingunruly. It starts with our Investment PolicyStatement, which gives the asset allocationto one or a combination of our fiveinvestment strategies.

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If you wagered under Money Line: Commonly used as a baseball and hockey wagering tool, basketball moneylines are popular for picking underdogs. There is no point spread linked to the moneyline. So the team you bet on only has to win the game, not win by a certain number of points. If you picture the number sitting in the middle of these two values, moneylines are easier to comprehend. Futures: Betting on a future event such as which team will win the NBA title is called future betting.

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NAV Change (%). +%. Day Yield (%). Expand/Collapse Icon Details. Research · Buy. $Perkins Discovery Fund (PDFDX). The Perkins Discovery Fund (PDFDX), a micro-cap boutique fund with less than $10 million in holdings, has gained % so far this year as. million. ' Median Manhattan condo sale price CBS makes a big bet on an American version of the reality dating Get real-time U.S. stock quotes and track most-active stocks, new highs/lows and mutual funds. PDFDX. AMG RR SMid Val;I. ARIMX.