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Tumor immunlogy: new perspectives [review]. Cancer Research , 15 18 , pp. The reformation of the ministry in Fife, History , 94 , pp. Again I can say that both of them would work great in the heifer pen. These brothers show lots of muscle, have plenty of size and substance and should have a good impact on your cow herd. They also have calving ease in their pedigrees so you, the buyer, should have no calving problems.

We have noticed that all of our Santana 11Y offspring are very aggressive at birth. This bull is one neat package - moderate, smooth-made, smallheaded, solid red, polled and deep. He should calve really easily, hell I may even put him in the heifer pen. He is long made with a great attitude. If you think some of your cows are getting too small then put some Wisdom into your heard. Urban is probably the highest performing bull with the Usher sired group. His mother is a model who has been a very reliable cow for us.

Onyx comes from a high milking cow. He is not going to be a big bull. He is a low set, big-bellied fella that is an honest-made bull. He will calve easily with his noted 91lb birthweight. Vader 73 EPD 6. She kept her condition, and has a near perfect udder. We were nearing the end of our daylight hours while picturing and probably could have got a better picture, so make sure you view him on sale day; as he really is a nice, well-put-together package.

Phone: Full Fleckvieh - Earl is the big growth king of the pen. What an outstanding job the Geronimo heifers are doing. Earl has super feet and conformation, large testicles with the low birth weight and outstanding performance. He has all the qualities of a breeder bull. Full Fleckvieh - Eric had an impressive lb day weight with no creep feed, he comes from a very productive young Regio cow. He is a little larger-framed than his penmates and he will leave you with some real heavyweights in the fall.

Full Fleckvieh - Eugene comes from a young Thunder daughter going back to the great Zalia cow. Being a Geronimo son, Eugene should have good performing calves and leave you some nice replacement heifers. Ed has very good muscle and a good set of feet and legs. Full Fleckvieh - With the big heavy calves demanding high dollars, Geronimo sons are the boys that can give you the good payday in the fall. Eddie is one of those guys. Exceptional growth and muscle, for those high priced steers and yet ranks in the top of the breed for maternal traits for those outstanding replacement heifers.

Give Eddie a good look on sale day. Full Fleckvieh - Ernie comes from a outstanding first calf Geronimo daughter. Ernie started out small and grew very well. He has very good breeding on both sides of his pedigree. With only a 80lb birthweight, Ernie should work on both cows and heifers. Full Fleckvieh - Edwin has good eye appeal and comes from a great cow family. With the combination of Romulus, Levi and Kitimat in his lineage, he should calve easy and give you some good calves to market.

Full Fleckvieh - If you are looking for a new heifer bull, Ethan should be your pick. Coming from a first-calf Clearwater Andy daughter going back to the Jack Pine Andy calving legend, you should be able to use him with confidence. Edward is put together very well in a little smaller package.

What a great Vintage cow she has turned into. Kitimat was a good purchase for us and my brother Tony Wolfe Farms of Valleyview, AB and with the number of heifers exposed to him, we have confidence that he is a heifer bull. Ernest has great structure and muscle development and should turn into a very good herd bull.

Full Fleckvieh - Everet is another good Kitimat son that has great eye appeal and comes from a good young cow. The Geronimo daughters seem to be passing their performance onto their calves. Full Fleckvieh - Emmett is an embryo calf out of a very good Whistler daughter. He has loads of muscle and a great disposition. Emmett should leave you with some very good marketable calves. Shelley and I would like to thank all of our bidders and buyers from our past sales for their support of our program.

The focus at Clearwater is to produce the right kind of bulls that our commercial cattlemen can use to increase performance and profitability. We also have a strong focus on producing bulls with strong maternal traits that will continue to progress cow herds. Traits such as calving ease, structural correctness, milk, muscle and performance. These traits are essential to the continued advancement of the beef business.

We welcome you to come and tour the bull pen if you have time this winter, and if not, we most certainly look forward to seeing you on sale day! He was 94 EPD 2. As you appraise Revolution - his length of body, muscling, structural correctness and athleticism will certainly impress. He is smooth-polled and is one of the first sons of Aristotle to sell.

The pedigree of Revolution offers an outcross polled gene through Dovea Horst and traces back to the great Franchesca cow family on the bottom side of the pedigree. Like all of our bulls, Revolution sells in his entirety. Viva La Revolution! His dam is a cow that exemplifies the traits we focus on. Western will add pounds to your steers, calving ease and milk to your heifers.

Ms Western has a bull working for the Erskine Colony and a Vintage daughter that we kept on the farm. Western will add predictability to your program. Patron is a bull that is going to improve the maternal characteristics in any program. He has shown excellent growth. His mother, a first calf heifer, worked hard and got him started in the right direction.

Patron is a bull that is going to make those precious replacement females that are so difficult to find. Their mother is one of the very few Siegfried daughters working in North America and quite possibly one of the best cows walking the pastures at Clearwater. Fraulein is a perfect combination of calving ease, structural correctness and udder quality.

The mating to Brutus was planned to double up on the maternal calving ease and performance. We are pleased to report that we were fortunate enough to have a daughter out of this mating that will never be leaving the farm as we believe she will leave quite an impact in our program. Heavy calves were in demand this fall and brought a premium.

Look to these bulls to elevate your calf crop and add that profitability to your bottom line. He is a spitting image of his sire, Ulan, who was born in BW EPD Her pedigree also includes the very rare Hafke and influential Siegfried. Clearwater Ulan is a genetic masterpiece that very likely could never be created again. He exemplifies the Fleckvieh traits with his heavy muscling, excellent meat to bone ratio, large feet, great hair coat and docility.

If you are looking to add some easy fleshing and do-ability to your program, take a moment on sale day to evaluate Ulan. Das Fleckvieh! He is very smooth-made, with great muscling and is easy-moving. Warrior is a bull that should work great on cows and heifers alike. Welcome to Spectrum! We are excited to be a part of the edition of the Bull Spectrum sale!

Our long-established focus at Tymarc has been to raise Red Purebred Simmental cattle that we can confidently stand behind, and we do. The herdsires we have acquired have exceeded our expectations, adding strength to our program.

Our females work hard to bring you bulls that will help you push down the scales. We would like to extend our thanks to those who have supported our program. Last fall a great Tymarc customer sold head of weight heifers at auction for a price to top the fall market calf run! These heifers, all off Tymarc bulls, sold to a Saskatchewan ranch for replacements! We think that says a lot about our program. Congratulations to the seller! Come by to see the bulls we have on offer and take a walk through the new calf crop!

This guy is a powerful Cinch son. Huge spring of rib, and enormous top are the first things you see when analyzing this bull. He is very correct in structure with ample bone and a big, sound foot. That's an average of 4. TYS 16E is a promising bull that will do positive things for his new owner. Here is another Cinch son that pushes the scale down hard. Lots of performance in this young bull. With very moderate birth weight and natural muscle mass, he is hard to ignore.

He has a big, wide top, a full, deep hind quarter and has great length of spine. If you are looking for a bull with presence look no further. This guy has a hair more frame but ample muscle expression to make him smooth and balanced. He should go on to sire an excellent set of calves in any program. Here is one of the favorite bulls in the pen this year. Excellent spring of rib, big top and deep, full hip make him one to have a second look at.

His good Texas mother has raised powerful bulls and very productive females for us. This bull is a bit smaller in frame but makes up for that with the Cinch hind quarters and big top. He is certainly one to consider for your next herd bull. This bull is really coming into his stride now. He has the typical Cinch look and temperament.

Its hard not to sound repetitive on these bulls, but Cinch put his stamp on all of them to make them a very equal offering of bulls. He has a lot of pen presence and carries himself very smartly. He is a very athletic bull that will cover a big pasture for you and take on the job of herd bull very well. A good, solid Cinch calf that carries the stamp. His mother, 26B, is up in age but is still milking very well, weaning this dude at lbs.

Longevity on one side and power on the other. Win Win! This bull is an excellent powerhouse of an individual. He is a complete package with top, hip, rib and excellent feet and legs. He is breeding purebred and commercial cows. Here is a solid herd bull prospect out a very good, dark red Crossfire daughter.

Several of these dark red Cinch bulls would offer great consistency for a multiple bull operation! This bull is another dark red beef machine that will breed well and produce a group of calves with a lot of natural muscle and medium frame.

Another being one of Rick Wathen's picks in last year's sale. Very good genetics in this young herd bull that fits in the Cinch model. The only blaze face bull in our offering. He is out of a gooduddered, excellent-footed cow with Fleck influence. He is very dark red with some black points. He is a very good calf, just a little slower maturing. A good bull with color and the chrome to add to a cross breeding program. We are back to the Accelerator program on this guy. Accelerator has been a key part of our program with numerous daughters in our herd - very good cows raising some of our best calves.

This guy will work in any herd to make excellent replacements and a group of sought-after steers. Part of the Badger program that was so well received last year. Punchline here is low birth weight, growing to equal the performance types of pen mates. He is out of a young cow that is proving to have a bright future here. Her young calf this year is awesome as well. Heifer bull on order here! A young fella that had a hard start in life, losing his mother at birth.

He did very well, being raised in with the kids show herd. He could be a heifer bull forever, yet has powerful genetics to back him up. Going back in the semen tank a ways to one of my favorite bulls. IPU T-Bone! This young Crockett daughter crossed very well. Very dark red, lots of hair, excellent spring of rib and overall balance, sum this guy up. Backed by the cow power of IPU 68S is a win-win!

It has been a privilege to work with Transcon and the staff at Innisfail Auction Mart though the Mountain View sale since its inception. I am excited to add our Simmental offering to the Bull Spectrum sale. We are an expanding herd of 90 purebred cows. Along with AI, we have a strong set of walking herd sires. The strength of our program is the cows in our herd. They are also actively involved with…the list is too long.

They are active! Shari is the physiotherapist at the Sundre Hospital. Together, we are committed to standing behind the bulls we sell! Please call if you have any questions about the bulls on offer. This mating has really worked! The last two full brothers have lead off my offerings. Very moderate-sized cow that weans off a big one every year. The heaviest yearling weight of the pen. Last year's sold to Randy and Corey Campbel.

Skors King Ranch has always stamped his off-spring with the same dark red, good hair and big foot. Nice combination here. Part of the family that has 3 bulls in the sale. Another great combination and one of the top bulls on offer. Empire and Mappins Blacklicorice. Some cows never miss and this one has three daughters in the herd and five sons working in herds.

There are five calves out of the CMS Empire bull. He was the red high seller out of this sale two years ago. I purchased a semen package on him and am very happy with his calves. When this guy walks away from you, you will see he is a meat machine. Balanced EPD's. Dam still has great feet and udder; you would never guess she was an 'S' cow.

An Empire son out of one of our top cows. We like 42T so much that she was flushed last year. Another one of the Empire sons out of the U cow. Here is another producer; a year-old cow that still weaned off lbs.

I have lost track of the bulls that she has produced but it is 6 or 7. I really like the Red Rocket sons. If you are looking for good temperament, this is the quietest bull in the pen. Red Rocket adds some real performance but also, I find his calves to be very quiet. This guy is a pet with shape and dark red color. Some real performance here. I sound like a broken record but another real producing cow and one of my top three favorites in the herd.

This guy keeps getting better and better. Out of the AI bull Springcreek Olympian. I used him on this very moderate and maternal cow to add some performance. Very quiet and lots of hair. A bull with the shape and EPD's to work as a calving ease bull. Combine that with the Hemlock cow and his daughters should all be keepers.

Should mature to a real powerful bull. This guy is another member of the cow family. Jaycee has a 4H steer out of him that is the type you would like to have a pen full of in the fall. Out of the calving ease bull, Bear - lots of vigor, when his calves hit the ground. He is out of a second-calf cow that will be in the herd for a long time.

We think we have brought to town some of our higher-quality genetics in both the Fullblood and the Purebred divisions. As always, Eagle Ridge Simmental bulls have been bred and fed to work for purebred or commercial breeding programs. They have been fed with a combination of silage bails and pellet ration that has been hand fed by the family.

We find this creates docile temperaments.

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