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I've read in a few trip reviews about people winning hundreds of dollars on the penny slots. When most people max bet on penny slots about winning big on pennies they max bet on penny slots go on a roll and have betting games large wins coupled with some small to mid sized wins. I go with a set amount of money to have fun, and if I win that makes it even more fun I would love to see these mystical slots where max bet is only five coins because it's been ages since I've seen those - max bet seems to be more 10 to 20 coins per line lately. A good payoff for a single coin per line bettor on a penny slot is a hundred dollars or so.

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Hkjc football betting limited too

A simple example try to reset your tote password, you need to fill a form, send it to somebody and wait for a response which never comes. Frankie Zackey… David I see you shut Hilton up quick and easy. Well done??? And he wants play on your playing field? Frankie Zackey… Chris Norman the industry is almost at breaking point,, owners are at breaking point,, horses lives are in the balance and thousands of people will soon be unemployed,, if we restart racing headed in the wrong direction,, there is no room for mistakes,, this is racing last gasp,, I take this very very seriously so I must put my opinion forward,, why does it bother you so much?

David i need names not a job description.. On the topic of formgrids after being blocked by the operators for financial assistance or help why have you not sold this product to other racing countrys like the other poster who has sold his betting product to oz? In fact even better why not use it for yourself only and repeat all your huge wins of the 90s?

Dont know of any successful punters or businessmen who share trade secrets like you have for no cost. Pieta grow a pair and put your full real name to your post, I can see you dont understand, because I asked you a question which you avoided, the bigger picture is about how the game ended up broken, the Formgrids story shows how the biggest mistake in racing was letting people who dont understand have too much to say, just like you!

Well sidestepped david so follow your own latest advice and put the past behind and look forward.. We do it without expecting anything back……we would normally not even talk about it…. Cheers brother…and the chommie. Hi Ed , please alert us when DavidS is to appear on J.

Might leave space for others to comment on this platform…. Frankie Zackey… Clinton.. Joe is spot on… Does the name yellow jelly fish ring a bell. Frankie Zackey… Mr Ed we sliding uphill at this stage,,no need to call upond the doctor? Mr Frankie, but The Shark and pilot fish comes to mind as well..

Good Night Sir, remember to take all your meds. Frankie Zackey… Clinton…the entertainment industry takes up serious time,, one should really consider a tiny fee…Shot boy. Kevin G. Happy Birthday, Bonji! Graham Hurlstone-Jones.

The dam breaks, finally It was always another cookie jar for the elites, prove me wrong because Cecil Pienaar. Sterkte MJ, kom terug wanneer jy reg is. Die Beeste en Skaap boer stories kan nog rukkie wag Barbara Sanne.

This Kommet looks like a superstar! He is very close to my heart as I bred his dam at Oldlands and n All bets taken before last Saturday have been voided, except the ante-post bets which stand View All Comments. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Please enable Javascript to get the best experience visiting our site!

Menu Toggle navigation. Profiles Sprint Digital Latest Results. Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges. More on: Hong Kong Jockey Club. Have Your Say. Editor says:. Cecil Pienaar says:. DavidS says:. Hilton witz says:. Gurjit says:. Hong Kong emphasise integrity in horse racing, with all players closely scrutinised by stewards. Horses must pass a drug test to compete in a race. Horses that compete with any prohibited substances face disqualification and stringent bans on trainers and connections.

In the last 10 years, a rate of six per 10, or 0. A system where only Jockey Club vets are allowed to treat horses, and where injuries, illnesses, and treatments are put on the public record also exists for furthering integrity. Race meetings are supervised by a panel of racing stewards who closely monitor the running of each race and any possible breach of the racing rules by jockeys.

A video system provides instant replays of every part of the race from nine different angles, in a video-playback room where jockeys are interviewed during inquiries. Steward reports are detailed, with all runners scrutinised — none more so than a hot favourite failing to perform. Sha Tin also has a state-of-the-art racing laboratory used for testing biological samples for prohibited substances — a vital component to ensure racing integrity. Hong Kong is referred to as one of the strictest horse racing jurisdictions in the world.

Hong Kong was seen to have minimal integrity during the early s and s. A series of appointments and measures to tackle integrity issues over the years had led to a vast shift in that opinion. It is now considered a leader. The gleam of integrity is bright from Hong Kong, but few would consider any racing jurisdiction completely devoid of corruption. Wherever betting and huge flows of money exist, corruption will follow.

Illegal bookmaking is one problem, where bets are made outside of careful scrutiny. Other scandals have included bribery and doping. Hong Kong racing is predominantly handicap races, and are rated by a class system. Stakes races are also handicaps, including all Group 3s and two of the four Group 2s, while the rest are set weights and penalties based. Class racing is based on a numbered scale, which associates every horse with a rating on a sliding scale.

Ratings improve or deteriorate after each run. Savvy trainers aim to beat the handicap by racing against similar class horses without a big impost, and generally ensuring their horses are racing in the right grade. Not all horses suit a progression upwards. More important than winning a single prestigious race is amounting winners at as many meetings as possible. Class races are numbered — with Class 1 and Premier class races the highest quality, while Class 5 races feature the lowest rated horses.

Class 3 events fall into the middle. A Griffin is defined as a horse that is imported to Hong Kong unraced. While this happens more rarely, the Jockey Club itself also purchases unraced horses for auction. The best horses progress through Classes to make Pattern races — internationally recognised races at Group level. A horse rated 95 or higher can compete in Hong Kong Pattern races, with the best horses competing in Group 1, 2 and 3 races.

HKG1s are open to locally-trained horses. International Group 1s are open to all horses. Each race is prestigious and top-rated horses the world over compete in each race. Hong Kong likes to lay claim — especially in recent times, following the commencement of sponsorship to boost prizemoney from Cathay Pacific in , now with Longines.

All money, including odds and prizemoney, is in Hong Kong dollars. Hong Kong itself is not known as being a cheap destination in itself. The Hong Kong dollar is exposed to fluctuations with other currencies, including the Australian dollar. Why does this matter? This does lead to big fluctuations in dividends. While individual results may favour the smaller NSW pool at times, most punters prefer a larger pool to potentially take advantage of.

This involves picking two places out of the top three, in any order. These pools can hold upwards of 10x for a standard race of what an Australian pool might carry for a standard race. Illegal bookmakers operating in and out of Hong Kong can bet large amounts at once into HKJC pools, and may vastly reduce the odds of runners moments before the jump.

This carries across to Victorian dividends. The big advantage of commingling is stability. Most corporate bookmakers operating in Australia have Hong Kong markets available. Corporates will allow punters greater flexibility in market choices — such as SP betting and mid-tote offerings, however, punters may be frustrated with the hard limits that are placed on bet sizes, or accounts being limited or closed for successful punters. Exotics appear to take the lead from the totes. One more point of interest is maximum payouts.

This halves your payout, although that sort of high dividend is less common. Anyone over the age of 18 can apply to bet online with the HKJC. The rebate is key innovation which only a racing jurisdiction that owns and controls its tote can realistically implement. The same two approaches that you can take to punting apply in Hong Kong as well: arming yourself with all the information and crunching the form, or looking towards tipsters.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club provide anything from veterinary updates and trackwork updates to full-video replays and analysis. The free form is extensive, and not easy beginners. The jockey club also retains all the old formguides, which can be an interesting way to practice your form analysis by running through an old card, and examining the actual results to learn your craft. To find old form-guides you just have to follow the syntax, and modify the date and track identifiers.

Speed Maps are also helpfully provided by the Jockey Club, with commentary. Some is self explanatory around track, distance, comments on the run and the like. But some is more cryptic. Use it to read the form guide for an upcoming or previous race meeting. And use plenty of zoom for the tiny writing! Importantly the pair also interview trainers and jockeys to seek more information first-hand.

Her partner is David Price, who runs Price Bloodstock, has amassed more than wins in Hong Kong from his horses and is influential. The SCMP as it is known does have a pay-wall which limits you to a certain number of articles in a month, which can be worked around via various methods such as different browsers, browsing incognito or in private, or by simply paying! There is also a further dedicated paid service that offers full tips and previews.


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Happy Valley is the older, quirkier track in Hong Kong, and is right in the middle of towering Hong Kong proper.

Drag2death csgo betting And hkjc football betting limited too plenty of zoom for the tiny writing! Press for more selections, then press Amount to input amount. Wherever betting and huge flows of money exist, corruption will follow. The platform, which will run for three years, is intended to serve as a useful resource hub even after the pandemic subsides. The jurisdiction has some odd features — while measurements are generally metric, including race distances, some imperial measures hang-on. Expect a party.
Off track betting parlors Hkjc football betting limited too Sporting Post will not publish comments submitted anonymously or under pseudonyms. While this happens more rarely, the Jockey Club itself also purchases unraced horses for auction. The Hong Kong Jockey Club also controls betting, both on-track, online and off-track. The first is on Sunday, September 6, with the last meeting Sunday July Hong Kong at night via Wikipedia Commons. Speedyvar says:.
Hkjc football betting limited too Casino valle verde sportsbook betting
Hkjc football betting limited too I used to use it until gallop hkjc football betting limited too online so move on now drop the chips on either shoulder. Purton, Moreira and Whyte dominate the season, and will together take close to half of the possible wins. The same two approaches that you can take to punting apply in Hong Kong as well: arming yourself with all the information and crunching the form, or looking towards tipsters. Hong Kong horses: bought, not bred — and owned by a minority of rich connections. You cant compare hk racing to any other country as it is the only game in town …no bookies no casinos please compare apples to apples.
Hkjc football betting limited too Press Off to turn the disclaimer off. Select correct no. The best horses progress hkjc football betting limited too Classes to make Pattern races — internationally recognised races at Group level. For the operation of MangoSports, please call Mango Limited customer service hotline Tel: or visit www. Re-enter the valid numbers of selection.

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Be sure to cheer for your favourites at the July 15 Season Finale. The awards will be presented on the famous turf shortly after the last race. The winning representatives in the Champion Awards will all be there, too, to share their happiness and celebrate with the fans on finale day. All the jockeys will join the traditional end-of-season parade to say thanks and shower souvenirs on racing fans.

Limited seats on a first-come, first-served basis Available to Happy Valley Racecourse racegoers aged 18 or above. Bus service and time table may vary based on traffic conditions and the Club will not provide any further notice for any changes. Bus return schedules will be shown in Senior Zone on event date. Racing Specialist is ready to share his racing analysis with the fans inside the Senior Zone at Farrier on 2. Known as Halston in Brazil, Butterfield arrived on a mark of 86 as a two-time G1 winner.

Between times, he rolled to victory in the G1 Jockey Club de Sao Paulo m , but was subsequently disqualified. His one other from that part of world, Super Way, also from Argentina, was winless across four starts before being retired. Of the 61 arrivals from South America since , Tony Millard can lay claim to having the most, 16 in fact, including two stand-out performers, one being the highest earner, Sirocco.

That he was. Sunday though, will see Butterfield get his opportunity to prove his merit and fly the flag for the South American imports. Font size T T T. Danny Shum has three South American imports in training. Butterfield is aiming to make history in the Hong Kong Derby.

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This led to having a deeper understanding of gaming propensity the behaviour traits attached to wagering , what makes horse racing attractive to punters, and what are the different customer segments. The HKJC has invested heavily in racecourse facilities and technology to satisfy its customer base.

The Hong Kong racing industry is unique on the world stage, something that Engelbrecht-Bresges understands. Other jurisdictions have structural difficulties that are not present with the HKJC. Producing 8, hours of television annually allows the club to know more about their customer preferences.

It can tailor content depending on what preferences its customer base has for viewing, whether television, internet channels, tablets or smart phones. The HKJC controls the racing product end-to-end; the quality of trainer, jockey, facilities and depth of information provided is all determined by the club. The HKJC has long been a leader in creating in-depth information streams for its customer base. This includes every aspect of a horse in training - from having a swim, to cantering, to a serious gallop, to how the horse scopes under veterinary examination - being made available freely to the public.

The HKJC has invested heavily in understanding younger demographics and creating offerings that will suit. The HKJC has introduced the Longitude engine to the pari-mutuel, which allows for greater liquidity in markets and to also consistently display the odds of exotic bet types, such as the Tierce and First Four offerings.

This increases customer attraction to those products as the punters will have a clear idea of what the likely payout will be. Further opportunities are emerging with mainland China, with the club developing Conghua - a training centre in Guangdong. With plans to open in , Conghua will provide for an additional horses to be trained, assisting with the backlog of ownership requests, and also give a marginal increase into race meetings staged.

Engelbrecht-Bresges understands that this could not necessarily work in other racing jurisdictions where breeding industries will have an impact on racing opportunities. However, he is conscious that jurisdictions with too much racing are only a small step away from virtual racing. Simulcasts of racing from international jurisdictions will be managed closely, with coverage needing to replicate what the local production of Hong Kong racing provides.

Horse racing is an entertainment gaming industry and Engelbrecht-Bresges is keen for the HKJC to mentor other jurisdictions on best practices in this area. Includes sound etlects from ail over the place, including Animals. House, Crash, Explosions elc, etc. Program any type of software with more power than ever betore.

Complete with full manual. Every Cancon image on this CD is original. All tracks are categorised mio various directories, like: Film. Composer, ArUsl. Vital Lighl t2. Gaurdian Ifi. ChaoS Engine Al1red Chicken 19 Chuck Rook John Barnes Fofllball 2J. Total Carnage Diggers Fears Super League Manager Bubble A Squeak H. Tail Blazer. Donkey KovJjj, Te nrS and ions more great games.

Complete with full manual Includes full printed manuals. InterBase and InlarTalk. Data can be resenied graphically using pie and bar graphs etc. Blackjack, and Roulette. Chess, Backgammon. Mastermind, Pub Qui? Trackball or pointing lo the Amiga. Enhance Workbench even more. It includes over categorlfls including: ani- mals, people, vehicles, trans porl.

Contains scenes of nudity and sex. Cx F Adult s Adult music and samples ardi mgre. Adult Fatrl Tales. C16 and iloads more. COim CH. Onftr CDJfl? Animations ale Also Includes the lull version of Directory Opus 5. Sound Applications etc,. Games ale Abo Includes the full version ol Something. All tn-e bast i Hes are here.

Includes Over disks Iroffl 1he unique epic software packs collection. Suitable lor any model of Amiga. WB3 recommence Omer. Simply plugs into your Parallel pod. The SpeedKmg is. Order CDi? Hundreds ol colour images, masses of AVI's. It covers. Letters, Colours, Shapes. Sounds and more. Draw your own pictures and colour them or sim- ply colour in the pictures supplied.

Software and lull Manuals. Ortiw nV: tftfrsto? I 80 CO! Images, over textures. Objects, Samaples, Modules. Only room for a fraction of planned games, who says the Amiga is dead? StailiyliKi 0' World Exclusive 0. We've played it f and we've sold to it. Everyone wanted Doom, and as a result rushed to upgrade their PCs sufficiently to do this great new game justice.

Jumping on the handwag- on, games companies released hundreds of other games to cash in on both the craze and the higher specifications of the average gamers' hardware. It was around this point that the Amiga started to lose the plot as a games machine. Doom, was never converted to the Amiga. Quake looked at first rather like Doom, A first person perspective shooter, set in a weird medieval.

Quake is 3D. You probably thought Doom and all its offspring were 3D. You might be walking across chamber and suddenly rockets land around you launched by an ml on a walkway far above you. The CPU in Amigns is rather out of date compared to those used in other computers, and the graphics capability is seriously limited too, so how can Amiga Quake compete? Through serious optimisation. Amiga Quake is probably the quickest version of Quake there is.

The AGA chipset is monstrously slow compared to modern graphics, cards, but when you stick to by pixels, AGA is perfectly sufficient. If your CPU is still not up to the task then you can shrink the screen size, use double pixels or skip lines to get a speed up. With a graphics card, things get better, with lovely IS bit colour Quake playing at reasonable speeds.

Although Amiga Quake does support very high resolutions, they are too slow to get a lot of pleasure out at the moment. Impressive stuff! Next up is the PPC version of Quake. Currently only in the early stages of devel- opment, it is difficult to predict how fast it will be. This is unlikely to be a good guide to speed as AmigaQuake is a considerably more optimised piece of work, and if the PPC version follows suit it will thoroughly outshine Mac Quake, look down and see a vital key on an island in ihe river below.

Another place you see the change to a true 3D world is in the enemies that face you, No longer the cardboard cut - out shooting targets of Doom. Quake intro- duced 3D foes of texture mapped polygons. The position of everything is well measured in the 3D environment, giving the game a fascinating sense of immersion. You can duck behind obstacles, sneak up behind ene-. From the moment the first demos appeared, the gaming world fell in love with Quake. Whilst all this was going on and no doubt in part because of iti the Amiga games scene appeared to he on its lasl legs.

Apart from a few final flings from the big software houses all that the future appeared to hold was badly produced cottage industry puzzle games. It was during these dark days that Some big scary monsters Zombie Being dead can really get on your nerves after a white. This lot take It out on the living by flicking their rotting flesh in your face. This is what happens when you can't stop picking your nose, Scrag Your everyday maggot goes through a wriggly worm stage, eating its way through festering corpses before learn- ing to fly r but these ones have mastered the art rather earlier than normal, Knight They've got giant broadswords and plenty of amour, but that's not much pro- tection against s decent firearm.

What they lack in battlefield technology they make up for in persistence. Ogre These dangerously dumb creatures could probably crush you underfoot, but just to make sure, they keep themselves armed with a blood-soaked chains aw, so keep your distance. Grunt Some better armed and attired than oth- ers , this trigger-happy bunch are a bit handy with their plasma guns, but leave them alone long enough and they'll probably end up killing each other.

This version is a major improvement on the original, with 16 bit colour, light- ing effect and 3D acceleration. With one of these cards. Quake looks far better and goes far faster, There is no hardware to compare yet, but ClickBOOM have given us 16 bit support anyway, and it looks amazing.

You'll need a graphics card to get it, but it barely slows the game down if you do. Of course with the 3D Permedia 2 based graphics cards for PPC coming from phase 5 r this is all likely to change. ClickBOOM are definitely interested in supporting it, and with hardware like that it won't be the Amiga Quake player playing catch up!

With the big- ger g jus, you Stan seeing this sort of ihiig more and more ollen. This is known as gihfainj" oppineitt, the source code for Quake was leaked via a hacker's BBS, The Amiga being a computer with such an enthusiastic user base and numbering such a high proportion of coders amongst them, it was inevitable that several people would try their hand at porting Quake to the Amiga.

The project might at first have seemed pointless, after all hadn't the Amiga been deemed to slow to run a conversion of Doom? There was a difference. Commercial wisdom in the Amiga market still largely fol- lowed the aid pre Doom paradigm of writing your program to run well on the most basic Amiga reasonable. A few noble attempts to go beyond this such as Alien Breed 3D II from Team 17 were not successes financially, and the games that companies wanted to write would run well on such a small minori- ty of computers that it would not be worth the cost of development, To a few enthusias- tic hackers, the commercial viability of the project was not an issue.

It did not matter to them that there were only a small number of Amiga users who could run their conversion at any remotely acceptable speed, they did it anyway. When id Software learned about these ports, they were not happy. Threats were made, and distribution of the illegal ver- sions largely came to a stop, Luckily for us, appearances were not quite as they seemed.

Canadian software company ClickBOOM, previously known for their rather tasty 2D beat "em up Capital Punishment, saw the promise of this port, and started asking questions. Finally, at the end of last year, they announced that they had secured those rights. The really good news was that development of that early port of Quake had conlinued. With atmospheric dungeon surrouin iigs like this pu sonn will be If the old Doom shoot-the-bad-guys-pick- up-the-keys gameplay is not satisfying enough for you.

Quake is a one player game of lasting involvement and a gloriously brooding atmosphere, but it is more. Quake is a programmable game engine which allows configurability far, far beyond anything any other same offers, and if you have any doubts about that, just check out the panel on total conversions. The opinion has often been voiced that the Amiga is not up to the technical demands oi Quake.

After all this is a game that is generally considered hard work for a high end PC, so how can it be even remotely playable on an Amiga? The answer is through a lot of work. The original code has not simply been converted s freight over from the PC to the Amiga, a lot of the routines used to generate the graphics have been painstakingly converted into machine code, and optimised for the Amiga. The simplest aspect of this is the 'con- sole' which is a CLI-like interface to the game engine which can be pulled down at any time during the game.

Here commands can be issued, variables can be set, and sequences of commands can be programmed and bound to a single key press. The console is the interface to what's possible with Quake's engine. Not only is it possible to bring in new levels to the game but new textures, new 3D models and almost any behav- iour we may design for the new graphics via 'Quake C.

Quake C is a portable code that Quake compiles and allows program- ming the game engine in a deep level. The simplest examples add new weapons and special effects to the game, but fully autonomous computer controled death match players, known as 'bets' are also possible. Because of this unparalleled control over the game engine.

Quake has been spectacularly popular for third party add-ons tD the game. These range from simple new levels, weapons patches to so-called 'total conversions' which modify the game to such an extent that Quake becomes a new game. Yes, this is possible and even fully commercial Quake add-ons are available such as the brilliant Malice and X-Men: the Apocalypse.

The great news for Amiga Quake is that it retains thE inherent pro- grammability of Quake on any other platform. Since Quake C is totally portable, these add-ons will work for Quake on the Amiga, This fact alone has brought more fresh gaming potential to the Amiga than it's seen for a very long time.

Of course, the installers for commercial 'total conversions' ere PC specific so Amiga software publishers will need to license the products and repackage them with Amiga friendly installers. This doesn't apply to the wealth of free add-ons however. All you needs is an Amiga In the superb PainKeep Deathmatch add-on, archiver to i we see the AirFist foiling these chaps launch- extract PC ing Rockets at me style 'zip' archives and you're away, or you can just get them off future CU Amiga cover CDs already extracted, Cool autonomous entities like this auto-sentry are possible in Quake C My favourite weapon, the Chain Lightning Gun.

Fry you buggers fry! If this isn't the fastest, it is certainly damn fast.. You're not going to want to go for larger screens unless you have a seriously powerful Amiga, but the game plays r and plays well, Even without a graphics card, a fast Amiga can play full screen Quake at speeds so reasonable that you never find yourself missing the action, never get caught out by Opponents in a multi player game using faster machines, and only on the few most complex scenes notice the display jerking.

Quake is the biggest game to hit the Amiga in ages. It is the first title for a while that has made the rest of the gaming world look at ttie Amiga and take it seriously, with news of the Amiga version from Click BOOM doing the circuit of gaming websites on the Met as well as many print magazines, Quake is a major undertaking for ClickBOOM, both as a software development and financially, and is going to be pivotal to the future of Amiga games.

The world is watching, and the success or otherwise of Quake is going to be a major determining factor in whether the Amiga games revival comes off or not. ClickBOOM are well aware that I he average gamer is going to have to upgrade if they want to get the best out of Quake hut then, wasn't that always the case? That's not a gun, THIS is a ui! However the networking was enhanced in a free new version of Quake specifically for Internet play known as QuakeWorld. This multiplayer-only version of Quake opti- mised the network gaming techniques for.

Imagine connecting to a server and your GuakeWorld downloads the levels, mod- e-Is and game patches as -required so the weapons change, the players look individually different and the whole game looks and sounds different, GuakeWorld made that a reality and the good news is that ClickBOOM are intent on converting that too.

Who else Joes this? For Bulk Buyers we ofTer some very special deals with Fonts from 7p each We have been in business since and pioneered the Pie n Mix concept. II Over people have joined Special Reserve, rht biggest games club in the World. Hii mn. ChcrmslDrd, Ckhi. Slaliurl Hood. Ni:i l. Uii around -mi nwn itii-i n. UfmitivWr, Etui. Pcwi Boardi nftnjtjrfflf rncwln" Owl firx nun Vi li'ii:! K Midi oSMC. K fS K; tulV-nn. D - OMi itardjitJ. I -sinMtitti rrar. P hiitarf-. Hks win? Cnnneftirty' jbI EifumhiKliiy all Macs hj'.

LI, ftsoenL. We supply Central. Not exactly. We take a look at a bizarre cross between Command and Conquer, Red Alert and Ablaze Entertainment. Charm Design and others. Mobile Warfare would appear to belong amongst their number but a few moments play shows you that appearances can be deceiving.

This 'top-down, real-time, scrolling wargame' is top-down and a wargame, but scrolling and real-time it ain't Mobile Warfare allows you to play out a campaign or play custom conflicts. In the campaign setting, you play a sequence of battles which start out as a small "police action" by your UN squadron in Romania and end up playing out a bizarre James Bond style mad dictator story line, Custom con- flicts pit you against the computer in a train- ing session where you set the parameters, Singles screen action The battles take place on a single screen.

You are given a small complement of troops and some money. In some screens you've a barracks where you can buy extra forces. Money can also be spent purchasing air strikes or. Tanks, flues, missile liiicltm Each unit has a certain number of moves which can be expended during your turn phase.

Moving onto a square occupied by an enemy initiates an attack, in which the Opposing units exchange blows. To add a certain degree of complexity and technique to the proceedings, each unit is better at coping with some types of opponent than others, so that a missile weapon is more effective against a tank than a trooper. During your turn phase you can also spend as much of your cash reserves as you like On air strikes.

Mot just limited to bomb- ing, you can also at times deploy paratroop- ers, drop medical supplies or fire a cruise missile which destroys anything it hits, There are four types of special unit, The spy mentioned earlier is joined by a saboteur who can disable enemy vehicles, a nurse who can heal wounded soldiers and a mechanic who can repair damage to vehi- cles, Unfortunately, beyond this there isn't much difference in units beyond their rela- tive speed and attack and defence strengths Although at later levels you do get aircraft, they behave like ground troops even as far i having to fly around obstacles such as trees.

Mission impossible Mobile Warfare grows on you after the first couple of games. There is definitely the basis of an interesting puzzle game in here. To tl aim, it succeeds. Q le omputer games are funny things. They seem to serve two related yet Opposite purposes. They can offer experiences we'd newer come near in reai life - taking aim at a hostile MIG.

Of blasting off into outer space. Or they Can offer experiences we could just as easily have if we walked around the block, Pinball sims fall solidly into the latter case. Sure, it keeps you in the house more, but Ihere are all sorts of good arguments for thir.

You can play all you want for no additional charge, there's nobody to be embarrassed by and you can really tilt the machine without getting in trou- ne Amiga has a fine tradition with pin- W, and this latest Eastern European entry looks to add new tricks to the equation, There are really two things that need to be evaluated when you're talking about pin- ball games: the quality of the pinball engine itself idoes the game play reasonably like you might expect pinball to in the real and the design of the tables is this the sort of game you might shell out for and playing?

Pre-configurable The game engine itsell brings a couple of newer notions to the fore. You can configure the ball action in a pre-garne menu. On some of the settings, the bail is far livelier than you might expect. It's not as clear as tfiegacifc suggests though, as to how this handicaps or assists you. More interesting is the "super high-res" mode. The size of the ] 4 Is PBD i game you'd shell hit far aid enjoy glaring 7 now customary message board at the top of the screen remains unchanged.

This super- high res mode can be toggled on the fly and does have its drawbacks - it's flickery and since the proportions are preserved it takes up a fairly narrow strip of the screen so you may feel cramped, particularly if you switch in the middle of a game. It's a different way to play, that's for sure. I recommend you give it a real chance.

Your initial reaction will probably be negative, especially if you've played a lot of computer pinball and are used to the "old way" of doing things. But you may discover the detail, despite flicker, is sharper and enhances your gamepfay. The flippers have a good kick to them. On the other hand, the bumpers aren't as'wild as many real-world pinball machines can get. The bumpers don't play a huge role, so it's a minor point. The pinball engine isn't as rudimentary as the one from, say, Pinball Dreams.

But I found that in what claims to be the most real-world ball action mode, the ball did not behave as it should. On one of the tables there's a corkscrew ramp, and the ball can get stuck on it. Give it a tilt forward shove and it rockets up the ramp in a way totally unlike a real ball would. You might feel this is more of a design than an engine concern but it's a problem all the same.

What can I say about the design? First let me point out that there are only two tables in Pinball Brain Damage - at least two too few for the price, if previous pinball titles are to be our guide. The first, Hypervolution, is another piece of evidence in a long-standing suspicion of mine; pinball games, real or simulated, based around cars are never any fun.

This one is plain, it's very difficult to do something interesting and half the time when you do you're unrewarded , and the music is awful. The other. Magnetic Whirlpool, is substantially more interesting, better accompanied by music and FX, but is over-designed.

That table is fun, whimsical, and has just enough things to do to build progressive rewards that you don't get bored. Magnetic Whirlpool has so many layers and ramps and loops that it's nearly impossible to keep track of what you're supposed to be doing. Just because the digital media means we don't have to actually build the things doesn't mean the game is more fun if you throw tons of ramps into it.

On top of all this, there are only the two bottom flippers - no extra action higher up on the table. This is weak, no two ways about it. I'll probably play Magnetic Whirlpool again from time to time despite its short- comings. Hypervolution will be ignored. I can't endorse Pinball Brain Damage, despite its "super high-res" innovation, when there are other, superior classics out there.

LS1 2 2AE M. I' Tt "? Ferecnal Paint V6. Ful 3 rsar mrirf k Only E 2. Call lor pricing now 10 part exchange your old riems, and gal raal value for your unwanted monitors, printers. Totally retvirtkrsriecl units, with a three montii minimum warranty.

S I i Chreettfy Opus 5. Faji -rjerwlc! Skidmarks just won't go sway no matter what you do. Unlike that slop on your shoe. Skidmarks was actually very good once. It I be stretching the truth to say it's still he classic game it was when it first arrived those years ago. This one is on CD and seems to be Ippealing to the Skidmarks completist.

OK, so you do get a healthy 24 tracks to choose from, which isn't to be sniffed at. Even so, I find it hard to get enthusiastic about yet another release of the game, and that's coming from a self confessed Super Sprint addict with a life-long passion for top- down racing games. This presents a bit of a problem when it comes to scoring it. It's certainly the most complete and accessible version of the game, running direct from the CD with no problems at all.

It hasn't actually degraded or gone sour since we last played it, but time moves on and standards change. Although ii has the hallmarks of a classic game, like multi-player split screen modes, speed, humour, flexibility and so on, the core game- play is now starting to look quite dated. You could compare it to Micro Machines, which recently fared well with its PlayStation conversion, and it would stand up quite well against it if you'd never played Skidmarks.

However, having seen and played it in a Take your alternative motoring holi- day, towed by a go-kart I've really had my fill. On the other hand, if by some freak of fate you've still to sample its slippery delights, maybe it's time you did, Now can we call an end to this, unless we're going to get a proper, whole, new Skidmarks 2? Borders Vol 2 , ,. Mobile Warfare Only just been released has this lit tie baby, and we have already managed to get hold of some Level Codes for you to get your teeth into..

Grey - Tundra. Help is now close at hand and you can get loads of wonga! All you need to 00 is: Go to the fax machine, look at the transfer list and sell the player at the bottom of the iist using Fast Sell. On-screen appears a highlighted space with no name. Go to Fast Sell and sell as many times as you like.

Your money will now go higher every lime. A cheat that'll give you extra ammunition at the start of all the levels: The first eight letters of the code deal with your health, your weapons and the level. The next eight deal with the ammo. Change the password, leaving the first eight letters, but altering the rest to 'M'. This will give you heaps more gear to use Have fun now! I've got the little Le Chuck iookalike doll and 3 of the ingredients, all except for some- thing of the head.

Please tell me this and anything else to complete rJie voodoo doll, Can you also tell me how to open those drawers in the room with the broken grog machine? Now you have 3 items, but as a service to other pirates sailing the seas around Monkey Island Til give a quick guide on how to pickup all of them, In the first aid room pick up the skull. Next, in the room filled with boxes, you open them and take the voodoo doll.

There might be more stuff of interest in these rooms, but I'll only mention the things needed to make the doll here. When you bump into Le Chuck give him a hankie and you should have enough fluid to make plenty of dolls. Now head for the room with the broken grog machine and the drawers that don't have to be opened.

Use the helium tank with the 2 surgical gloves and balloon. Use the coin return and a coin will drop out. When Le Chuck enters he'll bend down to pick it up. When he does, take his under- wear. And now Go to the eleva- tor and enter it. The 3 balloons you now have will make you light enough to go up, Wait for Le Chuck to enter before you use the lever to go up.

Le Chuck's beard should get stuck, white you should no longer be. Congratulations on finishing the game by the way. You still have a thing or two to do, but I have faith in you since you've made it this far. I've selected the thief-character, and now I want to access the Thieves Guiid. I think it's in the cellar of the bar but I can't open the trapdoor because of this ugly guy guarding it. He keeps ask- ing for the password, but I don't have it. Where do I find it?

James Major, Edinburgh To get the password simply step outside the bar. Talk to the two thieves that should be hanging out in the alley, and show them the thief sign when they ask for it. I hope you know what that is? If not my advice would be not talk- ing to them, unless you want to wake up the next morning with your face in the mud that is.

I won't tell you how to find it by the way. It's not too difficult, and to spoil the game for you would be a bad thing. What I would advise you to do, is to add 5 points to Magic and Parry, and 10 points to Strength and Weapons right at the beginning where you decide to be a thief.

Final Odyssey In level one of Final Odyssey I can't find enough money to buy the thing I need to release any of the girls. Also I haven't found the sword the trapped guy told me to bring him. Where is it? Maggy Jones, Hartlepool Congratulations on purchasing the game first of all. The folks at Vulcan are starting to release some really good stuff now.

Well, back to business. A generally good piece of advice for this game is that you should explore every room careful' ly. Try every tele porter and every door, then turn a switch and try them all again. Now to your problems. On the screen where you can buy the orbs there is a tele porter, it moves you to the room that seems unac cess- able on the same screen. Now you have another path to explore. Read all the scrolls you come over and you should get some hints telling you the combination in which to turn the switches on the "where you buy orbs- screen".

When you've turned the switches go to the screen on the right. Here you go up and over to the right again. There should be a door closed by a force field there. Figure out a way to remove it, and you should make it to the treasure room. The sword you're looking for is in the graveyard. Where's the grave- yard? It has a scroll on the wall saying so, but you'll have to free one of the girls first to find it. Good luck in your quest!

I've found the transporter beam in the middle of the courtyard, but can't get it to work. Please help! Tony Jennings, Brighton The exit is in the cellar and not the white circle in the courtyard. To get out. Go to the wine cellar and operate the cup on a barrel.

Bring the wine to the east door where you give it to the Father Superior. Examine the drunk monk to find something you can use on the furniture. This should give you another interesting object to use on a different barrel when you get back to the wine cellar. Here's a look at the latest incarnation. Beyond knowing that they're simply good for busi- ness in some nebulous number crunching way, many users are content to avoid them - which is a shame, because a good spread- sheet is tremendously flexible not just for tabulating profits and losses, but for any- thing that might involve numbers and text.

You can use one as a glorified calculator, or implement intricate systems. On the Amiga, we get two choices - TurboCalc, now in its fifth revision, and the less frequently updated but more upscale Final Calc from Softwood. This incarnation of TurboCalc ships like all of them have since V2. The manual was the first indication that all might not be roses in this update - a number of pages still refer to "TurboCalc 4". I found at least one broken link, and the help system itself did not launch properly from within the program.

Turbocalc Superstar Version 4, reviewed last year and awarded the CU Amiga Superstar, involved a major facelift of the program, greatly enhanced GUI control including pop-up menus, and expand- ed the program's charting capabilities. Several sub-menus and functions have been streamlined, using a more intuitive interface than before.

Import and Export of file formats is now done with a window list- ing your choices rather than cluttering up the toolbar menu with JurboCalc's supported standards. Interaction with charts has simi- larly been cleaned up considerably. Of partic- ular note to those who might use a spreadsheet as part of their day job, TC's Excel handling has been updated to handle the new formats.

My experience indicates that you should still steer clear of Excel "workbooks", however. Now that more and more of us are online, it's only reasonable that a larger segment of the market is interested in getting their facts and figures on the net in a convenient form. TurboCalc 5 will take a sheet or region and pack it nicely into an i ff '"i r II! The conversion is effec- tive hut a bit on the rough side - you get a big HTML table, which means that if you have labels that might not look best in a plain cell, you'll need to go into the resulting HTML code with your favourite editor and make changes.

However, it's a very good hlart. And as the numerous TurboCalc 2-era example files indicate, the program doesn't tend to make major changes which invalidate your old data files. Not just a pretty face To the developer's credit, each version of TurboCalc has come not just with features to pretty up the interface but core improve- ments as well - new cell functions and for- mulas to give you more and better data processing power, more ARexx commands to integrate it with other applications or auto- matic processes.

Bui while TurboCalc gets marginally bet- ter in the complexity department with this release, and the addition of HTML export will doubtless save many a headache, TurboCalc has not made any major leaps in functionali- ty for years. I was hoping for some funda- mental functionality that TurboCalc lacks but you can find in Final Calc and counterparts A TnrcnCalc may he the most tolorlul spreadsheet on record.

But it is not capable of answering a ques- tion like "What is the best combination of inputs and quantity of manufacture, taking storage costs into account, to maximise my profits? TurboCalc is Still the solid performer it was a year ago. This release is a bit rough around the edges though, and I think I we expect a little more from what's labelled as a major upgrade. The program's well priced, bst flMs is V5 mi it's time It E.

Finale Development reckon they have a solution. At least that's the short version of the evolution of technology. What you miss with such a sim- ple definition is the reality that computers usu- ally make one thing simpler, then three things more complicated, until someone else goes and makes one of those three new things sim- pler except now he's made five things more difficult and so on. Take websites. Websites can be a wonder fully efficient way to share interesting informa- tion with loads of people simultaneously.

Companies can reach customers cheaply, showing off their latest products. Programs and source code can be made available for download and explication 24 hours per day. You don't have to leave the house to go see someone's independent art exhibit.

And so on. Updating The thing is that these websites are a col lee tion of tons of files sitting on a server some- where, and if you're a good webmaster you keep these files up to date - adding new rele- vant links, deleting old outdated links, putting up a graphic of the band you just discovered you like, getting rid of that stupid GIF anima- tion because peopte complained it's slow to download and ugly to look at.

Most websites are located on a remote machine - your ISR for example. Similarly, most people opt to use local tools for creating websites. More likely than not. FTP clients abound. Anything it sees that is new or different, it updates.

Meat idea, isn't it? WebFTP is a compact little ditty of a utility. Its scope is limited, and it doesn't offer many ways to skin the organisational cat. Using the external configuration program, you set up the basic information about your ISP and website - your username and password, the remote directory where your ISP stores your website, and the local directory you'll be using to make changes to the site. You can define a number of these many times people separate their websites into directories on the various themes they cover - although WebFTP will work with subdirecto- ries from your primary selection.

Within the WebFTP window, which will open on the Workbench, you access a pop-up menu of your choice sites. Pick one. You can instruct WebFTP to ignore certain files and extensions usually configuration files that you don't want a pro- gram tampering with , Using the mouse, you can opt to leave certain files alone.

Then, hit the "compare" button, the program zips through and will shoot any file that looks new over to yDur ISP To keep track of the action, you can enable a "debug" window, which real- ly just shows you the text being passed between the FTP server and the client the plain English sort ot stuff you'd encounter if you did this by hand.

Multiple pages WebFTP is a very straightforward approach to what is a serious organisational problem. I have managed some fairly meager websites and still got daunted by making changes while ensuring that all of the new documents made ii up to the ISP - especially when you make changes to more than one page, it's very easy to lose track of what needs to be sent back to trie ISR WebFTP has some rudimentary ability to help you manage the directories on your provider but it's better to call up a full FTP Client if you need serious help.

WebFTP doesn't offer a whole ton of user flexibility. The external configuration program is also clumsy to use and uses unfamiliar termi- nology there is no "OK" or "Save" option as we're accustomed to, you get four options of which the most analogous is "Modify". Seeing the interface options brushed up and the configuration integrated and polished would be welcome. The documentation is also extremely minimal, and while the program is not overly complex some of the procedures need better explanation, as do Some of the syntactical choices.

WebFTP has the look and feel of "commer- cialised shareware" because that is in effect exactly what it is. Finale Development is sell- ing WebFTP as another entry in their Internet software line - of course, we're all really just waiting for the much promised Finale Web Cruiser. As a substitute of course this is much less exciting but it is quite practical. SniMUr pwh'lwttiMi. PageStream 3. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is the most suitable setup for the job. The main reason for this is that one way or another the Mac found itself a niche as a DTP machine in its early days, leading to its DTP software becoming the most highly developed there is.

However, thanks mainly to the continued development of PageStream. Switch Photoshop for Photogenics and Illustrator for Draw Studio and you've completed the alternative software triangle. Things can only get better as they say, although this time around we have found stability to be a bit more of a problem, although that may be due to the much used and abused Amigas we use for these tests rather than any changes in the software, You can see what's new from the list in the new features panel.

You won't find many revolutionary changes or additions, but then neither Rome nor killer applications were built in a day. This is a steady upgrade that keeps il out there in front of anything eise the Amiga has to offer. Sadly that's not such a difficult thing these days, since it's the only full DTP package that's still in development.

AH the same, it's got enough on offer that stands up well to the likes of QuarkXpress. If we are to be brutally realistic, PageStream is likely to be used almost soley by amateurs and semi-professionals, Even so it will no doubt find favour with a few small professional publishers, and has the features to allow it to slip fairly easily into the big wide world of professional DTP so long as you have a good enough Amiga system to ke advantage of them.

Die crossword was crested with the help ol the Grid toil. Built for business PageStream has so much on offer now that it would be impossible to go through the entire program leaiure by feature in the space we have. For the benefit of those new to PageStream, including those who last used V2. I'll have a stab at giving an overview of the package.

Unlike Wordworth or Final Writer, PageStream has been designed to tackle the toughest of publishing duties, the creation of entire books, magazines, journals and news- papers is well within its capabilities. Just about everything about your document ean be configured as you like, starting with the size of pages themselves. You can either take your pick from a set of defaults including setups for 'US Magazine' pages. CD inlays and standard A3, A4 and A5 type mea- surements or specify your own dimensions, You can also select dou- ble page spreads with the New features The brand new features included in PageStream 3.

Price options Full 3. The fundaments of page design in PageStream are simple. Similarly, images can be imported, placed and scaled anywhere on the page. All pictures are given bounding boxes automati- cally, which makes it very easy to add a 'key- line' outline to a picture without messing about fitting pictures to boxes. Alternatively you can draw a shape in use a picture to fill it. Text can be made to flow around any shape in a number of ways. One of PageSUeam's most useful features is its abil- ity to automatically create a 'runaround path' for text to flow around the contours of a pic- ture.

PageStream intelligently guesses where the picture stops and background begins, so even though your picture is technically rec- tangular, the type flows around the actual graphics see the fish and superhero on the 'Tea Break' example. Structured line-based drawings can be created from within PageStream using the features from the toolbar, which include quick shape generators including a useful instant resizable grid, which was used to make the crossword on the Tea Break exam- ple.

You can also import structured image formats which have the advantage of being almost infinitely expandable without becom- ing chunky. This means you don't need acres of RAM to produce high resolution documents, so long as you have enough hard drive space. When you output the document to a printer or as an EPS file, the original pictures are gathered and used for the output.

User interface Like QuarkXPress. From here you can instantly see the attributes of text for example, such as the font, point size, alignment and so on. You can also change any of these attributes from here as an alternative to using the pull down menus. Not that you'll feel any compulsion to avoid the standard menus. They're all logi- cally laid out and navigation around the pro- gram's various sections is never a problem.

To use the program to anything like its full potential you'll need a graphics card. A x screen isn't big enough to display the whole length of the toolbar without some auto-scroll, although the software does adjust the aspect ratio of the displayed document accordingly even if you do have to put up with a ratio screen.

On an AGA Amiga you can use it comfort- ably in a Productivity mode but then you'll need to reduce the amount of colours signif- icantly in order to stop it crawling along. Interlace is only for the foolhardy or flicker- fixed user. If you haven't sampled it recently then it's time you did. Doubtless seasoned 'streamers will find a few of the new listed features loo much to resist, so either way it looks like an essential buy for most Amiga desktop publishers.

Kmummniti: I Why Apple? One day we all hope to sol l the rebirth of the Amiga with l PowerPC processor and other new features to enable it to compete again with today's systems. Sadly though, more than 2 years since Commodore's demise, tittle of substance has actually happened.

Wve seen prototypes and heard promises If you ami wail and need more performance today, without paying The earth - there's only one real alternative to consider There's never been a better time to think Apple! Some Macintoshes have ntcmal d gjtal video editing facilities.

I education supplier, quality Macintosh ink's. Dorting Kindersley offer superb paeLasjp. CrvdU Laaefir bustoss laets. Ask nr debris cf enf- to uH '. JU ut ire! Oondsn Hirwood O unp uin?. Similarities As you can tell from its manual, StormC was also created by some nice Germans. One thing that is obviously different, though, is the IDE.

HiSOFTs emphasis is on little buttons that can be dragged and dropped. Everything from load- ing sources into the editor to setting break- points on functions can be done in this way. In fact, this raises niggle number one: Amiga users are used to drag-and-drop on the Workbench but none of the IDE compo- nents except the ASL file requesters allow files to be dropped on them.

And niggle number two is that you have to click on small buttons to 'pick up' a draggable object, rather than on the much larger texl part of the object. These minor considerations aside, the IDE is extremely nice to use, Everything hangs together well and the rather brief tuto- rial just about succeeds in introducing you to the main concepts.

In many ways the IDE is Superior to StormC's, but only marginally, There's still room for improvement; for example, the only real manual is on-line, so it's a shame that the help system is not con- text sensitive. Help A lot of work has obviously 'gone into trans- lating the German specifics, like the GUI texts and the on-line manual. But unfortu- nately the results do not give as thorough and complete a product as you might expect from HiSOFT.

With no printed manual sup- a K view of the great debugger in action. You wouldn't expect serious problems like no decent index or search facility. And a professional developer would- n't expect compiler specifics like register arguments and " pragma"s to be complete- ly undocumented. Some of the short-comings of the on-line help could be rectified if only it was possible to print it.

But there's no such option on the HotHelp system. Browsing the help fifes with an editor offers no more comfort: the con tenls aren't plain text. Compiler Of course, a product like this should not he judged on things like the IDE or the manual alone: it's the quality of the compiler that really counts.

However, it also seemed to make the] slowest programs For the sample comparisons shown in the tables, the compilers were used with as s m ilar settings as possible. But, be3r in mind that the particular examples used could equally well provoke the best or the worst in any one compiler, so they can only be considered a very rough guide.

Table 1; shows the times taken to com- pile the large animation example from the official ROM Kernel Reference Manual exam- ples. The major difference comes when optimisation is turned on, but the results in the other tables should be borne in mind before making judgements.

Looking at all the results. Who you consider to be second depends greatly on your point of view: executable speed versus compilation ed and program size. Testing The first thing you try when running a new compiler are the supplied examples. In fact, many of the supplied sources are ver- sions of the official.

Commodore-Amiga examples, but a number of them fail to com- pile for one reason or another. This shows Optimisation Optimising a program can mean two things: making it faster or making it smaller. Sometimes you can do both, but in the extremes one generally; pre- cludes the other.

Optimisation of either sort is normally very complicated and can add significantly to compilation time 5. Most compilers try to optimise only for speed, using techniques such as in lining functions, common term elimi- nation, peephole optimisation, loop reduction and increased use of proces- sor registers.

This would be forgivable if all the examples had been tested and updated, and if the manual offered some help in this area. Another problem that appears quickly under testing is the instability of the EasyObjects classes supplied only in the Developer version!. The programs produced using them have a habit of crashing when run from the command-line rather than through the IDE. HiSOFT were unaware of this rather serious bug.

The other shame is the total lack of English documentation. Even the EasyObjects example sources are German. Developer or Lite? The inclusion of the EasyObjects classes is not the only difference between the Developer and Lite versions. This is pretty lucky because with- out this there would be nothing to recom- mend the Developer option over the much cheaper Lite version.

Included with both ver- sions is HiSOFTs own Devpac 3 assembler, which is not integrated with the other parts of the system. This seems to be present simply because the supplied and integrated Maxon Assembler has not been translated from German. Having Devpac 3 'thrown in' is therefore only a half bonus, but given its pedi- gree it is definitely not one that should be sniffed at.

Without a doubt. HiSOFT and Maxon will do something about these prob- lems fairly soon, and prove yet again their great support for the Amiga. A lot! Launch the new Wizard GUI. MUltMMd diillM. This saves masses of fkne and effort especially for beginners. Control Manager. A central control manager 1hat allows you to store your favounle weo and flp srtes, ffieiids.

Confused aoOUt the Costs? Wondering whether your Amiga can access he Internet 1? No need to worry any longer - we have released issue 2 0t Our 'Internal Informer' for Amiga users. A leaflet that olfers you aH the information you require m order to get your Amiga onto the Internet. Modem choices, software that IS available, service providers for the Amiga, questions and answers.

It also contains information about NetConnect arid what we can drj to ge! For your Irae copy call us or write to us. Both come with a frve year war fanty. CIbh 1 Knd. Dynalink The Hypercom Si'az cards contain a 9-pn and standard CHn serial ] ports whereas the Hypercom 1 1 ships with one pin I port Serial ant parallel drivers included.

STFax has been in B shenewere for he iasl few months, and the brand jnew commercial "professional " version oNa even mora advanced features plus voice control Icr voice modems - use your Amiga as a dig answer machine, create a fax on demand service 'deal for small businesses. Allows customers to contact you at any lima and use fax on demand to remotely download facs information about yOUf products!

Check out whether the Digital Quill is mightier than the sword. Finale Development announced the re- publication ol Digital Quill, a text editor that was first released in Quill has been cleaned up and tweaked, and is worth examining as another way to escape the doldrums of AmigaOS' ED program. Because it's so new, Quill has been designed from the ground up around more modern concepts than some of its contem- poraries. Which brings up a very important point - Quill, unlike much of the co ti petition, actually boasts something resembling a friendly interface, complete with large easy-to-use buttons.

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