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As a consequence, results are obtained up to 6 times quicker than with conventional methods. With a variety of additional measuring modules you can configure your system according to your exact requirements and do not miss any With the Modulyzer multiparameter analysis system you can obtain up to seven parameters from one sample in only one measuring cycle. Combined with Anton Paar sample changers you can even analyze up to 71 samples in a row, fully automatically.

Add a turbidity meter, a pH or a viscosity module if needed. The measurement is performed with commercially available combined pH electrodes. The PFD Filling Device transfers your sample directly from a closed container - either a bottle or can - into the measuring chamber of a measuring instrument. As the closure is sealed before piercing, no CO2 is lost during sample transfer.

Alcolyzer analyzing systems provide the most crucial quality parameters for beer, wine, spirits, and liqueurs. Thanks to the high degree of automation and superior operator support by built-in guided adjustment and measurement routines alcohol and extract determination is easier than ever before.

With a variety of additional measuring modules you can configure your system according to your exact requirements and do not miss any required parameter. The Craft2Craft package guarantees precise fermentation control, correct alcohol labels, high shelf life stability, and the great, consistent taste of your products.

The DMA 35 portable density meter determines the extract content in beer wort and can also be used to closely monitor the fermentation process. A solution for the measurement of turbidity in liquids, the HazeQC ME turbidity measuring module, is provided by Anton Paar as part of a modular measuring system. This turbidity The SFD Sparkling Wine Filling Device transfers sparkling wine or wine directly from a closed bottle into the measuring chamber of a measuring instrument.

The SFD Filling Device is equipped with a drilling device that penetrates traditional corks and most plastic corks. The measuring module can only be used in the Anton Paar Generation M The instrument bundle includes the Snap 51 portable alcohol meter as well as the Alex alcohol and extract meter. The Snap 51 portable alcohol meter determines the alcohol content of distillates in only 30 seconds.

The instrument simplifies the whole distillation and watering down procedure of your products as samples of all strengths are measured with one and the Powerful modularity allows you to set up your own specific measuring solution. You benefit from easy operation, It is the first commercial sample stage specifically designed for in-situ XRD investigations of structural changes in materials under mechanical load. Because of its compactness and low weight, the instrument can be used on synchotrons as well as on laboratory X-ray diffractometers.

It is a unique tool for in-situ X-ray diffraction investigations - unmatched in robustness and performance. The PC-controllable Alignment Stage is a motorized z-alignment stage for all Anton Paar non-ambient attachments for powder X-ray diffraction. It can either be fully integrated in the diffractometer control software or operated with a separate program from Anton Paar. This program includes automatic compensation of the sample holder expansion, which means you can run fully automated temperature profiles without sample displacement.

DHS is small and lightweight and can be mounted on almost all common four-circle goniometers and many XYZ stages. Under its innovative graphite dome, samples can be measured in vacuum, air and various other gases.

DHS is an excellent sample stage for in-situ high-temperature studies of phase transformations, texture, Investigations into pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, clays or zeolites can be carried out in humid gas, air, inert gas or vacuum. Due to its versatility, the new combined CHC Benefits include high-temperature homogeneity and excellent temperature control combined with easy capillary handling. It takes only a few minutes for you to convert from the flat sample to the capillary setup, giving you the possibility to Their unique design is patented and offers all the features a benchtop diffraction application requires - compactness, reliability and ease of use!

Both instruments are extremely compact in design to fit into the restricted space of typical SAXSpoint 5. Many additional optional features make SAXSpoint 5. Enjoy easy It determines the size, size distribution, and shape of nano-sized particles and sample domains and is especially suited for analyzing isotropic, colloidal, and biological samples BioSAXS. Rotor 1DRY is the ideal accessory for efficient handling of samples prior to digestion.

The exhaust unit integrated in the Multiwave reaction- and digestion systems removes humidity and unwanted odors. Extractions of PCBs, PAHs, and hydrocarbons from environmental and food samples deliver perfect results within 15 to 30 minutes, as do derivatization reactions This rotor type is especially useful for the digestion of a wide range of environmental and agricultural samples water, effluents, soil, sludge, plants, animal feed, etc.

Food samples vegetables, beverages, seafood, meat, etc. Extractions of PCBs, PAHs, and hydrocarbons from environmental and food samples as well as derivatization reactions prior to analysis or polymer extractions The Flex-Blend series is a modular inline blending, carbonating, and dosing solution which comprises autonomous skid-mounted process modules.

Based on your requirements these modules can be integrated into every production line. The modular structure results in a very compact design and small footprint. Sucrolyser is a powerful sugar analysis system for sugar factories.

It is used in the quality control of sugar cane as a part of payment analysis or as an extended laboratory system for multiple methods of sample preparation and chemical factory control. Independent of the clarifying agent, all kinds of samples can be checked on their sugar content. The polarimetrically determined sugar content alone is not sufficient for the calculation of the expected sugar yield, as molasses-forming beet ingredients like potassium, sodium, and a-amino nitrogen have to be considered.

The Betalyser system is the ideal tool for analyzing clarified extracted sugar beet brei filtrates on sugar content and the molasses-forming Different sample holders allow investigating samples in reflection and transmission geometry. Samples can be measured in vacuum, air or inert gases. An antechamber option allows safe transfer of air-sensitive samples into the TTK The TTK fits to all common powder diffractometers and is the instrument of choice for X-ray structure analysis of various sample types at Its environmental heater guarantees excellent uniformity of the sample temperature.

Use the HTK N for different types of in-situ X-ray investigations, including studies of phase transformations, structure determination, and studies of chemical reactions. The sample is directly heated with a heating filament. The instruments are made of high-quality materials which guarantee a long working life. Rotor 24HVT80 for Multiwave includes 24 vessels with a volume of 80 mL and is the perfect solution for the digestion of environmental, agricultural, and food samples with a sample volume up to 55 mL.

Get full reaction control without the need for any additional sensors: pressure control via SmartVent technology and the internal temperature of each vessel via contactless IR sensor allow for full reaction control and complete digestions even for higher sample weights. Thanks to the The result: the easiest to use vessel on the market.

Rotor 41HVT56 comes with 41 vessels with 56 mL nominal volume and automated internal temperature control of each vessel. Various kinds of samples including biological, environmental, agricultural, cosmetic, and This starch pasting cell turns your MCR rheometer into a platform for the analysis of starch pasting and gelatinization behavior at elevated pressure and temperature conditions. The high heating and cooling rates required for starch pasting measurements are achieved by combining electrical heating with fluid-circulator-supported cooling.

The Starch Cell can also be used to simulate other real food manufacturing process conditions, such as food sterilization, based on tailor-made test programs. It is easy to operate, with self-explanatory menus. Either English or German can be chosen as the language.

HTR compact is the ideal choice for first-level rheology automation and offers high-throughput operation with 36 samples in two trays and 18 cups each. Add vials during operation with the sample drawer, while the rheometer and sample stage operate in parallel. The Modular Sample Processor carries out automatic dosing, blending, subsampling, and transferring of liquids prior to analysis.

It is available as a stand-alone benchtop unit or can optionally be integrated into complete automated workflows. With individual adaptations the Modular Sample Processor perfectly carries out all your liquid handling.

The HTX floor-standing automation platform can integrate up to ten different analytical instruments such as viscometers, density meters, or refractometers for concurrent multiparameter analysis. Its modular concept allows fully customized workflows for sample conditioning, preparation, and measurement.

It enables measurement of particles suspended in aqueous as well as in organic solvents. Probemaster is a game changer in the world of atomic force microscopy. With this cantilever exchange tool the complicated handling of cantilevers is a thing of the past. Just place the cantilever anywhere in the marked area and easily slide it into the actuator body. Rheometers from Anton Paar open up a constantly growing number of measurement opportunities. Designed for intuitive use, RheoCompass enables application-oriented template filtering, customized test definitions, simplified data retrieval, data analysis, and much more.

The user interface is based on a one-page workflow, where input parameters, live signal, and results are all displayed on a single page. You can set up measurement series in a few seconds and create the analyses and reports you need at the touch of a button. DMA M density meters. Only the highest quality is good enough for your customers? Save time and costs with a system right at your production AP Connect is the essential element for efficient lab execution and your key to digital data flow from your lab instruments to your data management system.

Working with AP Connect significantly reduces the time you spend on data handling and ensures the highest data quality. It stores all data in a centralized database, provides your LIMS lab information and management system with customized data, and offers great usability for a streamlined laboratory environment. Use AP Connect to Davis 5 continuously records all sensor-specific and product-specific data which are determined by the mPDS 5 evaluation unit.

The modern interface design of the software makes it intuitive and extremely easy to use. The program is free of charge and public domain. The L-Vis inline viscometry solution combines unique inline process technology with the know-how of the world leader in lab rheology.

Applying the lowest shear rates allows for best-in-class correlation of results with your lab instruments. The L-Vis sensors stand for reliable inline measurement, especially for samples with shear-dependent behavior — such as sanitary ceramic, shampoos, viscose, and dough — resulting in higher product quality and reducing the time required for analysis in the Fermentation Monitor continuously monitors the alcoholic fermentation during the production of beer, wine, or spirits via refractive index measurement directly in the tank.

The reduction in the concentration of sugars due to yeast metabolism and at the same time the increasing concentration of alcohols have opposing but predictable influences on the refractive index and can be used to determine the fermentation parameters. Decades of practical experience have resulted in the development of several powerful systems for the measurement of cold and hot wort, and beer.

Depending on the application, the optimal sensing technology can be selected for the best possible outcome. The Brix Monitor enables highly accurate inline sugar concentration measurements. Maintenance-free operation and direct installation in the line with integrated HMI result in cost-optimized monitoring and control.

Determine the alcohol content of binary mixtures for various beverages using density, sound velocity, or refractive index. Choose the most appropriate configuration depending on your integration and legal requirements. The oxygen content is a crucial parameter for the taste and shelf life of beverages. The Oxy inline oxygen sensor measures dissolved oxygen DO in real-time directly at the production line.

It provides accurate, drift-free measurements throughout the entire production process. Oxy can easily be combined with additional process sensors from Anton Paar to meet all future production and quality control requirements.

The new sensors offer two types of sensing elements: a fork-type L-Sonic and a tube-type L-Sonic They are ready for various applications, such as inline concentration measurements, interface detection, or product identification. The sensors continuously monitor the product quality of liquids during production. The concentration is directly calculated and can be Our fifty years of experience in the beverage industry led to Animo , a complete multiparameter measuring system including the Davis 5 analysis software which performs perfect quality monitoring in the filling line.

Animo comes in either a modular framework construction skid that can easily be tailored to your actual production line or as a pipe assembly which is directly integrated into the production line. By providing services such as project engineering, system design, Inline beer monitoring is essential in a modern brewing process in order to increase the reliability and efficiency of the process. The ability to accurately monitor wine quality is an important part of the modern winemaking process.

Check the sparkle of your standard or low-calorie champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco, spumante, or cava. Optionally color and oxygen can be determined as Being pre-adjusted in the factory, they do not require time-consuming, product-specific on-site adjustments and commissioning procedures. They use digital signal processing and new The ball-on-three-plates setup is a well-established method for measuring both lubricated as well as dry tribological systems. Different measuring geometries plates, cylinders are available for adaptation to specific sample needs.

To investigate lubricant performance in a bearing or to characterize the bearing itself, the In this accessory, the spring stiffness in z-direction is adjustable. Further, an optimization of the self-aligning mechanisms broadens the range of the applicable normal forces.

The normal force range acting on the specimens is expanded down to 0. Also as a new feature, the spring stiffness in z-direction is adjustable. Xsample is a heated single sample changer for the automated filling of highly viscous or even solid samples at room temperature. Operators do not have to handle hot syringes to fill the sample into the measuring instrument. Automated cleaning and drying guarantee the best user experience. Rheo-microscopy is an established technology for visualizing the inner structures of samples while applying shear and deformation forces.

In this way, breakage of agglomerates, alignment, With this setup UV-sensitive inks, glues, or coatings are irradiated by a UV light source simultaneous to the rheological characterization of the material. The Building Material Cell enables measurements of suspensions and paste-like substances with a particle size up to 5 mm, such as slurries, building materials and food. The exchangeable inset cage and a special stirrer prevent sample slippage. This change in rheological properties e.

This setup enables the application of a controlled magnetic field with a flux density of more than 1 Tesla. As the viscoelastic properties of the adsorbed interfacial layer correlate with emulsions and foam stability, interfacial rheology is essential in the development of foams and emulsions. In contrast, bulk rheology is the study of flow in three-dimensional fluids.

The measurement, performed with the typical unmatched accuracy of the MCR It is designed to investigate the immobilization kinetics, water retention, and drying of paper coatings, paints, slurries, or other suspensions. The conditions of the production process are simulated by varying temperature, gap width, shear stress, and pressure difference vacuum directly in the rheometer.

A vacuum generated by a pump forces the liquid phase of the sample to penetrate into the base paper so Use the Humidity Option to control temperature and relative humidity during material characterization with your MCR rheometer. Combined with the convection temperature device CTD Humidity Ready you can cover all applications in which temperature and relative humidity influence the rheological and dynamic mechanical properties of the material of interest.

This setup can be used with a broad range of different measuring systems and even in configurations with 2 EC drives or a lower Accurate rheological characterization of suspensions with large particles is a challenge. Standard measuring geometries like cone-plate, parallel-plate, or concentric cylinders are only suitable for materials with no or very small particles and granulates.

A newly developed latching mechanism further simplifies the cleaning procedure. The Hot Filling Attachment keeps samples with a high melting point and high pour point above their melting temperature and therefore in a liquid state during tests. It serves for manual filling of pre-heated samples which are solid or highly viscous at room temperature.

Such samples are: Waxes, wax distillates Residual fuel oil, bunker fuel oilResidual oil, vacuum residueHeavy crude oilBitumen, tar. In order to cover countless different applications and requirements, different temperature accessories and measurement geometries are available for RheolabQC.

The Peltier system features high heating and cooling rates and excellent temperature accuracy and does not require liquid counter-cooling. Gap size accuracy is one of the main influencing factors when it comes to rheological measurements. Whenever a sample is heated or cooled, the gap changes due to thermal expansion or shrinkage.

You save an enormous amount of space and time in your laboratory as PTD controls sample temperature without needing a liquid circulating bath. The temperature and mechanical behavior of solids is investigated with a variety of available fixtures such as solid rectangular or circular fixtures SRF, SCF. The oscillatory signal is measured by the EC drive while the lift drive of the rheometer is used to set a pretension and compensate the thermal expansion.

The systems allow extensional measurements on filled and unfilled polymers, melts, adhesives, and food systems over a large temperature and deformation range. Extensional measurements provide information about molecular structure, branching, temperature stability, shrinkage, relaxations, and To simplify the order of frequently required consumables and spare parts, several consumable sets are available that match the different configurations.

The consumable set for Rotor 16 comprises 16 each of required sealing items for the screw caps lip type seal, rupture disk, venting screw. On the other hand, the consumable sets of Rotor 8 NXF or NXQ configuration beside the mentioned sealing items also contain seal holders, safety disk holders, and syringe connectors 8 each.

In addition, Wafer structures are becoming smaller and the density of the integrated components is growing continuously. In order to be able to analyze these sub-nanometer structures in a non-destructive way using atomic force microscopy you need to perform a surface inspection of the whole wafer. Save time and perform off-the-shelf evaluations with the Flexible Cup Holder by directly testing materials in the sample container and avoid additional stress on the sample during sample preparation.

With the Flexible Cup Holder for the MCR rheometer series and RheolabQC you can directly immerse a measuring cylinder or vane into a sample container, for example an aluminum can for paints and coatings or a beaker. For temperature measurement, a Pt sensor can additionally be mounted.

As temperature has the biggest influence on rheological measurements, Anton Paar provides different kinds of air-cooled temperature devices for the modular compact rheometers MCR 72 and MCR Choose from different measuring systems cone-plate, parallel-plate, concentric cylinder, double-gap, and stirrer suitable for different consistencies of sample and combine SurPASS 3 offers a wide range of measuring cells for the investigation and quality control of any sample geometry, size, or origin.

The instrument recognizes the used measuring cell automatically. The Measuring Cell for 1 mL Pre-filled Syringes enables zeta potential analysis at the inner surface of 1 mL syringe barrels. Liquid-on-solid surface adsorption kinetics can be studied in real-time on the inner barrel surface. The broad variety of measuring cells makes SurPASS 3 suitable for any sample geometry, size, or origin.

This gives you the utmost flexibility for your quality control and investigations. The used measuring cell is recognized automatically. The Measuring Cell for Core Samples accommodates typical core samples and enables zeta potential analysis at the axial and at the radial surface of the core. The interaction of e. In order to measure all possible rheological properties, a wide range of measuring systems is available for RheolabQC and the MCR rheometer series. QuickConnect, the quick-fit coupling system, allows one-handed connection of the measuring systems and ensures fast, convenient system changes without the use of a screwing mechanism.

The innovative Time to make the Abbemat T-Check - for precise refractive index measurements at the correct temperature. The Abbemat T-Check precisely calibrates and adjusts the surface temperature of the measuring prism, ensuring the most precise refractive index and concentration measurements at the correct temperature.

Precise, fully traceable results are guaranteed. The flow cell is pouring the sample into the filling funnel. This setup is ideal for quality control and routine analysis if a large number of samples of sufficient volume need to be measured. Quartz control plates are used for checking and adjusting the polarimeter scale. The quartz control plates are supplied in a case together with the manufacturer's certificate and temperature correction table.

These flow cells are suitable for fast quality control and routine analysis. The sample is filled manually by a syringe or automatically by an external peristaltic pump. The Rheo-Microscope delivers insights into the inner structure of the sample during rheological measurements. The combination of light microscopy and rheology allows the visualization of the influence of shear and deformation forces on the sample structure.

Among other things, you can observe and record the structure of emulsions at various points in the shear field through the microscope during shear. The setup consists of a CCD camera, a microscopy tube, illumination and a long working The CryoSync accessory enables autosorb iQ analyzers to generate precise isothermal sorption measurements at liquid argon The new industrial grade peristaltic pump in combination with automatic cleaning makes Xsample perfectly suitable for measuring single low-viscosity samples with widely different properties in direct succession.

Once measured, the sample is drained or recovered and the system is automatically cleaned with up to two cleaning agents. A drying step is performed by the operator to perfectly prepare the measurement cell s for the next sample. Xsample is a single sample changer for different types of syringes that automatically fills all Anton Paar master instruments using your favorite syringes.

Many years of trouble-free operation are guaranteed due to the straightforward and robust design. Xsample is automatically prepared with up to two cleaning agents, ensuring perfect measuring conditions regardless of the operator and The new industrial- grade peristaltic pump of Xsample enables measurements at the push of a button. Once the parameters are set, user-independent filling and therefore a reduction of handling errors can be achieved with this sample changer designed for single samples.

Operators are able to focus on more important tasks while filling and measurement are performed automatically. The flexible filling speed of Xsample ensures optimized sample treatment, which leads to perfect measuring User-independent first-class filling of numerous Anton Paar master instruments is ensured by stepless adjustability in combination with a smart pump lock.

With a simple snap the pump is adjusted and ready for operation. Xsample automatically handles up to 96 samples, so unattended filling and measurement are possible even during the night and weekends. Freeing operators for higher qualified tasks increases the productivity in the lab.

The maintenance-free peristaltic pump with a flexible The Xsample sample changer handles up to 36 heated sample positions for all Anton Paar master instruments. Improved heating leads to short heating periods, time savings, and increased performance. Even challenging samples can be measured according to strict ASTM standards. The robust design ensures reliable and maintenance-free operation. A removable magazine with dedicated non-heated positions saves time by facilitating sample handling The Xsample sample changer for all Anton Paar master instruments handles samples with a wide range of properties.

With controlled filling power, samples from plain water to highly viscous oils up to 36, mPa. The position magazine for unattended operation can be exchanged with one hand to ensure easy handling and filling. With up to three cleaning agents, Xsample is ready to measure a great variety of samples in one run. No compromises regarding The color of beverages is an important key property for guaranteeing the quality of all kinds of beverages.

SurPASS 3 has a broad variety of measuring cells, making it suitable for any sample geometry, size, or origin. It offers maximum flexibility for all kinds of quality control checks and investigations. The Measuring Cell for Hollow Fiber Membranes accommodates minimodules with embedded hollow fiber membranes for inner surface characterization. The study of the inner surface modification of dialysis membranes is a typical application for this The Adjustable Gap Cell extends the range of applications to small samples with a rectangular or disk shape.

The smart cell design even enables zeta potential determination of porous materials or materials which swell strongly. A proprietary mechanism defines the contact pressure and thus guarantees highly reproducible sample The Cylindrical Cell is mainly used for the investigation of natural or technical fibers and fabrics, granular samples and coarse particles.

It combines easy sample mounting with outstanding measurement reproducibility. The wide range of measuring cells of SurPASS 3 allows the investigation and quality control of any sample geometry, size, or origin. SurPASS 3 recognizes the used measuring cell automatically. The Measuring Cell for Soft Contact Lenses enables uncompromised zeta potential analysis of soft contact lenses. The lenses are placed on a model eye where they are immediately accessible for zeta potential analysis.

Tosca Control, the workflow-oriented control software, leads you through the measurement steps, increasing efficiency and simplifying the measurement procedure. Tosca Analysis is a powerful software used for surface imaging, imaging analysis, and metrology analysis. The wide range of measuring cells of SurPASS 3 makes it suitable for any sample geometry, size, or origin and gives you absolute flexibility in your quality controls and investigations.

It enables the inner surface characterization of flexible tubing, but also of polymer hollow fiber membranes used for water treatment. The variety of measuring cells of SurPASS 3 suits any sample geometry, size, and origin and gives you the utmost flexibility for your quality control and investigations. The Measuring Cell for Ceramic Membranes is applicable to, both, single and multichannel tubular ceramic membranes for microfiltration. Zeta potential analysis gives direct access to the surface charge of the ceramic membrane.

The applied electric field up to The temperature of the concentric cylinder and parallel-plate setups is controlled by Peltier elements. It is specially designed for heating the sample inlet and the sample outlet as well as the special syringe for filling samples like bitumen, asphalt, waxes and plastics.

It is a must-have tool for measuring samples with a high You can couple your gas container to LPG-Adapter within seconds and without any tools. Highly viscous samples such as chocolate, wax, crude oil, etc. Dedicated sample holders are available for almost all types of sample as well as for high-throughput measurements. RheoSAXS resolves the combined information of your sample within minutes. It is available in two versions, the standard version working at ambient temperatures and the ASX-c version with a cooling option.

The Inline Pump is a sample pump for non-corrosive, non-flammable liquids regardless the flow in the main line. It can be installed inline without a bypass construction and is maintenance-free. The increasing interest in nanotechnology has led to increased use of synchrotron beam lines during recent years.

Apart from static nanostructure analysis, a further area of interest for material research is the influence of shear. The combination of optical with rheological measurements is essential to understand the dependencies between the microstructure and the mechanical properties of complex fluids. Shear-dependent changes in microstructure or crystallization processes during rheological measurements are relevant for multiple applications, such as the production and development of emulsion-, suspension-, or polymer solutions.

Use 24EVAP right before the digestion to evaporate acids or water, or after the digestion to remove acids interfering with analytical measuring methods or silicates with hydrofluoric acid. Acid vapors are safely The investigation of complex flow fields such as shear banding, turbulence, or flow instabilities is of great importance in hydrodynamics or the analysis of mixing procedures. Most rheological theories are based on the assumption that a laminar flow field is present during the measurement.

However, in practical applications samples also show a turbulent flow field. With Polarized Light Imaging you can directly observe and record sample pictures and videos in real-time for detailed insights into flow-induced crystallization processes, stress distribution of polymers, or local shear induced effects, as they may occur in liquid crystals.

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Alcohol Meter. Inline Beverage Analysis. Flash Point. Instrumented Indentation Tester. Beverage Analysis. About us Back. Jobs Back. Soft drink and syrup analysis: Soft Drink Analyzer M Part number: The new Soft Drink Analyzer M sugar concentration meter is the only instrument available to determine the sugar inversion process digitally. Beer hydrometer: EasyDens Part number: Connect to your handcrafted beverage! Fraass Breaking Point Tester: BPA 5 Part number: The automatic breaking point tester determines the brittle behavior of bitumen at low temperatures.

Automated representative sampler: Micro Rotary Riffler Part number: When splitting a large sample amount into smaller portions in order to analyze powders, the resulting sub-samples need to be representative of the initial batch to receive reproducible and valid analysis data. Particle size analyzer: Litesizer Part number: The Litesizer series is the perfect choice to characterize nano- and microparticles at the touch of a button. Teaching model: Polarimeter Part number: The Polarimeter Teaching Model is a tool which illustrates the principles of polarimetry and demonstrates the measurement of optical rotation.

Teaching Model: Refractometer Part number: Using the Refractometer Teaching Model it is easy to explain the measurement of the refractive index of liquids via the critical angle of total reflection. Multiwavelengths Refractometer: Abbemat MW Part number: The Abbemat MW digital refractometer enables quick and fully automatic measurements of the refractive index at different measuring wavelengths, e. Penetrometer: PNR 12 Part number: PNR 12 automatically measures the resistance a material provides to being pierced by a specifically shaped test body.

Kinematic viscometer: SVM Part number: Exchange all your capillaries for one single unit and save enormous amounts of time and money: the SVM viscometers provide the highest flexibility by covering the entire viscosity, density, and temperature range with a single measurement cell and deliver results in seconds.

Microwave reactor for microwave-assisted extractions: Monowave Part number: Monowave is a modern microwave reactor specially designed for microwave-assisted extractions in analytical laboratories. Accessory for Abbemat: Built-in peristaltic pump Part number: The peristaltic pump provides automated filling of the sample cell and continuous monitoring of your laboratory batches with the Abbemat Performance Plus Line.

Accessory for Abbemat: pH sensor Part number: For simultaneous measurement of pH and refractive index in one step you can add a pH sensor to the Abbemat Performance Plus Line refractometers. Analyzing system for alcoholic beverages: Alcolyzer All-in-one Part number: Alcolyzer analyzing systems provide the most crucial quality parameters for beer, wine, spirits, and liqueurs. Accessory for MCR: Starch Cell Part number: This starch pasting cell turns your MCR rheometer into a platform for the analysis of starch pasting and gelatinization behavior at elevated pressure and temperature conditions.

Lab execution software: AP Connect Part number: AP Connect is the essential element for efficient lab execution and your key to digital data flow from your lab instruments to your data management system. Sample changer: Xsample Part number: The new industrial grade peristaltic pump in combination with automatic cleaning makes Xsample perfectly suitable for measuring single low-viscosity samples with widely different properties in direct succession.

Sample changer: Xsample Part number: Xsample is a single sample changer for different types of syringes that automatically fills all Anton Paar master instruments using your favorite syringes. Sample changer: Xsample Part number: The new industrial- grade peristaltic pump of Xsample enables measurements at the push of a button.

Sample changer: Xsample Part number: User-independent first-class filling of numerous Anton Paar master instruments is ensured by stepless adjustability in combination with a smart pump lock. Heated sample changer: Xsample Part number: The Xsample sample changer handles up to 36 heated sample positions for all Anton Paar master instruments.

Sample changer: Xsample Part number: The Xsample sample changer for all Anton Paar master instruments handles samples with a wide range of properties. Inline viscometer: L-Vis Part number: The L-Vis inline viscometry solution combines unique inline process technology with the know-how of the world leader in lab rheology.

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