how to bet on derby online

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How to bet on derby online betting insurebet 3 places to visit

How to bet on derby online

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One of the premier places to watch and wager on the Kentucky Derby and other live races is TVG , a digital, cable and television network owned by the FanDuel Group. TVG offers a one-stop shop for all horse racing fans with online wagering, a betting app and live streaming and race results.

No waiting in lines, delays or errors by race tellers. BetAmerica is another top choice for horse racing. BetAmerica has free live horse race video streaming and handicapping information and tools along with contests and rewards programs not available when betting at a casino or race and sportsbook. When you bet on a horse to win, simply locate the track listing at Churchill Downs and the race number of the Kentucky Derby and select the horse number.

Add it to your bet slip and confirm the amount of the win wager. The odds can change right up to post time of the Kentucky Derby. For added or multiple bets like exacta and trifecta, add all the selections to your betting slip and confirm the amount you want to wager and all combinations. For more details on the different types of Kentucky Derby bets, check out our complete betting guide. Horse are listed in order of their odds to win the race.

The first number listed is the amount that is paid out on a stake in the amount of the second number. The great thing about horse racing is that you can place a lot more than just a single bet on a horse to win. You can choose the top three horses, the order of finish, and so on. How to Bet on the Kentucky Derby. By Kyle Scott September 4, Share on facebook Facebook. Share on twitter Twitter. Share on linkedin LinkedIn.

Share on email Email. Kyle Scott.

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A bank of large televisions and other smaller video monitors are in place to watch the actual race live. There is a general betting counter as well as separate betting kiosks just like any actual live racing track. Most off-track racing venues also offer dining and a bar. In recent years, the popularity of horse betting online has exploded.

Not only can you bet the races, you can also stream them live in real time. TVG has its own television network that ties everything together. You can also stream the races live with TVG. If you love to bet on sports, the easiest way to add horse betting to the mix is through your favorite online racebook. Just about every online sportsbook also offers a racebook for horses.

These online racebooks cover every track across the country and often around the world running a daily card. Any online site offering horse betting also utilizes an advanced mobile betting platform to offer easy access to the races through any handheld device with internet access.

There are two different ways to bet on a horse race at the track itself or at an off-track betting venue. The first is through a general betting window where you place your bet with an actual attendant. The other is a self-serve betting kiosk. The process for placing a bet with an actual teller follows these specific steps: 1 The race number you are betting.

If there are eight horses in a race and the one you bet on is starting from the fifth gate, they would be 5. Read about the Kentucky Derby Horses and their past performances. If you are betting multiple tracks at an off-track venue, be sure to mention which track you are betting first. The teller will print your ticket. If you are betting a race from a self-serve kiosk, you will key in the exact same information. The first thing you will need to do to bet horse races online is sign-up for an online account.

This process requires some basic information such as name and address, email and phone number and date of birth. Sites such as TVG and AmWager also offer promotional codes that must be entered at the time of registration to receive any bonus offers. Once you create an online account, you will need to fund that account with a deposit. Methods for making deposits into your online account can be found in the banking section of the betting site.

When it comes time to place a bet, you are basically going to follow the exact same process used at an actual track. Placing the bet is basically a three-step process. First, you will add the bet to your betting slip. Next, you will actually place the bet. The final step is to confirm the bet to make sure everything is accurate. When it comes to the different ways to bet on a horse race, there are two different categories. A straight bet refers to betting the Win-Place-Show option.

Win is the horse that crosses the finish line first. Place is the horse who finishes second and Show is the horse that finishes third. This type of bet only involves one horse. You can make as many straight bets as you want in a race but you are always betting the horses individually.

If you bet a horse to win, the only way to cash a winner is if they win as well. If you bet a horse to place, they can finish first or second. In this case, you will cash a winning ticket if your horse is in the top two. The show bet extends a winning ticket to your horse finishing in the Top 3. The return on a show bet would be marginal. This means you are betting them to Win, Place and Show. When it comes to reading horse betting odds, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, there is an opening betting line and the closing betting line. These are set according to the amount of money that was bet on them to win. The two most common exotic horse bets are the exacta and trifecta. The exacta pertains to betting one horse to win and another to place finish 1st and 2nd. The trifecta stretches this bet to the top three horses in the final running order. In order to win, the horses you bet must finish in the exact order you bet them.

However, you can box that bet as a hedge. Now, either horse can finish first or second and you would still win. Taking things one step further, a superfecta extends the bet on the finishing order to the top four horses. Other examples of exotic bets would be the Daily Double, Pick 3 and Pick 4. These all pertain to picking the correct winning horse in consecutive races. Two races in a row is the Daily Double, three would be the Pick 3 and betting four winners in four straight races would be the Pick 4.

The Kentucky Derby may be the most popular horse race in the world but it is also the largest in terms of the size of the field. TVG is the best all-around betting app for the Kentucky Derby. Owned by the same company that owns FanDuel, TVG offers a premium, safe and secure betting experience. From there, you can choose your race, select your horses and your bet type, and lock in your wager on the Kentucky Derby.

Thanks to a differing set of legislation for race books, the ability to wager legally online on horse races is much more widespread than traditional sports betting, which is regulated in only a handful of states. Placing a bet on the Kentucky Derby is easy. Horse are listed in order of their odds to win the race. The first number listed is the amount that is paid out on a stake in the amount of the second number.

The great thing about horse racing is that you can place a lot more than just a single bet on a horse to win. You can choose the top three horses, the order of finish, and so on. How to Bet on the Kentucky Derby. By Kyle Scott September 4,


Add it to your bet slip and confirm the amount of the win wager. The odds can change right up to post time of the Kentucky Derby. For added or multiple bets like exacta and trifecta, add all the selections to your betting slip and confirm the amount you want to wager and all combinations. For more details on the different types of Kentucky Derby bets, check out our complete betting guide. Signing up for a wagering account to bet the Kentucky Derby is easy.

FairwayJay is a leading national sports and gaming analyst and is recognized as one of the sports industry's most insightful professionals. Jay has pursued his passions and maintained a pulse on the sports, gaming and poker industries while living in Las Vegas for nearly two decades. He's been a regular featured guest on sports and gaming radio shows, podcasts and produces sports betting and related industry articles and content for various sites and sources.

Kentucky Derby. Visit TVG. Win Betting A win bet is really as simple as it gets. You bet on the horse you think will win the Kentucky Derby. Place Betting If you bet on a horse to place, your horse has to finish in first or second at the Kentucky Derby. Show Betting Betting on a horse to show means your chosen horse has to finish in first, second or third place at the Kentucky Derby.

Since a show bet gives you three different ways to win, the payout will usually be less than a victory in place betting or win betting. As with place betting, there is even less risk involved with a show bet. Like a parlay bet in other sports, this is more than one Kentucky Derby bet combined on a ticket.

If your horse comes in second at the Kentucky Derby, you receive place and show payouts, and if your horse finishes in third at the Kentucky Derby, you only get the show payout. Betting matchups in horse racing are appealing to sports bettors, because they are used to deciding between two teams with a point spread instead of a field of 20 horses at the Kentucky Derby. Rather than handicapping the field of 20 horses and selecting a winner of the Kentucky Derby, a matchup involves two horses in the field, with a moneyline like that found in team sports.

Regardless of whether or not the horse wins the Kentucky Derby, the bettor is only betting on which horse will finish ahead of the other. Your horse could finish fifth at the Kentucky Derby, but the other horse has to finish sixth or worse for you to win your bet. Horseplayers can get their Kentucky Derby betting action down early, and at fixed and often generous odds.

If the horse you bet on fails to make it to the Kentucky Derby, you can rip up your ticket before they open the gate. Similar to a parlay bet, this is a group of racing bets. A Pick 3 means you have to select the winner of three races in a row, while a Pick 4 means you have to predict four successive winners. A Pick 6 is for the more advanced bettor because you need to guess the outcome of six consecutive races. For beginners, we recommend making a daily double bet.

An exacta bet is a common Kentucky Derby bet that has you choose the top two horses of the Kentucky Derby in the correct order. Also known as a perfecta bet, an exacta bet is a step up from your traditional win, place, show bet. Aside from the traditional exacta bet, you can also make an exacta box bet and an exacta key bet. For a more advanced type of Kentucky Derby betting, trifecta betting is a great starting point.

Winning a trifecta bet means getting the three best horses in the Kentucky Derby in the exact order. Trifecta betting is a notch above exacta betting and comes with more risk, but you can make a larger profit on a trifecta bet if the horses you selected place in the correct order at the Kentucky Derby. A Superfecta predicts the first four horses in the correct order, and a Super High Five predicts the first five horses in the correct order.

The payoff will be the same. Yes, you can bet on the Kentucky Derby. Eligible three-year-old thoroughbreds compete in the Road to the Kentucky Derby, a series of prep races around the world, and win points for finishing in the top four spots. The 20 horses with the most points at the end of the series gain entry into the Kentucky Derby. Sometimes horses will scratch, giving another horse the opportunity to run.

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