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Transportation firms placing exhibits; ready March Baby contest heads program today; bail-out scheduled above Speer Field across from Marine Base. San Diego Sun, March 9, , San Diego Union, March 9, , Tanya Cubitt, nudist, making plane trip to win Exposition queen title.

San Diego Sun, March 10, , San Diego Union, March 10, , San Diego Sun, March 11, , , San Diego Sun, March 11, , The Sunny Side: L. San Diego Sun, March 12, , , San Diego Union, March 12, , San Diego Sun, March 13, , , San Diego Sun, March 14, , , San Diego Union, March 14, , We take pleasure in presenting a summary of some of the highlights of Exposition news since the issuance of the previous Bulletin.

The California Pacific International Exposition of is one hundred percent complete, and every building is now open to the public. The great March of Transportation Building the Ford Building of the Exposition , the Palace of Electricity, and the Palace of International Art were opened last week, and are crowded daily with appreciative visitors.

April 4 is Federal Housing Day at the Exposition. Out of town guests who will participate in the program are:. Modeltown, Modernization Magic, the Federal Housing Building, and the Palace of Electricity, present the largest, most colorful and educational panorama of home progress ever staged in the United States.

Ripley, manger of the Federal Housing Exhibit. Modernization Magic shows the transformation that can be effected under the FHA insured mortgage plan. The exhibit is mounted on a base, three feet from the ground, and upon a reversible surface. One side shows a group of typical, run down buildings similar to those found in any community.

At intervals, by a mechanical device, the panel turns over and shows, upon the other side, the effect a modernization program has upon the structures. The cost of each improvement and the terms upon which the money may be obtained, is contained in a panel opposite the structure. Modernization Magic again will be in charge of Edwin M. Rahm, mechanical engineer of Los Angeles, who supervised it last year.

The miniature houses on miniature landscaped lots, occupy a three and one-half acre area, which last year drew 1,, visitors. Among the many interesting exhibits in this building are included the following:. The Gem Stone Chapel, whose displays contain every gem, mineral and stone mentioned in the Bible. These gems and stones were gathered from 22 nations and 21 states of the Union. The American Legion display, showing guns, grenades and other articles of modern warfare, side by side with Civil War relics for comparison.

A revolving hobby display. For the first six weeks it will contain a collection of historic firearms of the West. This display is centered around a unit exhibit of the American Medical Association, covering sq. A unit exhibit of the California Medical Association, of equal importance but of entirely different character, visualizes specific lessons and facts which have been learned in years of medical study, experiment and practice. Occupying 20, sq. Executed by Juan B. In addition to the miniature trains, the Union Pacific will have six dioramas in its ft.

These dioramas will show the northern rim of the Grand Canyon, Boulder Dam, Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and other scenic spots, covering an area of 2, sq. A feature of this great building is the collection of relics from the Ford Museum at Dearborn. In the rotunda of the March of Transportation building is the battered old glider used by Charles and Ann Lindbergh in their soaring flights over San Diego in Lindbergh flew the glider an hour and a half over Point Loma, while Anne Lindbergh had it aloft for nearly an hour over Mount Soledad.

In this area, 97 percent of all redwood growing in the world is to be found. Dioramas depicting the wine industry, general farming, and outdoor sports, as well as a model of one of the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge, are included in this exhibit. Correct in every detail, the model of the Palomar. A comprehensive exhibit in the California State Building, designed by the Industrial Accident Commission of the state of California to show the main causes of accidents and the measures taken to prevent them, is proving to be one of the most interesting and educational displays at the Exposition.

It comprises one of the largest collections of modern safety appliances ever assembled in the West. It includes the very latest equipment in eye protection, respiratory appliances, safety clothing and first-aid kits. The facade of the Water Palace is one of the most striking on the grounds and gives the prospective visitor an inkling of what is to be found inside.

Water, cascading over the basins in a shimmering flood and, at night, forming beautifully colored lighting effects for the entrance and forecourt, is indicative of the amazing story of water development in Southern California, as told by the exhibits on the inside.

Once inside, the principal feature of this exhibit is a gigantic diorama or relief map. This exhibit building, located on the Plaza del Pacifico, and which was known as the House of Charm during the Exposition, contains many unusual and diversified displays. Garner Curran, world traveler and renowned lecturer on Oriental and American subjects, is receiving numerous letters and cards of praise for his very interesting illustrated travelogs and lectures at the House of Hospitality.

In fact, one admirer recently sent him a verse of appreciation, containing the following lines:. Judge Peter H. Langmuir Watt, C. Rapid parking service is assured for motorists visiting the Exposition. A large staff of uniformed attendants has been organized to handle the parking of automobiles with the great efficiency, courtesy and speed.

Pickup service for automobiles is maintained at both the east and west entrances. Visitors may drive up to the gates, where an experiences licensed driver will take the automobile to the auto park. Upon leaving, the exposition visitor may phone for the car to be delivered at the desired exit gate. National Romance Week has been proclaimed by the Federal government for the week from June 1 to June 7, and Dan Cupid has been signed up at the Exposition for that week.

There will be a gala public wedding and many other appropriate events. Great interest is being shown by the Hotel Association and the Greeters, and this will unquestionably be a most enjoyable and memorable day for all visitors connected with the hotel business. A committee has been appointed from membership of the San Diego Hotel Association to arrange a program and act as host group to the out-of-town hotel men who will attend.

With accommodations for about , guests per day, San Diego hotels have reversed the usual procedure and lowered their rates this year coincident with the opening of the Exposition. A general reduction of about 10 percent has been made in all hotels, according to Al Flowers, secretary of the San Diego Hotel Association. Free English fold dancing precedes each performance on the Village Green.

Life at the Exposition is just one contest after another — all adding to the fun and entertainment of the visitor, whether young or old. On Wednesday night, March 25, another Ford car will be given away to the holder of the lucky number at the drawing on the Midway Fun Zone Plaza. The first drawing was held on March 5, and the Ford was won by a sailor; on March 15 a school teacher was the lucky winner. Special tickets to participate in the drawing are being given to all visitors paying admission to the Exposition grounds.

Some special form of feature entertainment is provided at the Exposition from Tuesdays to Sundays. The Exposition is closed on Mondays during the winter and early spring period. One of the most outstanding of the many Special Days that are being planned for the summer season is All States Day, set for August 1. This day will honor Mr. Parsons has the enviable record of having been Secretary of the Federation for 41 years.

Governor Merriam has promised to attend if he can possibly do so. Sport fishing is an additional attraction that draws thousands of visitors to San Diego, and, of course, to the Exposition. Last year more than 40, persons embarked from the foot of Broadway on sport fishing cruises, and it is estimated that about 30, were from outside the city.

More than , yellowtail were caught off the San Diego coast last year, besides thousands of swordfish, tuna, barracuda and other game fish. It is an exact duplicate of those in the national and state parks, being 12 feet square at the bottom and 18 feet tall. The tower houses all the equipment employed by park rangers for locating and detecting forest fires. A guide is on hand at the new tower to show visitors the intricate workings of fire survey and protection.

The daily walk-talk that is given at the Palace of Science every day from 3 to pm is proving very popular. Hardy, director of the great collections of anthropology and archeology, sponsored by the San Diego Museum, and Dr. Malcolm Rogers, curator, have initiated this feature of the Exposition in response to the demand of thousands of visitors who wish to see the magnificent exhibits and be informed as to their significance by trained lecturers.

The giant Al G. Barnes Circus, which will set up its huge tents and equipment on the lot east of the fun zone at the Exposition, is the highlight of the Exposition program this week. The complete Barnes Circus has been signed for a gala three-day show, with hundreds of trained wild animals, more than 1, performers, including clowns, aerialists, magicians, and other acts, and every other attraction that goes to make a great circus greater, included on the program Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 27, 28 and A great Frontier Days and International Rodeo will be presented at the Exposition over the weekend of April 3, 4 and 5.

Hugh Strickland, famous rodeo authority, is the arena director of the big show. Owing to increased attendance at the Exposition over the weekends, all exhibit palaces will open an hour earlier and close an hour later, beginning on Friday and continuing through Sunday. Instead of opening at noon, the buildings will open at 11 am, and instead of closing at 8, they will close at 9 pm, for these three days of the week.

These hours will not affect the Amusement area and the cafes and restaurants, which will continue to be open until midnight on weekdays, except Saturday when they remain open two hours later. Activity and crowds on the beautiful new Fun Zone of the Exposition are increasing considerably as the balmy spring days lure visitors to the Exposition grounds. The miniature circus is housed in a glass-enclosed display, 30 feet long by 10 feet wide, and the models of more than animals and human figures form an endless mechanical parade as they put on their performances around the four rings of the show.

Free samples of Beech-Nut products are distributed from the booth. Where is the most beautiful spot on the grounds? Opinions vary, but there is one location that has definitely forged to the front, and, according to present indications, bids fare to wear the figurative crown of beauty leadership. It is Palm Canyon bridge by night. March 15, , Sunday. San Diego Sun, March 15, , , A Exposition signs world-famous attractions; Al G. Barnes Circus first on big list; Dailard announces novel arrangement will enable guests to see outstanding shows and Fair all on one ticket.

San Diego Sun, March 15, , B John A. Willard will again be seen as Hamlet at the Globe Theater. San Diego Union, March 15, , , Exposition hits fast pace today; city, county to be honored; glider pilot to seek new record over Fair. San Diego Union, March 16, , , San Diego Sun, March 17, , , San Diego Union, March 17, , , Jurors in club gambling case to view flash wheel at Exposition.

San Diego Union, March 17, , Old Overland stagecoach models on display in March of Transportation Building. San Diego Herald, March 19, , Radical changes needed if Exposition to keep gates open; cries for local support. San Diego Union, March 18, , , Gildred retires from Exposition post; Bailey moves up.

San Diego Sun, March 20, , , Gay events herald first spring weekend at Exposition; pie-eating, doll contests for children, bathing-beauty competition on program. San Diego Sun, March 21, , San Diego Sun, March 22, , , A Musical bathing beauty show lures Exposition crowds; circus opening preparations rushed; student choral clubs plan songfest.

Traditions of Dons lives on here today, by Eileen Jackson. San Diego Union, March 23, , Thousands witness parade of bathing beauties at Exposition; cup,. San Diego Sun, March 24, , , Exposition entertains , visitors; radio star due; orphans invited to view circus; 30 ready for spelling bee finals. Miss Dorothy Lamour, radio singing star, will reign as queen of the Society night premiere of the giant Al G.

Barnes circus at the Exposition Friday. San Diego Sun, March 25, , , Elephants, nudist rites highlight Exposition program; barker, harmonica contests lure youngsters; business woman wins spelling honors. San Diego Sun, March 26, , , San Diego Sun, March 26, , San Diego Union, March 26, , , Two giant redwoods planted in park; may get vast girth in 4, years; trees brought from Sequoia nursery put in by CCC group at Fair grounds; others are also added.

San Diego Union, March 26, , Tanya Cubitt crowned nudist queen as two comely contenders threaten rule. San Diego Sun, March 27, , , March 28, San Diego Sun, March 28, , , Barnes Circus opens at Exposition with big premiere; gala event continues today and tomorrow; special Escondido Day. San Diego Union, March 28, , , Crowd jams big-top; gala circus premiere packed as skilled artists thrill throngs.

March 29, , Sunday. Program — Escondido Day, Al G. San Diego Sun, March 29, , , A San Diego Union, March 29, , , Special events await expected throng at Exposition; circus attracting crowds to Fair; Escondido residents will be honored. Santa Fe officials predict heavy travel to Exposition — James B. Duffy, assistant traffic manager, expressed satisfaction with the Santa Fe exhibit, an operating model of the entire system from Chicago to the coast with four trains in operation on the miniature tracks..

Exposition provides enlarged automobile parking areas — more space has been added along Park Boulevard; auto parks are operated by the Exposition this year under the management of Al Archard.. San Diego Legionnaires plan days at Exposition — more than 30, Legionnaires are expected to throng the grounds on July 18 and Palace of International Art contains rare gems — a new door has been cut into the east arcade leading to the Plaza del Pacifico; entire building, except corner occupied by the International Drug Co, is devoted to art exhibits.

Benchley — animals are happy; new flying cage built. New reptile house built at Fair — built in the form of a hollow square surrounded by an arcade along which the public walks and views the reptiles by looking through plate glass windows.. Abbott — realism stressed; wild flowers shown, CCC featured; redwood tree section displayed. San Diego Museum at Exposition replete with items showing cultural development of the human race — the walls on the main floor carry great paintings of the rediscovered cities of Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Copan, Quirigua, Tikal and Palenque while the floors bear the replicas of towering monumental stelae.

Progress of man is depicted in San Diego Museum collections — Although the San Diego Museum has specialized in American archaeology and anthropology, and done this particularly in the southwestern, Mexican, Central American, and Pacific fields, a certain amount of variety and relief, and some opportunity for comparative studies have been achieved through exhibits showing phases of cultures of Japan, Ethiopia and Egypt. These include characteristic costumes, utensils and personal ornaments..

Those who were received there last year find new arrangements of furniture and color harmonies to admire and truly a treat is in store for those who visit this ideal setting for semi-tropical entertaining for the first time. Alice Klauber, art patron and artist in her own right, has designed the most striking of the new rooms, the Flamingo, a tete-a-tete lounge for women.

The hangings depict in a stylized pattern, a group of blood-pink flamingoes standing in an ochre sunshine with a background of sky blue. There are few changes in the spacious gold room, Sala de Oro. The decorative motif in this room is taken from a screen across which runs a luxurious vine and its blossom, the cup of gold. Another screen by the same artist, Esther Barney, with its formalized pattern of the banana palm, catches the interest in the upstairs loggia, the ideal rendezvous for tea.

The loggia is done in greens that are warmed with delicious touches of brown and accented with wine color, the same shade as the flower of the banana plant. The glassed-in loggia opens on a balcony that commands a secluded view of the park canyons to the south. Vivid bougainvillea clambering over the rail of the porch give immediate color. Here Mrs. Barney and her crew of artist helpers, Malcolm McDowell, Christopher Hobbs and Daniel Dickey, have finished window panels which are treasures of tropical beauty.

Again, the broad leaves of the banana palm are used for background against which are patterned colorful semi-tropical fruits. There is also a palm stencil which takes care of a niche in the west wall, and between the glass doors on the south stand three golden apple trees — most enticing.

Madill and Charles Davis; new appointments and entertainment plans for this year; lounge areas added; piece orchestra of Paul Termine; Neely Edwards, master-of-ceremonies; floor shows; coffee shop in the west wing bordering on the Avenida de Palacios and the Plaza del Pacifico.. Federal Building at Exposition offers unique service — representatives of the department of commerce and representatives of other branches of the national government are on hand daily to assist those who wish to avail themselves of the services of these departments through direct contact here in San Diego..

Roads of Pacific to open June 1 — Ford V-8 cars will be available to take guests over reproductions of historic highways and trails without charge.. March of Transportation vividly depicted at Exposition, varied exhibits tell how man first brought wheels to aid him in carrying his burdens, by Ruth Taunton — vintage autos displayed; carved wagon made in Spain in ; bicycles from four-seaters to the modern version; two ancient railroad engines..

The House of Hospitality is the gathering place for cosmopolitan society at the Exposition. Social history is in the making there this season, as it was last. The building originally was designed by Bertram Goodhue for the Exposition. At that time it was used for the Foreign Arts Exhibit. Gazvini of this city, who have charge of the International Arts Building, were awarded a gold medal at the close of the Exposition in for their magnificent display of foreign arts.

When it was decided to restore the buildings in Balboa Park two years ago, the women of San Diego asked for one where they might have official parties for visiting celebrities. The exterior of the House of Hospitality was patterned after a castle in Salamanca, Spain. Its plateresque tower, which reflects a soft mauve tint when the lights are turned on each evening, is a fine example of Spanish-Renaissance architecture.

It was only the interior which came in for remodeling. Requa had the roof cut away in the center of the patio, which he designed after the one in the museum of Guadalajara, a real Spanish-Colonial feature. The statue of the Aztec Woman with Olla by the San Diego sculptor Donal Hord is an original touch, although the Mexican museum patio has a pool and also a well, hidden among the banana plants, as they are in the House of Hospitality.

The main rooms of the House of Hospitality are the spacious Sala de Oro, or gold room, where receptions are staged, the upstairs loggia, where tea is served, and the striking Flamingo Room, which takes its name from stylized panels of the birds, done by Esther Stevens Barney. This artist has done two decorative screens, one of which features the banana palm with its magenta blossoms for the loggia, and another with the cupa de oro vine and blossoms, which stand in the gold room.

Other features in this house of the gracious name, are the tea-time balcony with its gay tables and sunshades overlooking the busy Plaza on one side and a wooded park canyon on the other, the library, a cool retreat, and an auditorium where programs are staged daily. Baby bank at Exposition is welcomed by mothers: It is the building occupied by the Pacific Pottery exhibit last year on Avenida de Espana, across from the Spanish Village.

A corps of nurses and teachers are in charge. Children from two months up are accepted. At that time it was used for the Foreign Arts exhibit. Requa had the roof cut away in the center for the patio which he designed after the one in the museum of Guadalajara, a real Spanish-Colonial feature.

The statue of the Aztec Women with Olla, by the San Diego sculptor Donal Hord, is an original touch, although the Mexican museum patio has a pool and also a well, hidden among the banana palms, as they are at the House of Hospitality. The main rooms of the House of Hospitality are the spacious Sala de Oro, or gold room, where receptions are staged; the upstairs loggia, where tea is served; and the striking Flamingo Room, which takes its name from stylized panels of the birds done by Esther Stevens Barney.

The artist has done two decorative screens, one of which features the banana palm with its magenta blossoms for the loggia and another with the cupa de oro vine and blossoms which stands in the gold room. Other features in this house of the gracious name are the tea-time balcony with its gay tables and sunshades, overlooking the busy Plaza on one side and a wooded park canyon on the other; the library, a cool retreat, and an auditorium where programs are staged daily.

San Diego Union, March 31, , San Diego Sun, April 1, , , Rodeo clown here for Exposition; Homer Holcomb performs this week. San Diego Sun, April 2, , , Range riders arriving for Exposition roundup; rodeo opens tomorrow with Broadway parade; cowboys due. San Diego Sun, April 3, , , San Diego Union, April 3, It is somewhat similar to games found at Amusement Centers throughout California. San Diego Sun, April 4, , Exposition lariat riding events renew today; whoops of opening day resound; youngsters stage shoot.

April 5, , Sunday. San Diego Sun, April 5, , , A Rodeo climax at Exposition today; Sally Rand to stage dances April San Diego Sun, April 5, , B San Diego Sun, April 5, , C A great photographic mural depicting highlights in the industrial drama of the Ford Rouge plant will form the central decorative display in the new Ford rotunda building at Dearborn, Michigan; rotunda is the central section of the Ford exposition building in Chicago in San Diego Union, April 5, , Adjoining this are the lovely Flamingo Lounge, the library in restful green, and the pleasant open-air decks overlooking the gardened Plaza del Pacifico.

It has ever been a magnet of writers, who are giving us a delightful and ever-increasing literature all our own. It is this literature that is being assembled in the little library, truly inviting with its easy chairs and Reiffel landscapes, Baldaugh sunflowers, and Shoven zinnias adorning the walls. The writer of this article, chairman of the library committee, is indebted to Miss Marjorie Kobler, efficient San Diego County librarian, for assembling the major portion of the collection, and for preparing a reference list of outstanding books on California, including history, romance, flora, and a wide range of interests.

Copies are available to all interested. Many local writers also have contributed of their books, brochures and poems on San Diego and California themes. San Diego Sun, April 6, , , Rodeo return set for June; Sally Rand next on list of Exposition features. San Diego Sun, April 7, , , April 8, San Diego Union, April 8, , April 9, San Diego Herald, April 9, , San Diego Sun, April 9, , , Sally Rand frosts nudist queen; defies Police Chief Sears; dancer unafraid of police halting her show.

San Diego Union, April 9, , , Sally Rand due by plane at 10 a. San Diego Sun, April 10, , , San Diego Union, April 10, , , San Diego Union, April 10, , Exposition will mark Better Housing Day tomorrow with a radio broadcast scheduled to originate at Model Town at p. April 11, San Diego Sun, April 11, , , Exiled Calles due here tonight on flight from Mexico..

San Diego Sun, April 11, , Miniature room in Palace of Transportation will be dedicated tomorrow. April 12, , Sunday. San Diego Sun, April 12, , San Diego Sun, April 12, , , A San Diego Sun, April 12, , C Veterans have been granted additional bedspace in the San Diego Naval Hospital effective April 1; heretofore there were available 10 beds for strictly emergency cases; 25 beds are now available. San Diego Union, April 12, , , City seal 22 years old this week; insignia conceived by Carlton Winslow in contest set by Council; designer tells significance.

Edison models displayed at Ford exhibit in Palace of Electricity. San Diego Sun, April 13, , , San Diego Union, April 13, , Sally Rand gives double show as crowd overflows Palace of Entertainment. Provisional company of the 30th Infantry has arrived at Camp Derby; beginning Friday snappy drills and band concerts will be regular parts of the Exposition programs.

San Diego Sun, April 14, , , San Diego Union, April 14, , Gold Gulch is no more; ghost town in canyon is closed and tumbling to ruin. San Diego Sun, April 15, , San Diego Union, April 15, , Sally Rand show goes on despite Exposition cut plan: While the dancer was visiting her mother in Glendora Monday, the management decided that there would be only two fan and bubble dance performances daily instead of the announced four.

To make a long story short, Miss Rand gave the four shows as had been announced in the press. Aubrey Davidson, Chairman of the Board. We have found from experience that a well-intentioned criticism of constructive nature is worth ten compliments. I always hesitate, however, to pass along any criticism, but appreciating your caliber, I know you would want it.

We encourage our people to visit places in this area unannounced, so that their reactions will be the typical reactions of the tourist. It is solely in a helpful spirit, therefore, that I am sending you a copy of a memorandum from our information Department. Since almost all the visitors who call at the office inquire in some detail about the Exposition, what they may expect to see there, etc.

I wanted particularly to see the lighting effects this year, as I understood they were the most important feature of the Fair. We were unable to reach San Diego before PM, owing to unpleasant weather conditions and some difficulty with our car. Upon checking in at the U. Grant we asked how late the lights were kept on and were informed that since it was Saturday night they would undoubtedly be left lighted until midnight.

We drove out to the Fair, arriving about We immediately took one of the sightseeing buses which is supposed to make a circle of the grounds, but before we got more than a few hundred feet the lights began to go out. The bus conductor told us it was the custom when there were very few visitors to turn the lights out shortly after the buildings closed, at PM.

We were naturally very much disappointed at not being able to see the grounds illuminated, and somewhat put out that they did not inform us at the gate, when we paid our 50 cents admission, that we would be unable to see anything when we got inside. In leaving the grounds I talked for a few minutes to the young man taking tickets at the gate, suggesting that in the future they avert disappointment for visitors by advising them when it was too late to see anything.

His enthusiasm was as great as that of the bus conductor, as he outlined the many things which we would see the next day, and the pleasure in store for us if we would remain for the evening. Sunday morning, we returned to the Fair, and since the weather was much nicer than on the previous day, and a rodeo was scheduled for the afternoon, there were quite a number of visitors. We looked in at several of the other buildings, but there were very few changes from last year.

None of the buildings were completely filled. The flowers this year are even more luxuriant than last year, so that the grounds really are beautiful. One thing we were particularly impressed with was the wholehearted enthusiasm of every employee of the Exposition with whom we came in contact — they were all pleasant and courteous, and very much sold on the Fair. The former midway has been cleaned up and presents a much improved appearance.

Everyone in San Diego with whom we talked about the Exposition, seemed to feel that it was a mistake to have opened it before My 1 st. The weather has been unfavorable, and presumably the Palm Springs season has cut into whatever California travel might naturally be expected to have drifted that way. For the first time in many months, the Tanner Company had no Saturday tour to San Diego, the unpleasant weather apparently having discouraged everyone.

San Diego Sun, April 16, , , San Diego Union, April 16, , , San Diego Sun, April 17, , , San Diego Union, April 17, , Some free passes for golf given to Councilmen are canceled. April 18, San Diego Union, April 18, , Infantry troops held first retreat parade in Plaza del Pacifico yesterday.

April 19, , Sunday. San Diego Sun, April 19, , , A San Diego Union, April 19, , San Diego Museum to mark 25th birthday Tuesday; E. Hardy reviews achievements since Exposition. San Diego Union, April 20, , Sally Rand again top Exposition attraction; Ely Culbertson, bridge expert, next. San Diego Sun, April 21, , , April 23, San Diego Herald, April 23, , Wayne Dailard puts over Exposition publicity in big style. San Diego Sun, April 24, , , San Diego Union, April 24, , George W.

Marston made a remark which could not be impressed too deeply upon the community. San Diego Union, April 24, Richard B. April 25, San Diego Sun, April 25, , , Animal show Exposition feature; Sally Rand in last performance; electric display due.

San Diego Union, April 25, , , Electrical display; pet show slated at Exposition today; Phoenix scouts here. San Diego Sun, April 26, , , A San Diego Sun, April 26, , C San Diego Union, April 26, , Youngsters display pets of many sorts at Exposition show. San Diego Sun, April 27, , , San Diego Sun, April 28, , , Flower show, McLaglen highlight Exposition schedule; Marietta also billed this week; attendance sets record. San Diego Sun, April 29, , , Flower show next at Exposition; pie contest and horse show to follow.

San Diego Sun, April 29, , Bell demands regular high school dances in Exposition building when Exposition closes. San Diego Union, April 29, , San Diego Herald, April 30, , Exposition outlook dark as Mayor Benbough, Council kill zone. San Diego Union, April 30, , , Community Center for recreation of youth is planned; James H.

September 8, , S II, Reported in fair condition, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, with respiratory ailment. July 31, , A March 13, , A May 1, , Friday. San Diego Sun, May 1, , , San Diego Union, May 1, , , Marston commends Mayor Percy Benbough on success of city administration.

San Diego Union, May 1, , Marietta, new Exposition dancer, favors long garb, but staff insists on slit skirt. San Diego Union, May 1, May 2, May 3, , Sunday. San Diego Sun, May 3, , , A McLaglen due for Exposition show; aims to put on spectacular feats on horseback and motorcycle.

San Diego Union, May 3, , , San Diego Union, May 3, , San Diego Sun, May 4, , , San Diego Union, May 4, , Cadman directed students in his composition at Ford Bowl yesterday afternoon. San Diego Union, May 6, Cinco de Mayo marked with program in House of Hospitality; Navy Band gave a concert and presented retreat yesterday. San Diego Herald, May 7, , , San Diego Herald, May 7, , San Diego Sun, May 7, , , San Diego Union, May 7, Five performers presented their bicycle show on a tight wire, 75 ft.

May 8, San Diego Sun, May 8, , , May 9, San Diego Sun, May 9, , , San Diego Union, May 9, , May 10, , Sunday. San Diego Sun, May 11, , San Diego Union, May 11, , , Aviation Museum planned here as Lindbergh feat celebrated. San Diego Sun, May 13, , , Ken Maynard to bring wild west show to Exposition; premiere June 5, 6, 7 to have cowboys, Indians in thrilling acts by Diamond K Ranch.

San Diego Union, May 13, , May 15, San Diego Union, May 15, , May 16, San Diego Union, May 16, , Exposition police yesterday raided an establishment in the Fun Zone and seized an electrically equipped flash wheel, but made no arrests. May 17, , Sunday. San Diego Sun, May 17, , , A Farmerette beauty contest Exposition highlight today; El Brendel, Mack Sennett to judge entrants; Knights of Columbus, cartoonists to be guests.

San Diego Sun, May 17, , B Letter Ada S. Whitmore objecting to the closing of the park for a second year of Exposition. San Diego Union, May 17, , Produce pays the way for farmers to be gay at Exposition today. San Diego Union, May 18, , Women honored in appreciation program at Exposition; each woman received a fuchsia plant at Organ Amphitheater yesterday afternoon.

May 19, May 20, San Diego Sun, May 20, , , Wegeforth returns from Asia tour with rare animals for Zoo. Al Swingler, concessionaire, demands return of Exposition wheel. Ben Bernie and his 16 lads will open their first five-day Exposition engagement today at p. May 21, Program — Rexall Day, Pt. San Diego Sun, May 21, , Exposition on sound basis; big year due; Belcher predicts mark to be eclipsed.

San Diego Union, May 21, , , Harry Wegerforth recently returned from a trip to the Philippines, Japan, Java and Singapore with rare specimens. San Diego Sun, May 22, , , San Diego Sun, May 22, , Reporter amazed at Texas Centennial; buildings, shows, big pageant. San Diego Union, May 22, , , May 23, San Diego Sun, May 23, , , Style parade, fashion show slated for Exposition next Wednesday in Palace of Entertainment.

May 24, , Sunday. San Diego Sun, May 24, , Mile-long parade scheduled at p. Hardy lauds cultural value of park in House of Hospitality. Worth seen in frescoes at Exposition, by Julia Gethmann Andrews. San Diego Sun, May 25, , , San Diego Sun, May 25, , San Diego Union, May 25, , Exposition draws crowds despite clouds yesterday; Ben Bernie attracted thousands to Organ Amphitheater programs and farewell dance in Palace of Entertainment last night.

May 26, San Diego Sun, May 26, , Visitors near million; brilliant entertainment set for anniversary. Olsen and Johnson, famous comedians, with a cast of 50, will open a five-day engagement Friday, first anniversary of Exposition. San Diego Sun, May 27, , Exposition to get 2, orphans; children will see Wild West show. Readers of the Herald and citizens in general know that the Exposition has been strangled and suffocated almost to the point of death by Mayor Benbough and the City council.

One of the greatest arrays of talent, spectacle and entertainment ever gathered has been recruited of this celebration which will last for one week. Marissa Flores, beautiful Spanish dancer, has been named queen of the fiesta, and a score or more of outstanding entertainers will come to the Exposition as a supporting cast for Miss Flores.

Announcement has been made by Wayne W. Beginning Monday, June 1, the Exposition will begin operation on a seven-day-per-week basis. San Diego Sun, May 28, , , San Diego Sun, May 28, , San Diego Union, May 28, , San Diego Union, May 28, May 29, San Diego Evening Tribune, May 29, San Diego Sun, May 29, , That experience constitutes the most direct and permanent profit the community as a whole can draw from the undertaking.

We have tried innumerable mans of entertaining the millions of visitors that the Exposition has attracted. Some of the attractions were completely successful, some have failed. In this record — if it is kept intact, without any forgetting of mistakes — San Diego has all the materials for forming a practical and intelligent publicity policy.

The decision recorded by hundreds of impartial judges is written plainly in the records of daily attendance. In addition to the statistical data, every San Diegan can quote the verdict of many individuals who came, saw the park and expressed their opinion. We would guess, for example, that out of every thousand visitors have agreed that the Exposition was staged in a setting of unparalleled beauty. This experience is worth more than the total cost of the Exposition — if San Diego will take it as a guide for shaping future policy.

May 30, San Diego Sun, May 30, , , Hope is that holiday crowd will beat record; famed comedians headline weekend attractions. San Diego Union, May 30, , , May 31, , Sunday. San Diego Sun, May 31, , , A Colorful parade in honor of war dead enters Exposition.

San Diego Sun, May 31, , A San Diego Union, May 31, , , Exposition throngs honor war dead; thousands line route of parade. Zoological Hospital in Balboa Park gives animal town its own health department. San Diego Union, June 1, Olsen, Johnson entertain Helping Hand youngsters; visitors at the Exposition today will include several hundred boys from Lefors, Texas. San Diego Union, June 2, , The City Council announced yesterday that here will be no reduction in fire and police protection on the Exposition grounds in the near future.

June 3, Coincident with its first anniversary on Friday, May 29, the Exposition opened on a seven-day basis. In the future exhibit palaces will be open from 10 a. Next big show scheduled is the Ken Maynard Wild West Circus and Indian Congress, the first old time wild west show to be seen in America in 23 years, which will be launched with a gala world premiere on the night of June 5.

The Maynard show will be presented also on the following days, June 6 and 7, with Ken Maynard, film idol, appearing in person at every performance. Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians, cowboys and cowgirls, Russian Cossack daredevil horsemen, Mexican vaqueros, buffalo, camels, elephants, elk and other human and animal performers will mingle in a thrilling pageant of the last frontier. Highlights of the show include an Indian attack on a covered wagon train, burning of a frontier settlement, the Battle of the Wounded Knee and other spine-tingling episodes based on historical truth.

These will include Tommy and his Wonder Pony; Frank Evers and Dolores, tight-wire walkers; South Sea Samoans; a bevy of luscious dancers and instrumentalists; and the famous Piccianni Troupe, whose latest engagement was with Ringling Brothers as headliners.

Earlier in the season the Exposition sponsored the Frontier Days and International Rodeo, declared by veterans to be one of the finest rodeos ever presented at any time. Most of the stars who took part in that successful show will return in June to participate in the Lakeside Rodeo, which is expected to pass the splendid record set by the first rodeo. The policy of the Exposition management is to present a variety of attractions of all types, designed to appeal to varied preferences of all visitors.

Tin Pan Alley offers amusement and entertainment entirely different from anything else on the Midway. San Diego Herald, June 4, , The Herald is pleased to announce that the Exposition management has decided to keep in force its policy of admitting all servicemen in uniform free to the Exposition. San Diego Union, June 4, , , Exposition attendance record forecast with Ken Maynard Wild West Show; the circus, designed to recreate the traditional Buffalo Bill type of show, is en route in 60 coaches from winter training quarters in Los Angeles.

June 5, San Diego Sun, June 5, , , San Diego Union, June 5, , , June 6, San Diego Sun, June 6, , San Diego fleet home; 15, men welcomed back; warships anchored; planes thrill welcoming crowd. San Diego Sun, June 6, , , Texas opens its big Centennial show; expects 10 million guests. June 7, , Sunday. San Diego Sun, June 7, , A Thousands throng Exposition at Dallas as Texas celebrates th birthday. San Diego Sun, June 7, , , A San Diego Union, June 7, , Fiesta proceeds will aid in restoring Adobe Chapel at Old Town.

Exposition girls find public more inquisitive this year, by Forrest Warren. CCC men set up forest fire camp for 1, within an hour at Exposition. San Diego Sun, June 8, , , Exposition visitors total ,; Olsen and Johnson return to Exposition in new show. San Diego Sun, June 8, , San Diego Sun, June 9, , San Diego Union, June 9, , The Chamber of Commerce in a letter to the City Council yesterday asked that steps be taken to place under U.

Navy control 15 acres of park land between the Naval Hospital and the street car tracts through Balboa Park. The two women clambered up a tree and waited until other people came. Gary's parents were relieved to find him. One day he decided to climb over the fence in his backyard. His parents looked all over for him. Gary was a brave child. They found him sitting on the swing at the park. He didn't have enough money to pay for them.

Instead he had to be arrested and jailed for two days. He lost his jobs for missing work. Timmy was caught with unpaid parking tickets. Timmy then had to find another job, 1 2 3 0 4. My favorite card game was poker. When I was younger, I went to summer camp. We had a lot of fun playing games with the counselors. My favorite thing to do was play cards. The camp counselors knew so many different card games.

Amber had a lot of things to do this Sunday. She hurried to get ready. Amber was so hurried she left the list at home. She was worried that she would not have enough time. She made a list of all the places she needed to go. Eve thought the couch was very comfortable. Then she went to a secondhand store and found a great one.

Eve needed a new couch in her parlor. But she could not afford to buy one! She had it delivered and set up in her living room. He found a very large spider there. His therapist said he should confront his fear to overcome it.

Jason was terrified of spiders. He went to a therapist and discussed his fear. Jason's homework was to look for a spider in his basement. Linda went to her boss with the issue and the boss mediated them. The coworker had started bossing her around at work. Linda began to have problems with a coworker at her job. Linda and the coworker ended up being best friends. The coworker even talked behind her back. She shopped deals and spent all her savings. She saved all year and started her shopping in November.

Sara wanted her kids to have a great Christmas. She spent two days wrapping dozens of presents. All of the presents were wrapped and stored for the holidays. Megan has been struggling with a drug habit for years.

After the event, she got into a rehab facility. Her distant family decided to stage an intervention. She was able to get off drugs after some time. She hit rock bottom when she lost her family and kids. The rejections contribute to Tyler's feelings of desperation. He has spent the last few months diligently applying for work.

Tyler has been unemployed for Years. However, all of his applications are rejected. He realizes he might have to apply for public assistance. Miranda is married to Bob. Miranda tells Bob that she enjoys her career and won't quit. Bob doesn't like that Miranda works so much. Bob gives Miranda an ultimatum. Miranda quits her job. They had a hidden camera.

My cousin's had a terrible experience with their babysitter. The baby is having major problems. They found video of her shaking the baby violently. They reported the babysitter to the police. Bobby was surprised and amused. His friends bought him a huge cake.

Bobby had a good party. Bobby was having a birthday party. A woman jumped out of the cake. Then we packed our bags and drove to the airport. We were eating lunch on the patio of the hotel. We laughed and smiled because it was a great vacation. We want to revisit someday. It was the last day of our vacation.

They dumped the clothes on the floor. They then put their clothes up neatly. Mother asked the children to help fold laundry. The children took the clean clothes into the living room. They folded the clothes neatly into piles.

Timmy spent all day cleaning so he could watch tv. Timmy's room is a mess. His parents don't let him watch unless he does his chores. Timmy loves watching cartoons. Today's chore is to clean his room. Her old college roommate lives in Hawaii. She decided to surprise my daughter by flying miles. My daughter was excited. My daughter had her baby shower in our Boston home. She invited friends and family in the area. Then he would get them to make a bet for a drink or money.

Craig used to always go play darts. Craig did it one too many times and the patrons beat him up. He would go to a local bar and try to hustle. He would play bad at first. Everyone danced and had fun! Pam's house was where the party was. Everyone bought gifts. Pam was a good hostess. Pam bought a cake. Ellen was appalled. She decided to start taking baths. The kids made fun of her every day. They called her smelly Elly. Ellen always hated school. Jim decided to devise a plan for repayment.

He didn't have a job so he bought everything on his card. Jim realized that he was foolish to spend so much money. Jim got his first credit card in college. Tim won the baking contest. He decided to make his famous donuts. Tim was entering a baking contest. The judges thought they were delicious.

He made a big batch and entered them into the contest. Now I don't try to make him wear training pants. He went to the potty and used it when I wasn't looking. He always begged to wear a diaper. My two year old son refused to wear training pants. One day, out of frustration, I let him remain naked.

She was relieved that it didn't hit anything. Lightning had hit a tree beside the house. Holly was glad to be safely inside her house as the storm raged. She stared as she watched it fall. She was watching the storm as she heard a loud crack. She dropped one on her hardwood floor. When Jill received the cups, she wanted to test them. She was amazed and ordered them. Jill saw an infomercial for unbreakable glass cups.

It broke and Jill felt dumb for believing the hype. Addie got scared and tried to chase the man out. Addie was relieved and took deep breaths to calm herself. Luckily guards came and arrested him. Before she knew it, Addie looked behind her and saw stolen clothes. Addie was working at the mall at Hollister when a strange man came in. The manager wanted Sean to understand everything.

The manager took him to the back and interviewed him. He arrived at the business and asked for the manager. Then, the manager showed him around and explained the job. Sean was going for a job interview. Fred made a bet with Sam over who could lose more weight in a month. At the end of the month Fred was feeling confident he would win. Fred worked out daily, avoided fast food, and skipped dinner. John went skydiving for the first time.

He screamed when they jumped. He went with an instructor on a plane into the air. John was terribly afraid of heights and passed out. When he woke up, he had already landed. Gina begged to be dropped off at her grandma's Gina loved her grandma.

Gina and her family were leaving the park. They had been there all afternoon. Now they were going to her aunt's house. Kaya found a dress that she loved that was a nice coral color. Kaya needed to buy a new dress for the upcoming Spring Formal. She went to the mall with several of her friends. It was kind of expensive but she decided it was worth it.

The girls all had a good time visiting shops and trying on dresses. He and his friends and his parents blew up the balloons. Tyler wanted to have a balloon party with tons of balloons. They got tired and watched a movie and had dinner. He and his friends played with the balloons and had a lot of fun. It had been a very fun day. Jimmy went skateboarding this afternoon. After all his practice this week, Jimmy has learned a new trick.

It was the third time this week. He fell once but hasn't given up. He's getting good at it and really likes it. She doesn't like the feeling of using a razor. Maxine gets laser removal next time. She shaves her legs for the occasion. One night Maxine has a big date and decides to wear a dress. Maxine usually hates to shave her legs.

He ordered the parts from eBay. Ryan loved to customize his bike. Ryan loved how his bike looked. He decided to add some LED lights to the bike frame and wheels. When they arrived, he assembled them. I turned the stove on too high.

I decided to cook spaghetti. One day I wanted to cook a nice dinner for my family. I boiled the noodles and put the sauce in a pot on the stove. The sauce burned and stuck to the bottom of the pan. He played hard and mercilessly. Nick beat his girlfriend and she gave him the five dollars. Nick was challenged to a volleyball match. Nick did not intend to let her win! His girlfriend bet him five dollars she could beat him.

We got to the tournament and went over strategies. We played a tough 6 games. We practiced a lot for an upcoming tournament. We felt pleased with our performance. Some friends and I made a Counter-Strike team.

After three weeks, no one had called Michelle about the cat. Michelle named the cat, "Socks. She put up posters all over her neighborhood. Michelle found a fat tuxedo cat outside her house. His train had just arrived in Derry. It was as gorgeous as a fairy tale! Neil enjoyed Ireland. As he disembarked, he caught his breath. Neil was visiting Ireland. Her dress became covered in bird poop.

Mary was upset that her dress was ruined. Mary went to the park. A bird flew over Mary and pooped. She wanted to show off her new dress. One day, Scott saw footage of the perpetrator. Scott knew someone was stealing packages from his porch. He set up a surveillance camera near his door. He felt that he would at least have a video of the thief. Scott apprehended the perpetrator. It was the hardest exercise class I ever took. I went to bed and then rested until morning.

I worked through it for an hour and my legs went numb. Last Tuesday I took my first spin class at the gym. When I got home my legs started to hurt and I couldn't walk. He gave himself a budget. He loves beer but thinks it's too expensive at the bars. Colin was invited to the bar by his friends. He decided to go anyway. Colin stuck to his budget and only drank 2 beers. She realized that she had no money in her wallet to buy breakfast.

She debated whether to go back and get something to eat. Sally was forced to go hungry. Sally forgot to each breakfast before she left the house yesterday. She decided to pick up a meal on the way to work. Jordan was planning on moving to Mexico.

Everyday he worked on the program for at least 2 hours. He ended up purchasing a language learning program from Amazon. Jordan decided that he should learn Spanish. Jordan knew some conversational Spanish by the time he moved. Ann and Tim loved astrology. After a lot of searching, Tim and Anna found the perfect name. When they married and became pregnant, they had a dilemma. They couldn't decide on a meaningful name for their baby daughter. In fact, the met while they were both in astronomy class in college!

He was happy with his decision. He wanted to get into shape but couldn't afford the rates. He was amazing at how expensive a personal trainer was. Fred is brand new to exercising and just joined a gym. He found personal trainer routines online for free. Amy was hopeful she would get a chance to play. She finally got her chance to play in the match. Her coach put her in the game. After the first game they were ahead. It was the second match of the volleyball season.

Then the doctor called him at work. Her husband Tim despaired of ever becoming a dad. He told him that there was great news about Ellen. Ellen had had four miscarriages in a row. The doctor told Tim that Ellen was finally pregnant. David asked his mother if he could pour his own drink. David accidentally knocked over his glass which shattered everywhere. David promised to be more careful in the future.

His mother cheerfully forgave David. His mother agreed, but warned him to be careful. He practiced for days. Neil wanted to play hockey. Then he geared up and headed to the rink. Neil played in the competition. He borrowed some gear from his friends.

I kept my baby blanket in good shape. I moved away from my home. I still miss my baby blanket. My baby blanket disappeared. I had it for 30 Years. He made enough money to live simply. My friend Cam was an Amazon bookseller. He had 4, books stored in a garage. His house caught on fire one day and he lost his collection. Cam has since decided to insure his belongings. She asked her grandmother to teach her how to draw sunflowers. Rosie's teacher's birthday was coming up in 5 days.

Rosie did not have money to buy a present. Rosie's teacher loved the gift. Rosie drew a big sunflower and painted it with watercolor. The company fixed his fridge. They told him they could come the next day at noon. Jon met them at the door when they arrived, and let them in. Jon's fridge was broken. He called a service company to repair it. He filed a complaint with eBay. The man is furious. He received a box containing six blown fuses and a jar of pickles. A man ordered an antique clock on eBay.

EBay refused to process a refund. Then Tom's truck broke down. They would go out in the desert every week. Tom and Dick loved their trucks. They would kick up dirt and play around. It cost a lot of money, but he got it repaired. The family ate at a restaurant at the park. His dad and brother rode on a big roller coaster with him. Harry went to the theme park with his family. Harry had a great time at the park.

He then rode on some smaller rides with his mom. I believed that I did the presentation correct and stood up for it. I had a presentation in art. He allowed me to repeat my presentation and failed me again. My teacher failed me although I did everything right. The teacher agreed to discuss it with me. All of her family came to cheer her on.

But when she got there she realized they were short handed. Only a handful of girls showed up to play. The game was canceled. Leah had a hockey game. After a month she checked her eyes out carefully. She applied it every night. She bought an expensive wrinkle cream. She was happy to see her wrinkles were gone.

Ava started to notice wrinkles by her eyes. He researched different cameras online and decided to buy one. He made the purchase and the camera arrived in the mail the next week. Harry shopped a lot online and was looking to buy a new camera. When Harry opened the package, he found that the camera was damaged. Annoyed, he contacted the retailer to complain about the damage.

Jasper enjoys cutting dead animals. He applies successfully for the job at the butcher. He has hated all the previous office jobs that he had. One day he sees a job opening at his local butcher. Jasper has been avoiding getting a real job for months. Most of the were excited to come over for food! I loved throwing parties. After the arrived we began eating and enjoying ourselves. It took about an hour but they all arrived on time.

After gathering all of the items for our party, I invited our friends. Tom decided that it was time to find a new job. Tom fond that he was no longer happy in his job. Tom went on job interviews and talked to a lot of people. Tom looked through the want ads and put in applications. He finally received a job offer. The scones were tasty and she was proud to hand them to her hostess. She decided to bring something to show her appreciation. They had a great tea party.

She found an online recipe for lemon scones, and she baked them. Linda had been invited to a British classmate's home for tea. So she decided to go to the mall. Ashley got back her tax return. They bought lots of clothes. They went from store to store trying things on.

Ashley and her roommate drove to the mall. Paul got a job. Paul graduated from high school. Paul agreed. He did not get accepted into college. His mom advised him to get a job. They challenged Harvey to a ping pong game, expecting him to lose. They all sat with their mouths open as Harvey beat them all. But they did not know that Harvey was a nationally ranked player. Harvey's roommates teased him about being so thin. They were egotistical football players. When I went to check out, I was ten dollars over!

I think yesterday was when I realized I shouldn't be a mathematician. I was at the grocery store, restocking for next week. I had bought around twenty items, and thought I was under my budget. I then realized that I was not good at math. We visited a few people who were selling cars. Our family needed a 2 door car that had good gas mileage. They bought another red car. My family's red car broke down last year. My parents searched multiple dealerships. She was bored without her phone so she tried to reach it.

She acted like a brat and threw a tantrum. She was on the end and it was too far. She plugged it in the front seat, but she was in the backseat. Gina's phone died as they drove on the highway. The door had slammed open. I was just sitting on the porch enjoying my day. I realized it had only been the wind. I jumped up in surprise. When out of the blue, a loud bang disturbed my peace. She needed to find another library. Gina's local library had no books on dolphins. Her mother refused to take her.

The closest one was downtown. Gina decided to walk instead. Alan was a terrible shot! But he persevered and practiced a lot. Alan got a gun for his 18th birthday. His dad took him to the range to practice shooting.

He now loves to go hunting. Jay was finishing up lunch at McDonald's, throwing away his trash. There were some game pieces on his fry box so he fished it out. He peeled off the game piece and couldn't believe it. As soon as he threw it away, he realized there was a promo happening.

He'd dug in the trash for nothing. He worked in a factory. The factory fired him for poor work. There once was a man named John. As a result, he had to find other work. John was a troubled worker. Kim saw a mother unloading her shopping cart in a parking lot. Kim, realizing the child was in great danger, lunged toward the cart. KIm breathlessly saved the child.

Suddenly, while the mother was turned, the cart started rolling away! The mother's little toddler was sitting in the cart's child seat. Kev decided not to come hunting. Then he decided he didn't like hunting. Kev said he'd consider it. He thought it was cruelty to animals. Kev's dad asked to take him hunting.

The concert ticket was a gift for Emily for her birthday. When Emily was young she got to go to her first concert. Emily was very excited to see her favorite artist on the stage. She was nervous because of all of the people at the concert.

This was the best birthday gift Emily had ever had. She got an application for the donut shop. Lina loved her new job. Lina wanted to fry donuts. To her delight, she had been hired! She started to go to work frying donuts. My class went to the Everglades for our field trip. The bus ride home was long and boring. We also got the opportunity to travel in water. I was tired when I got home.

We did some sightseeing in several of the forests. The new forum was theirs to rule. They haughtily stomped off to make a forum of only themselves. Andy, the forum owner, had enough, and told them as much. They formed a clique and demanded more and more power. A group of workers from Mechanical Turk joined a forum.

Donna's toddler son, Ty, didn't like having his nails clipped. Donna had a much easier time because Ty was asleep. Donna decided to wait until he was asleep. The child's nails had grown longer than she was comfortable with. Once Ty was napping, Donna quietly clipped each nail. She could feel the tension between them. Gina felt more calm once she arrived in the library. Gina didn't want to sit at her desk near her old friends.

Her teacher agreed to allow her to go for an hour. She decided to ask to go to the library. Vivienne did not have any goals or career aspirations. Vivienne was not granted a visa. The interview did not go well. Part of the immigration process was an interview about her intentions. Vivienne wanted to move from France to America. It was much more effective than his balloons.

Frank bought a water gun the next day. Little did he know she was ready for him. Frank filled up dozens of water balloons to throw at this sister. When he started the attack, she pulled out a huge water gun. Suddenly he saw something shiny on the ground. He bent to pick it up. Matt was excited to be so lucky. It was a gold ring! Matt was out for a walk with his mom. Gina's dad pulled into the 24 hour Walgreen's parking lot.

It was Gina's job to pack them before they left. Gina felt guilty about forgetting everyone's toothbrushes. They needed toothbrushes before they went to grandma's house. It was nearly 4 AM but everyone went inside. The manager decided to offer John the job. During the interview he was very talkative and likable.

He went to the interview very prepared and nicely dressed. John was excited to have a job interview. The manager of the company was really impressed by John's comments. Ben wanted a glass of orange juice. He halved a few of them and got out the juicer. There was none in the house. Ben made freshly squeezed orange juice from the oranges. However, there was a bag of oranges.

He spent the whole day playing in the snow making snowmen. Reg hoped he would get another snow day soon. Reg was hoping for a snow day. There was a bad storm overnight. He got his wish and school was canceled! Caroline never drinks carbonated beverages. One day they challenged her to drink a soda. Caroline wanted to win the challenge. Her friends pick on her because of it. Caroline opened the soda and drank it all in one gulp!

Tom and Cindy were eating marshmallows. Tom enjoyed the roasted marshmallows. And Tom agreed with her suggestion. But Tom began to get tired of it. Cindy suggested roasting the marshmallows. The deli man took the sandwich and tossed it into the bag.

The bag fell over when the sandwich hit it. The man at the deli wrapped a sandwich for a customer. He took out a brown bag and set it on the counter. The man at the deli apologized. The woman behind him offered to buy his groceries. He promised to pay her back. At check out, he realized he forgot his credit card. Bob was at the grocery store.

Bob was so appreciative. John was surprised. John bought a new gun. He was showing it off to his friend. It accidentally went off. He loved all the safety features. Neil had an amazing educational and cultural experience. They learned a lot of facts.

Then they had a picnic lunch on the banks of the Nile. Neil was visiting the city of Luxor. He took a tour to learn about Egyptian history. If he didn't like it, he didn't have to eat any more. One day she gave him a slimy looking food called papaya. John wasn't adventurous about trying new food. John ate, but told his mom that he never wanted to eat it again. His mom always made him try 2 bites of something new.

Eventually it turned up. One of the two was lost. I have a favorite pair of socks. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it.


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Asked 9 years, 4 months ago. Active 7 years, 11 months ago. Viewed 49k times. Improve this question. I thought they branch out. Haven't you ever seen melons or squash pumpkins growing in real life? Wait, you're comparing Minecraft to real life? None of those work anymore because of 1.

EpicTreeko You might be having the same problem I had, see gaming. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. Kevin Reid Kevin Yap Kevin Yap Note, unless you like waiting on melons to grow, you might find it better to arrange your melons where you're less likely to trample the vine. They can die if their dirt changes from fertile soil to regular dirt, and it's rather a pointless waste.

Now that trampling has been removed in 1. Note that melon and pumpkin stems no longer need adjacent Farmland for the gourd to grow onto. Any ol' block will do now. Wolfwood04 Wolfwood04 21 1 1 bronze badge. This is the weirdest answer you'll get. Wolf Can you edit the answer to explain why this setup should be used? This looks intriguing, but it would be great to know why this works so well.

If you are actively harvesting, I can see this being compact and efficient, as each dirt block has stems adjacent to it. But If you want to go do other stuff and only harvest when you need melons, the yield per harvest is quite low. Additionally, the diagram has 2 seeds that are surrounded on all 4 sides by non-open dirt and are useless. Ryan Ryan 5 1 1 bronze badge. You don't need nearly that many water blocks to water all the farmland.

You can survive on melon alone with the press of a button. As long as your redstone is wired up to repeaters you can make your melon farm as big as you want. If you have any questions or suggestions for future How-To's, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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No melons dont need to be on farmland but they wont get the speed bonus from water that hey normall would. Step 1 Dig an Irrigation Trench. Sign Up. No they actually don't, but I it's possible they'll spawn quicker.