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Gruss betting assistant forum auburn alabama a&m betting line

Gruss betting assistant forum

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BETDAQ customers can place faster bets, build their own trading bots and customise the interface in a way that suits them. Technical Requirements Betdaq Betting Assistant is a desktop application which requires full Windows 10 to run. Unfortunately that means that it won't run on a Mac operating system unless you first install Windows on your Mac which can be done using various methods.

Cash out option to take profit or minimise loss with one-click stakes auto calculated. Dutching facility on back and lay bets. Ladder Interface showing full depth of market. Tick offset bets with sliding stop loss and Fill or kill. Gruss Betting Assistant is, I would say, one of the lesser known Betfair trading software products, But there is more to it than meets the eye.

There are a number of different topics that I happen to know rather well. I have written extensively about the software available, looked at the pros and cons and considered which is ultimately the best of the bunch. I could spend all my time telling you about the difference in features between Cymatic Advanced Trader and Bet Angel Professional — which I have already reviewed, and found both to be excellent.

I would also more likely than not bore you because if I hold my hands up, in broad strokes, the differences seem a lot more like similarities! There is a piece of Betfair trading software currently on the market that I have overlooked recently. It is also different enough to warrant a serious look in an of itself. The software in question is Gruss Betting Assistant Software, a rather neat piece of kit which has been developed by brothers, Gary Russell and Mark Russell.

Their unique selling point for Gruss Software is that the software has been developed by people who bet on Betfair rather than a software developer simply throwing something together for profit. And if you remember, I actually did a review of Steve Howe the professional Betfair trader a few days ago, and mentioned that he actually helped to design the Gruss Betting Assistant. They also listen to and interact with users of Gruss Software a lot allowing them to build the software that people want.

Everything is heavily inspired by the actual user interface that Betfair employ on their own online exchange, and it all behaves pretty much how you would expect. As a piece of software, Gruss Software is only compatible with computers running Microsoft Windows which may put some of you off before we even look at it. In terms of how it runs, Gruss Software is clean, crisp and responsive. Somehow, it has slipped under my radar and was actually created all the way back in This means that there is 13 years of polish in place and it shows.

There is a strong sense of functionality, but by God is it good under the proverbial hood. This takes me on to the speed with which Gruss Software performs. I have used a number of different pieces of Betfair trading software and this is definitely amongst the fastest. On top of this, the software itself is quick. What I mean by this is that it is surprisingly well written code and there is no real lag or slowdown when moving between screens.

With all of this in mind, I want to take some time to look at what Gruss Software can do. The first two things that I think that any trader wants to know about when it comes to a piece of Betfair trading software are what kind of charts does it have and does it have a ladder view. These have become staples for traders and without them, a piece of software is pretty much useless.

Fortunately, Gruss Betting Assistant has both of these. The ladder view is very much in line with what you would expect. This is a very good thing. The charts are also very much in line with what you would expect. There are a variety available showing different types of data in different fashions.

There is nothing flash about this, however everything is well set out and very clearly shows the information that you need. As well as the presentation of data, Gruss Betting Assistant comes equipped with a number of tools built in which allow you to implement betting strategies. Key amongst these as far as I am concerned is a really solid system for dutching bets.

This works on both backing and laying with Gary Russell and Mark Russell also programming the software so that you can set how much you want to profit or what you want your maximum liability to be. This works very well and is one of the better examples of this kind of thing, even compared to much more expensive examples of Betfair software.

As is typical for most pieces of trading software, Gruss Software allows you to programme your own betting system in excel which can then be used to automate your betting. Truthfully, I feel like in this regard, Gruss Betting Assistant Software really does pull away from the competition. Unfortunately, this is also one of the more difficult aspects of Betfair trading.

If there is one aspect of Gruss Software that does deserve to be talked about, it is the community. There is a rather extensive user forum that is not just active, but actually very helpful. Gary Russell and Mark Russell are both active here as well and appear to actively take on board what users ask for and want. This is very much optional although recommended in my opinion.

The manual is very much in line with this, being informative without ever wandering too far into the realm of technicality. You also get a small amount of video assistance as well. Gary Russell and Mark Russell also make themselves available for support via email. There is a version of the software that allows you to trade on Betdaq in the same way as Betfair.

There are however plans to make this a bigger part of Gruss Betting Assistant Software in the future. At the moment, there is also no charge for the Betdaq version of Gruss Software however Gary Russell and Mark Russell say that they reserve the right to change this in the future. When it comes to Betfair trading software, costs differ wildly. Some examples are free and represent a great starting point. Both of these are reasonably priced in my opinion.

Unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee in place for Gruss Software. There is no best piece of software and realistically, what works well for one is not necessarily going to work well for another. I am of the opinion that Gruss Software does a lot very well. This is for a very good reason. I feel like it is safe to say that with Gruss Software, Gary Russell and Mark Russell have focused on function rather than form.

The only other problem that I can possibly perceive is that Gruss Software is perhaps aimed a little more at the technically minded crowd. What I mean by this is that if you really want to get the most out of Gruss Software, then you do need to have some idea of what you are doing.

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