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Bet on lol matches

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This is a popular again, rare promotional perk, but SickOdds includes any opportunities to bet free of charge. You can count on us to keep you up to date with the hottest League of Legends esports news. Gone are the days of the solo-carry, when one player could truly lift four others to victory. The game has evolved over the last four to five years, and reached a point that any team is only as strong as its weakest link.

The most impactful players in a LoL team tend to be the Mid Laner and Jungler; these players are less confined to one area of the map than their teammates. Every team has a different way of allocating the gold earned from taking objectives, but teams that have world-class Mid and Jungle players tend to be the ones that win titles when compared to teams that play around the Top or Bottom lanes. More specifically, the roles are: AD Carry dealing the majority of damage , Support protecting and sustaining the AD Carry , Jungler collecting XP in the jungle, which is found in between the lanes , and Tank a character that can absorb damage and help crowd control.

The fifth player will be the Jungler, who roams Jungle killing camps to gain more XP than the rival team. Games in League of Legends can last anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes, though highly-competitive match-ups can last even longer.

League of Legends is a high-octane, competitive MOBA that combines real time strategy with elements of role-playing games. It can be hard to identify which teams and players to back since there are so many competitors scattered across a number of tournaments and leagues, but there are key metrics and features to analyse in order to find sensible favourites. Looking at simple statistics such as kill-to-death ratio, average placements for teams at tournaments, and score comparisons between players.

There are a number of specialist websites that are entirely focused on providing statistics and insights into players, teams, and performances at tournaments, and they are a great way of finding a competitor for you to back. This means that you could, and perhaps should, pool a number of informing factors ahead of placing money on a team. Professional League teams are constantly looking for a strategic edge, and teams that find these answers faster than others are teams that succeed long term at the LCS level.

Try to determine which teams are smartest, in addition to which are most talented. With the start of League of Legends Season 8 , practically all bets throughout the regular season and playoffs will placed on best-of series. Some leagues use a best-of-two format enabling the possibility of a draw , while the best-of-three is also very common.

Playing series of games means that upsets will take place less often than ever. League of Legends focuses on cohesive team play, not individual talent. A recent trend in esports has been signing international players. International competitions are the biggest and often most predictable ones, as the leading teams from each region come together to compete. For the most part, League of Legends has a regional hierarchy because some regions have had head starts over others.

Korean teams, for as long as League of Legends has existed, have led the way. Take a look at which teams your prospective bet has won and lost against, and consider why your expected result could happen or not. Feel ready to bet on League of Legends? The next step is to check out our comprehensive list of the best places to start online betting.

Expect to see a plethora of websites with a variation of odds, experiences, and welcome bonuses- such as deposit match rewards and free bets. Just like in any sport, competitors go through peaks and troughs in terms of form, so the safest option is to do your research on recent placements before placing a bet.

Twitch is almost synonymous with watching esports live, and YouTube is home to past gameplays from tournaments, leagues, and scrims. Fortunately, most of the bookies we list either have mobile websites or mobile apps, so you can bet on your favourite esports games no matter where you are! The only way to guarantee safe and secure payments is to bet exclusively with bookies that hold a license.

These bookies are required to have measures, such as industry standard encryption, in place to guarantee secure payments. This ensures that even if there is a security breach, your data will be unreadable. Stat junkies should visit the official Riot Games website, lolesports.

Former players and coaches often become content creators in the League of Legends community. Their show is useful because they go through each game of each series every week. Post League Time can make up a lot of the hours it takes to watch competitive matches yourself.

The in-depth analysis is much more helpful than simply watching highlights. Twitter is a great resource as well, particularly on game days since all sorts of fans and analysts are watching together in conversation. Also, Reddit maintains that largest LoL community on the internet. This is another place to look for opinions on teams and players, but beware of some bad attitudes. Decimal Decimal Moneyline Fraction. League of Legends Betting Are you ready to bet on the biggest esports title there is?

Upcoming Matches. Match Winner Odds. This is also a huge incentive for you to shove your lane and allows champions that do not roam well to keep up with the potential gold their opponent could earn by ganking another lane. Neutral monster camps have also changed significantly. Whereas there used to be only one type of drake, now there are five cloud, mountain, infernal, ocean and elder. Killing each one will give you a certain amount of bonus, whether it be health regeneration, movement speed, bonus damage or increased durability in fights.

And the elder used to buff the other bonuses significantly. These changes themselves were quite new and still powerful, but in the latest season, even they have been changed. Now, there is something called the Dragon Soul, which is chosen at random and upon killing 4 drakes will be granted to the team. Two more notable changes regarding drakes are the fact that once the second drake is killed, the map will later change depending on the type, spawning more walls, bushes or speed up areas.

This keeps the game dynamic and the players on their feet, as they have to adapt to the changes. Using this to your advantage is key, especially for junglers. The other notable change is to the elder dragon buff. This makes the drakes even more fierce than they have ever been and perhaps the most significant objective to secure.

Now, all of these do impact the game quite a lot and will often dictate how you need to play. But, there is one more crucial component that we need to mention. The champions. With the roster constantly being updated, you might feel a lot has changed. Well, in essence, not really. Each patch brings with it a new set of buffs and nerfs, which pretty much define which champions will be at the top and which ones will be at the bottom.

This is most noticeable in high elo, with lower elo players copying that style. Reworks, updates, ground-up changes do not matter much in the grand scheme of things, and game sense still counts for much more than individual mechanical skill. This part of LoL, it seems, has not changed drastically. Like we have previously mentioned, League of Legends betting availability will vary greatly from country to country, with the betting sites someone in Australia will bet on LoL with completely different brands to those in somewhere like Sweden.

This is all to do with licensing and what is legal in your country. Below we will give you an overview of League of Legends betting in some of the countries it is most popular:. Esports fans from North America will be happy to know there are several international licensed and regulated online sportsbooks offering betting markets on major League of Legends tournaments, which you can wager in with US dollars.

All of the following esports betting sites take match winner, handicap, first baron, first tower, first inhibitor and many other LoL prop bets on the latest League of Legend match-ups, with safe deposit and withdrawal methods such as Bitcoin, Visa credit card and virtual wallets like Neteller and Skrill. BetOnline : The 1 online sportsbook for North American esports fans due to their long-standing reputation with racing and sports betting customers.

Read our BetOnline esports review for our verdict. Known for its massive welcome bonuses for both fiat currency deposits and Bitcoin deposits, and even better when you like betting with both types. Read our Bovada esports review for our verdict. Nitrogen Sports : Recommended for esports fans who like to bet in Bitcoin only, because Nitrogen only takes bets with the popular cryptocurrency.

The site offers betting markets on all major esports tournaments and games, including League of Legends. Read our Nitrogen esports review for our verdict. Read our Betsson esports review for our verdict. Nitrogen Sports : For Filipino esports fans who love to bet in Bitcoin rather than fiat currency, Nitrogen Sports is our top recommendation thanks to their intuitive interface, fast deposits and decent range of esports betting markets on League of Legends and other popular competitive games.

Aussie players are big fans of League of Legends, and will be happy to know that several esports betting sites accept players from Australia and offer betting markets on the latest LoL tournaments. The best Australia-friendly betting sites accept several different deposit and withdrawal methods that make wagering on your favourite match easy and safe, with bonuses available for new punters.

The best League of Legends betting sites for AU players include:. BetEasy : For Aussie esports fans looking to bet with real money at a site licensed Down Under, BetEasy is our top recommendation thanks to their intuitive interface, fast deposits using all major payment methods and decent range of esports betting markets on League of Legends and other popular competitive games.

Read our BetEasy esports review for more info about what BetEasy has to offer. In addition to a huge range of sports betting markets, Sportsbet. Read our Sportsbet esports review for more details about the betting markets, AU-dollar payment methods and bonus offers. The esports betting market is really heating up in Brazil, and given the popularity of League of Legends, Brazilian players will be happy to know that several leading esports betting sites accept players from Brazil, while offering betting markets on the latest LoL tournaments.

The top rated esports betting sites make it easy to deposit and withdraw real money, accepting payments via an array on safe and trusted payment methods. The best League of Legends betting sites for Brazilian players include:. BumBet : Bumbet is an online betting site designed especially to cater to Brazilian esports, making it our top recommendation for Brazilian players thanks to its vibrant interface, list of safe deposit methods in BRL and nice range of esports betting markets on League of Legends and other popular competitive games.

Read our Bumbet esports review to learn more. League of Legends is arguably tied with Dota 2 for the biggest esport in the world, attracting the largest amount of players worldwide compared to any other competitive video game scene. However, in terms of popularity and playerbase, LoL healthily beats out the Dota 2 esports scene — the latter only pulled in League of Legends also relies on crowdfunding for many of its major tournaments, which it utilises to great effect.

Home LoL esports betting guide Assassin : An agile champion specialising in fast damage meant to take down enemy opponents as quickly as possible, usually with melee-centric weapons and abilities. Excellent at taking down champions with low health pools or slow attack rates due to their mobility, but are also weak in defense to offset their high speed. Some examples of heroes in this class include Ahri, Shen, Twitch and Zed.

Mage : A magic-wielding champion specialising in powerful spells and support skills that annihilate opponents quickly and buff allies with a diverse range of benefits dependent on the champion.

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League of Legends (usually referred to as LoL) is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Riot Games. We cover Lol tournaments & odds, & give real money betting tips to help you As League of Legends matches only last three rounds, the total is always set at. pro scene? Prove it. Come bet on LoL and win some money (% Deposit Bonus)! League of Legends Betting - Bet on League of Legends Matches.