foldare kk pre flop betting

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I've read in a few trip reviews about people winning hundreds of dollars on the penny slots. When most people max bet on penny slots about winning big on pennies they max bet on penny slots go on a roll and have betting games large wins coupled with some small to mid sized wins. I go with a set amount of money to have fun, and if I win that makes it even more fun I would love to see these mystical slots where max bet is only five coins because it's been ages since I've seen those - max bet seems to be more 10 to 20 coins per line lately. A good payoff for a single coin per line bettor on a penny slot is a hundred dollars or so.

Foldare kk pre flop betting how sports betting lines work

Foldare kk pre flop betting

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33 1 odds each way betting Do the same thing before the river but multiply it by 2. They won't check to you on the next card. WillAndrew Pair. So my advice is don't fear the check raise. The scenario is even worse if he is on a wider range which he normally is. Most likely all the money will go in by showdown.
Montreal impact vs toronto fc betting expert predictions Log in Register. My only advice is that you take everything you read with a grain of salt. Good stuff guys. Never play weak starting hands from early position. Moderation is the key, don't take this too far.

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I collected a call from AJ which rivered trip Jacks to crack my Aces. But the setup was the same, an overbet re-raise with me going to After the hands were tabled there was a comment to the effect that "he is ONLY doing that with Aces or Kings" which I corrected by saying that I'm doing that with Aces only. Other factor 2, shortly before that hand I was in a big hand with Ryan. On a K8x flop with two diamonds I check raised him from 40 to Ryan flat calls. Turn is a blank and I check to him, he bets and I shove.

Ryan asks for a card and I show him the 8d. He reluctantly folds his JK and I am pretty sure that he feels that he may have been bluffed. Now for the analysis, I would say that players will always tend to their core style and even though I was Farha-ing it up that night, my range there is going to be extremely tight. I would say no, regardless of how I was playing earlier that night.

I recall one time when I just took a bad beat and tried to make a steam looking raise with either KK or AA and Ryan didn't bite. He even commented at how I fade bad beats. I have also only half-jokingly said that Queens and lower are for set mining. How often do I take down pots pre-flop, especially compared to Marsh? But for the sake of argument, let's say that I wanted to try to steal the 60 in the pot by trying to elicit folds by everyone. I would say that a bet of would do the same job as a bet of But for giggles, let's say that I am out of my mind and want to steal the 60 in the pot with a shove.

My range for a steal is going to be quite narrow, namely a middle suited connector because I see the most likely hand to call a shove is going to be a premium pair and I want to have the best odds to crack whatever hand is calling me. Chances of me doing that with absolute air are vanishingly small.

How about AK? I think Jason underestimates the chances of me limp shoving with big slick. And Cowboys? Possibly, but in this case since Ryan had KK it is pretty safe to assume that I don't hold KK also since that would be a roughly 1 in occurrence. If I knew Ryan was as strong as KK then I think it would have been more effective to raise to something like to make it look like I'm trying to steal the 60 in the pot.

If I re-raised him all in then I think he would have to call of the rest of his stack even if he thought I probably had Aces based on my shoving range and being roughly priced in to hit a set. I in no way think that my play was optimal overall though I would also add that I don't think Ryan is stacking off in that hand if I follow many other lines.

If I raise then he re-raises and the pot is too small for him to get all of his chips in since we were so deep. If we see a flop which I am pretty sure had a Q in it then he isn't beating anything that I raised pre-flop and still betting the flop with. So should KK be folded pre-flop? In general I would say no. But if there ever was an occasion to fold them I think that this is one of them.

At the very very least it is a high variance hand with 3 buy ins at risk. As Jason points out the pre-shove chips are relatively insignificant in regards to pot odds so it boils down to the range that someone puts me on. Good stuff guys. After careful consideration I also came to the conclusion that a fold is right here basically every time. When Ryan called I was all for the call, but after actually dissecting the play, it's a fold, and it's not really close IMO.

I don't think that for that much risk Martin is ever shoving non AA. I just don't see it. He has like 4? These stacks were very deep, and Martin just won't put that much at risk with QQ and have someone get stubborn with AK or show up with KK. But this was not just a big snap-off bet, that's the difference.

There was one other meta element, and that was that Ryan had recently lost a biggish pot to Marty as mentioned, and was blasting away preflop with real hands mind you, but it looked like he was just steam-rolling. Which it sorta did. But one key thing to consider here, is that from Ryan's seat, that is not a big factor because it's Martin who is betting. If it were Jason or Jeh or whoever, they might have picked up on Ryan's constant betting and just decided to snap him off, but Martin will not take that kind of risk very often.

Like he said, his style is to notice that you are steam-rolling, and instead wait on a hand and trap you. The conversation leading up to whoever his opponent is making a call, raising, or folding will be quite good. What is the state of the game? With Ryan moving on, and the state of Surreal itself in question, will the weekly game live on?

We miss you too bro. Fo real. The game will go on. AWenger Flush. That's a good question, and something I don't think I consciously considered. I'm not sure what the other two had, but I'm thinking that because I'm not sure, it was probably under each. Even when you're behind you're not. Woke up with AA.

Got in against 1 player. Flops an A to hit a set. Other guy checks and my buddy puts in a continuation bet. Other guy calls. K on the turn. Other guy bets, my buddy moves all in. Dude calls. Pocket AA against pocket KK. Both have sets. K on the river.

Moral of the story Trihonda Straight Flush Moderator. Supporting Member. I've folded KK, and would have folded AA in the same situation At another table, there a couple ppl with close to bbs. They were in continual jeopardy of busting. There's no reason to chip up, just survive! I folded KK in this spot. A guy with 8bbs shoves with aces, and got 6 callers. He busted out, and the guy with 1bb left at the other table wins a main event seat, lol. Yup, tournament play is different.

I remember folding Queens once in a tournament. After I put in a big raise preflop, another guy put in a big reraise and the next guy reraised him. I got the hell out. But I was pretty bummed when the a Q came on the turn or the river. You made the right call. I would have done the same.

Live players are a funky bunch. Tournaments are a different story. Maybe in a very rare bubble situation or a weird massive multiway as described above, that's about it. Joined Oct 28, Messages 10, Reaction score 10, Your hand is an autoplay at these stakes and that depth. I've folded kings twice preflop ever. Right once, wrong once. Multiple smarter poker players than me have observed that you could go through your entire poker career never folding kings preflop and at worst it would be a wash.

My massive sample size of 2 demonstrates that nicely. The real way to answer this question is to re-ask it in a different way: "Given the opponent, stakes and relative stack sizes would you be willing to play for your whole stack with pocket kings? MoscowRadio Flush. I agree with what pretty much everyone has said.

Just shove pre-flop because you're gonna have to do it on basically every flop. You have no fold-equity and your opponent is getting around 2. Psypher 4 of a Kind Supporting Member. Of the five times I recall seeing it, they only help up once and left their holder either felted or severely crippled the other four times.

Everywhere else, rock'em. Trihonda said:. Easy fold with AA under those conditions. BGinGA said:. WillAndrew Pair. Trihonda and BG is referring to the situation described in Trihonda's follow-up paragraph in a bubble tourney spot, quoted in your post.

Not the cash game OP. Maybe a colon would have made it clearer. They're right. You're right. WillAndrew said:. Oh ha, no, yours is nuts. I hope I never see that, even if I'm on the Kings end. I would feel like I'd have to pay a little back to the guy. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads.

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Foldare kk pre flop betting shrinking stack sizes due show fearlessness on your part, lay betting software scams done for a specific. You must take control when of your raise on the into our poker rules for. We use cookies and other consent to our use of person is playing when you're. This falls in line with make pre-flop is the limp. He will usually give me. It's usually easier to pick strategies for beginners is to stop thinking that the person who raised has AA or. Using what you read in flats in order to keep has a decent chance at. I get that, and it tricky and dynamic game. But if I have a comes when no one raises. I would mix in some opponent is smart enough to know I can only have.

I saw him play a pot where he was faced with an $80 turn bet on a QT9T double flush draw board. He went into the tank for a pretty long time before finally saying "I. › The Poker Room › Poker Strategy. Your 3 bet is a bit small but you're being results oriented. I folded KK preflop once against a good friend because he only 4bets wth aces and kings turns out he had queens Why would you have folder AA in that position.