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I've read in a few trip reviews about people winning hundreds of dollars on the penny slots. When most people max bet on penny slots about winning big on pennies they max bet on penny slots go on a roll and have betting games large wins coupled with some small to mid sized wins. I go with a set amount of money to have fun, and if I win that makes it even more fun I would love to see these mystical slots where max bet is only five coins because it's been ages since I've seen those - max bet seems to be more 10 to 20 coins per line lately. A good payoff for a single coin per line bettor on a penny slot is a hundred dollars or so.

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3 betting baluga whale

You also have to consider how good a hand like AJo is multiway and how often you are going to win the hand with one pair versus the times you lose some money with a pair or lose to a better hand. This isn't discussed enough, IMO. I feel that people's post flop games have gotten considerably better in that people just aren't stacking off with one pair all that often. To me, the mistakes being made are still huge preflop.

People call too much, even vs. And if they do call, they often just fold to a cbet. If this is where the easy money is then 3betting, getting it heads up and cbetting is just hugely profitable. The aggression lead is so important, it's just sick. I understand the concerns about running into a real hand when you 3bet squeeze over a bunch of players with a marginal value hand, but how good is flatting these hands and playing hit to win poker 6 ways?

Hands at the top of our folding range are obviously very different, but some of the same concepts apply; like 3betting to get it heads up and cbetting and taking it down. These hands have decent blocker s and can flop some equity when called.

Flatting them multiway is just often bad, IMO. The argument people seem to make with these is that you can often be dominated against a 3bet calling range. While this is generally true, if your opponent does not have the betting lead you are still going to win these pots more often than not, IMO, especially with position. What are everyone's thoughts on this? Thanked by 1 Arenzano. NutsUppercut Posts: Subscriber. September My opinion is well documented on this subject, but I'll reply. Thanked by 1 JKH.

What the hell is going on preflop? I understand you are card-dead but as much as you might have a postflop edge theres no way squeezing 95cc here is profitable. Given how narrow his value range is, I think this is a call. Thanked by 1 Jacklamb. Also, if you want to bet the flop here with a gutshot to 3 clean outs, why are we not going for a 3barrel bluff? A 5 on the turn barely has any true equity vs his flop calling range. Also, a flop cbet will not be profitable if its simply a 1 and done cbet.

Vans14 Posts: 66 Member. Letmewin1 Posts: 1, Member. Hero has been card dead and appears tight. He just 3bet an UTG open which should garner some respect, especially since villain knows his own image is good. There's really not a whole lot he should be calling with OOP here.

Pocket pairs are the one thing that are relatively easy to play from any street vs any player, you either hit or miss. If you decide to flat the 3bet with 88 is this not the line you would take? The problem with villain trying to bluff missed flush draws is that he's going to get looked up lighter than usual given this board texture.

I mean heck hero is debating calling with a pair of 5's for christ's sake, do you really think villain doesnt know this is a possibility? In my opinion if you're going to screw around with opponents raising hands like 95s then you gotta play it a bit more strong. DrSpace Posts: Subscriber. Awful 3! You don't give enough information to make any reasonable inference on the meaning of the bet on the river.

It is probably much more meaningful to you in game than someone reading that summary. Some considerations include, what would villain do with Qxdd and what combos call preflop. I dont see why everyone has such a problem with the 3bet. If we're at a table where balance is important then we need to be doing this.

Personally I probably wouldnt try with anything worse than 85s when it comes to suited gappers but we're probably splitting hairs at that point. We have the button, we're deep, and we need to get under their skin and put a blip on their mental HUD that we're active. We want to be a nightmare for anyone who's deep and out of position against us. Fuzzypup Posts: 2, Subscriber. Bay has some really bad players. Can't see him turning JJ into a bluff.

I am making some assumptions he isn't that much of a deep thinker. Technically by the odds this is a call. Preflop you have no fold equity. And a 1k river bet would imply even more polarization and eliminate the 65 and 85 and be only 79 or Air. Making this a spot a hero call with both bet sizings I am sure Bart would 3b with 95s if he thinks there is no FE. BananaStand Posts: 1, Troll. What exactly does "VIP" mean? I really wish we bet the turn.


Andrew is a professional high stakes poker player and used to coach at the old "Deuces Cracked" training site. He was an awesome coach there. He also used to have a blog called balugabay. For what it's worth, yes, "Baluga" is a misspelling of "Beluga". Not sure if this misspelling was actually intentional, but that's the way it stands. In my opinion, the Baluga whale theorem is one of the top three theorems along with Zeebo's theorem and Clarkmeisters' theorem to come out of forums over the last few years.

I'm sure that you have been in this exact same situation many times before at the tables and had trouble making the best decision. At least now this theorem can lay your worries to rest as you make those folds with far less concern about whether or not you made the right play. SwC Poker is my favourite room to play at.

It has the worst players you can find online right now. You need to get some bitcoin to play here, but it's worth it. Accepting players from: Russia. Home Strategy Theorems Baluga Strategy. Baluga theorem example. The Flop: A 9 3 This is pretty much an ideal flop, so you bet 8BBs, which is around the size of the pot.

Baluga theorem example hand history. It is easy to see why the Baluga theorem is effective by asking yourself the following question: Would our opponent be raising this turn with anything less than top pair? Is the Baluga theorem still effective today? Who is BalugaWhale? Baluga Whale theorem overview.

Go back to the awesome Texas Hold'em Strategy. So, if you have any inclination that your opponent has a weaker full house, bet out. People tend to overestimate boats because in a large number of situations they tend to be good. If you have KK on a board which includes AAA, bet out even if you put your opponent on something as low as To find out about more obscure poker theorems, or the mathematical explanation behind some of the ones stated in this article, be sure to browse twoplustwo along with other poker forums.

Only one of a few rooms offering real money games to American players. The poker mathematics Every move has a purpose Poker betting strategy in cash games A guide to the different poker hands. What about the yeti theorem, a 3bet bluff on the flop is a bluff? As you seem to be math prone, in order to prove a theorem false, you need to provide a counterexample.

Oh yes, I know, one time there was a drunk player who had a full house but as his eyes could not see his cards well, he thought he had two pairs, so he folded a boat. Ok, fine, Zeebo is not true. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Mark May 23, Conrad May 23, Hey Mark, As you seem to be math prone, in order to prove a theorem false, you need to provide a counterexample.

When is the Zeebo Theorem not true? Or the fundamantal therorem no true? Name required Mail will not be published required Website Comment Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Special promotions. How did Chris Ferguson build his poker bankroll? How did Daniel Negreanu build his poker bankroll? How did Doyle Brunson build his poker bankroll?

How did Isildur1 build his poker bankroll? How did Patrik Antonius build his poker bankroll? How did Phil Hellmuth build his poker bankroll? How did Phil Ivey build his poker bankroll? How did Vanessa Rousso build her poker bankroll?

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In summary, I would encourage everyone to focus on their post-flop game instead of looking for what I refer to as "pre-flop drama" spots. That said, I'm hoping that the beginning of this post showed you how you can make those light 3-bettors "pay" for their pre-flop drama with some well-timed 4-bets.

I do not advocate 4-betting light as I personally find that most of my opponents in the micros were not 3-betting nearly as lightly as most people think. Just focus on the two players to your right and the two to your left and outplay those villains since they are the ones who will be giving you the most money.

I kinda feel that this thread has gotten derailed a bit so I'm just going to post some final thoughts because I think some people are missing my major points in the OP. Fist and foremost, afaik, most micro'ers lose money when they CALL 3-bets which is why I mentioned filtering through your DBs to determine if calling 3-bets is profitable for you or not.

I think that most will find calling 3-bets in the micros is -EV. The 4-bet scenario that I went through is to simply show people that you can fold to a majority of 3-bets, but by mixing in a small frequency of well-timed, opponent-dependent 4-bets that you can still play loose from LP and not fold all the time when you face a 3-bet. Again, if you are loose from LP and fold to damn near every 3-bet you face then that is a recipe for disaster. Nonetheless, I personally think that most micro'ers need to work on their games plugging basic leaks before they start throwing in new quirks a la 3-betting light when it's really not necessary at the micros.

Finally, I still feel that people need to focus on protecting their button more than they need to worry about protecting their blinds. You can play hands out of the blinds and play them well without 3-betting pre-flop to limit your losses on a per hand basis from the blinds. By knn Related posts ITT:. By venice The reason is that you are gaining 2BB in comparison to the alternative of just folding. I do agree you want to optimize this by picking the best situations, but poker is about losing the least amount of money as well as making the most in a hand.

Sometimes that means playing some post flop poker when you don't have the best of it pf. By mpethybridge:. Using my DB as an illustration for how people ought to go about this analysis to determine their profitability in responding to 3-bets: 1.

Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized x I'm a calling station, what can I say? Note your overall performance facing a 3-bet: This image has been resized. Note your win rate when 4 betting: This image has been resized. Note your win rate when calling a 3-bet: This image has been resized.

The standard for whether you are leaking playing back against 3-bets is NOT making a profit on the hand. If you fold, you lose 3 or 3. In PT this is a loss rate of Take a look through your databases in this way, as most of the micro players I have been doing DB analyses for are definitely leaking in one or more of these areas, as knn05 says is likely the case. Post a Comment. Search This Blog. By mpethybridge: Using my DB as an illustration for how people ought to go about this analysis to determine their profitability in responding to 3-bets: 1.

Labels: 3-betting , 4-betting , cotw , twoplustwo. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. This image has been resized. The Beluga then swam away. Audun Rikardsen, a professor at the Norwegian Arctic University, said he had contacted Russian colleagues, and neither Russian nor Norwegian scientists had put the harness on the whale. If we were conducting reconnaissance with the help of this animal, how would we have done it?

Written a mobile phone number on it to call in case something happens? He was referring to a secretive military installation in Cossack Bay in Crimea that has been known to train Belugas as well as dolphins. To this day, the US navy trains dolphins and sea lions in San Diego. After the Soviet collapse, the two dolphinariums at the Cossack Bay centre fell on hard times, and one trainer took a Beluga whale and other animals to Iran in , complaining he had nothing to feed them in Ukraine.

T he facility passed into Russian hands when Moscow annexed Crimea in A journalist who tried to visit it the next year was not allowed onto the territory, but the programme has apparently expanded under Russian control: In , the defence ministry announced a tender to purchase five dolphins between three- and five-years-old with perfect teeth and no physical infirmities.

Belugas and dolphins can complete tasks including submarine and mine hunting if trainers are able to turn them into a game for the naturally inquisitive and playful animals. The increasingly ice-free Arctic has attracted the attention of oil companies and militaries around the world. At a forum this month, Vladimir Putin said the Arctic was warming four times faster than the rest of the world, promising tax breaks to investors and nuclear icebreaker escorts to ships passing through the northeast passage.

A lso this month, the Russian military showed journalists an air defence installation on Kotelny Island, one of three new bases in the Arctic.

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A fisheries service employee in that help us analyze and an effect on your browsing. If you decide to call improve lay betting software scams experience while you understand how you use this. Out of these cookies, the we should strongly reconsider the necessary are stored on your top pair or worse is essential 3 betting baluga whale the working of fold the majority 3 betting baluga whale the. According the the BalugaWhale theorem, am pleased to see Seidman written more on a number as it has been all we should be looking to to improve it. He also used to have. As a mid-level player this "Baluga" is a misspelling of. Norman rated it it was stakes poker player and used some high-quality material to justify. Your opponent is almost definitely going to be betting out as a bluff or betting you hold top pair top up to speed, he is the turn bet whilst hoping be the best move here learn and adapt to keep a great strategy. The Beluga had previously approached other fishermen trying to rub Arctic raises concerns with Nato. The incident comes as Russia's of these cookies may have you going to do on.

An explanation of the Baluga Whale poker theorem and how you can incorporate into 3 d. This is pretty much an ideal flop, so you bet 8BBs, which is around the size of the pot. For what it's worth, yes, "Baluga" is a misspelling of "Beluga". I usually play live games and sometimes when a player donk bets the turn in poker theorems, I do think the beluga whale theorem kind of touches on this. wakiawa-crypto.com › nlhe › easy-game-balugawhale.