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I've read in a few trip reviews about people winning hundreds of dollars on the penny slots. When most people max bet on penny slots about winning big on pennies they max bet on penny slots go on a roll and have betting games large wins coupled with some small to mid sized wins. I go with a set amount of money to have fun, and if I win that makes it even more fun I would love to see these mystical slots where max bet is only five coins because it's been ages since I've seen those - max bet seems to be more 10 to 20 coins per line lately. A good payoff for a single coin per line bettor on a penny slot is a hundred dollars or so.

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Betting record keeping software

The statistics provided refer to each of your systems or betting methods. As soon as you place one bet and link it to one of the systems available, the program will start providing you with useful statistics that include the percentage of wins and places, the outlay, the return, the POT, the average odds and bets, or the Bank high and low figures when applicable, figures are provided for both the win stakes and the place stakes.

Read more. Review summary. Pros One-window interface, suitable for all users Provides you with statistics about your systems' performance Allows you to keep track of all your bets. Even the most talented sports bettors have fallen victim to mismanagement of their bankrolls. In this article, we once again talk about the importance of keeping a detailed track of your wins and losses while betting on sports online to have healthy bankroll management.

Most bettors begin their careers placing a number of -EV wagers and have little to no concept of value. Sadly, and luckily, for the sportsbooks, the vast majority of people who bet never make it to a point where they genuinely want to improve their win rate or expand their sports betting knowledge. Most people have no idea how to find value in betting markets, so bankroll management and record keeping is far from a priority.

It can be as simple as writing them down in a Microsoft Word document or even the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper. Microsoft Excel is a wonderful tool for just about everything and sports betting is no exception. With a little Excel knowledge, recording your bets and keeping track of your wins and losses is as easy as entering your wagers each day. There are many websites that will track your bets for free or for a small fee.

We prefer Excel because it can be as easy as you want, but can also be complex or more detailed depending on your preference. Look, we understand more than most that there is a big element of fun to sports betting. It also is a big help and perhaps a legal requirement when you file your U.

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As soon as you place one bet and link it to one of the systems available, the program will start providing you with useful statistics that include the percentage of wins and places, the outlay, the return, the POT, the average odds and bets, or the Bank high and low figures when applicable, figures are provided for both the win stakes and the place stakes.

Read more. Review summary. Pros One-window interface, suitable for all users Provides you with statistics about your systems' performance Allows you to keep track of all your bets. Info updated on: Jan 27, It will tell us how much money we made every time when we bet. The problem if yield is that will tel you how you did in the past, but will not tell you what you can expect in the future. Plus there is another problem that many miss — sample size. Yield is heavily dependent on the number of bets.

Small sample size of bets will give us much bigger and unrealistic yield, which later regress to the mean. This is probably the most important indicator if someone is a sharp bettor or not. The sharpest bookmakers openly say, that they use this method to identify sharpest bettors in the World and this is basically the difference between losing bettors and winning bettors on the long run.

First we must understand what closing odds are. Closing odds are the latest odds just before the games starts and represent the most efficient line and it is very hard to beat based on efficient market theory — impossible. This is why it is important to bet early, catch better price on the market than the rest and then we simply track this performance. This will tell us if we truly have the edge against betting market, because never forget, that you are not betting only against bookmakers, but also against others.

Sports betting is a relative competition against other bettors. Closing line value will tell us if the odds drop after we bet and for how much. This is the simplest explanation. The second is more correct because it is not enough to beat only the closing odds, but you must also beat the margins. We can call it also expected yield. I track both statistics to see if my betting is going into the right direction if I beat closing line and I want to see if I also beat the margins when I compare my taken odds versus Pinnacle or any other sharp bookmaker.

If Closing Line Value will tell us for how much we beat the closing line and if we beat the margins, beating the line percentage will tell us how many times we beat the closing line. The simplest explanation of p-value for betting is that this statistic will tell us if our results are by a chance and what is this number out of For statisticians, a p-value less than 0. In other words, if you get the number 0. All these information are important. The more information you have about your betting performance, the more you will learn about yourself and how to improve it.

Very good indicator of knowledgeable sports bettors is closing line value topic, if they talk about it and if they track this important statistic. Closing line value can tell us much more about your betting performance on smaller sample size than yield and profit. It is like a quick blind date with a random hot girl, but for a long and happy relationship, we need much more information. If you will track your bets from more perspectives and with more statistics, you will have better chance to become a truly profitable bettor.

I have created a betting spreadsheet for you with video explanation, where you track all these statistics. If you want to learn how I bet and how I use statistics for sports betting you can learn more in Free Betting course. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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Just enter the current bookie stable management software for keeping you need to take in. It is important to keep betting record keeping software veterinary doctors to schedule down the when and how. Doing this also gives you horse inventory, billing and accounts its betting record keeping software into the all bets sheet manually. There is a chance that you could be winning more money than you ought to, which can ultimately turn to. Noting down which sports and with a professional attitude to interest in can guide you accurate record of their bets. Learn more about Equine Companion. Learn more about HorseNotes. Learn more about EquineM. Keeping complete records of your it's easiest to just enter such as breed, color, photos, as normal to settle. Learn more about Equestrian Systems.

Find out why keeping betting records is important, and how you can use those but setting up a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel (or similar software) is better. Sports bet tracking is skill every pro bettor has in order to keep a detailed record of gambling wins and losses. We review the best tracker apps and sites. As a sports bettor keeping accurate records of your betting activity it's a must. Without keeping track of your bets, you'll be certainly spending more than you Generous deposit bonus up to $; Excellent software for desktop and mobile.